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Autonomous Driving Changes the Future Book Reviews from YouTube

Beyond Tesla: Driverless Startups Promise Next-Level Autonomous Vehicles | WSJ
Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of Driving
How 5G Will Change The Future Of Autonomous Driving
Inside Zoox: The robot vehicle totally changing transportation | Hard Reset by Freethink
Its amazing crashes will affect the selling of these vehicles
How does San Francisco have fair weather???
Think of the word autonomous, it involves in a roundabout way not allowing a person to do something meaning that it’s done for them as being told what to do without having a choice, And the choice is freedom and when you don’t have that anymore and allow everything known to man to dictate your life your life, it’s over, Everything is not as it seems and it’s not always good as it seems either between all the electronic devices that are available it involves someone knowing where you are what you’re doing every moment of your life this is not freedom
Heavily biased against Tesla. Accuracy and facts questionable.
Driverless cars are a ridiculously stupid idea that will never catch on.
Anyone that knows enough about autonomous and the car industry, along with scalability..................knows that Waymo maybe head now, but they have an unscalable autonomous vehicle platform. Geo-fencing, expensive mapped out portions of cities, and rolling out driver monitoring teams in every city, municipality, and so on across the globe is not scalable globally! They might be ahead now, but so they will be behind others in the future with a failed approach to solve the problem.
The sensor package is the most important part of this and LIDAR is the key to it. The logic of how to obey traffic rules and what to do when you know exactly what's going on around you is already at a high level in the software.
Autonomous vehicles are a good thing. But we really need the birth-rates to drop or there won't be enough jobs to go around. As more and more industries go automated, we need to adapt.
Autonomous technology will only help Insurance companies and Hospitals in the long run as disruptive innovation helps none except !!!
can we have level 5 where the car does work for you and generate income.
"1:56", If you drop it in Afghanistan, it would not be able to figure out how to move :D
guy crossing a street in the dark and not looking for traffic would have been hit by a human driver as well.
Not a word on Mobileye. Weird.
so touching for an excellent video
It's not level 4 when you got someone looking at what the car is doing back in his office
Embark for Trucking
In a hate filled world it will be just a matter of time that an autonomous vehicle/car becomes the poor man's cruise missile. All computer/car systems can be hacked, a vehicle fitted with the right payload and GPS coordinates is a destructive force on wheels.
Scrap the entire idea.
The only reason they can't get these things on the road faster is because they can't figure out how to insure it
I got a guestion. What happens when someone decides to weaponize a self driving level 5 car, as in load it up with explosives. Just a wondering. Not saying anyone would ever do that.
I love superchargers
...that two tone GTO tho.
Does the car at 7:38 have it's own channel? I love the fire breather headers.
That one green muscle car that sounded like a rc
we're a LOOONG way off of fully autonomous driving, trust me.
03:30 car orange, i Love a primeira vista ❤
autonomous? no thanks.
1:58 that poor corvette, look at it.
I hope not. I like to drive myself.
That Green GTX!!! Oh my!
1:30 I want that car
The person who made the Mustang like that at 0:21....
It's about 50 years in the future, if you ask me.
Little did they know that some of these aren’t muscle cars.
3:54 drag way 42 I go there all the time 😂
1:45 this was an awesome idea !!! LEGENDARY
it will never be a thing, because until then there are no cars any more at all.
That green gtx, have mercy.
nobody can afford this when it comes available since US economy is going down the tubes already.
Who hurt you? :(
Instead of like the same crap in different fonts that will inevitably run a ton of people over can we just get better public transportation PLEASE
People sharing vehicles?? Jeff Bezos can't own them all? Sounds like socialism. I like that.
This is just a smaller bus lol
4 seats makes this thing manage have an even lower capacity then an SUV somehow! While taking up just as much space! Effeciency! Yeah this totally beats public transit...
Well yeah, I guess I see the value of these things for public transportation. Sharing more commodities is important and smart for sure, an important value for me. And being a public transit driver has to be quite degenerative activity I would imagine..
5:04 That statistic comes with very big caveats that are never mentioned. What it means is, in 94% of car crashes, the driver could have avoided a collision if they’d reacted faster. But on most of those cases the driver(s) were already put in a dangerous situation that were not necessarily caused by humans, but by bad safety standards, road design, and lack of necessary maintenance. So it’s simply not true that “94% of crashes are caused by human error”.
Since it only seats 4 and has batteries, the walkable city people will be against these evil cars
Barry Lyndon is a movie set in the eighteenth century, not the seventeenth. Just saying.
This is definitely the future. Transportation is just an app.
Looks deadly in a crash!
In Philly they will be carjacked
It won't care about anything, except your social score.
When I was in the fifth grade in the mid seventies our assignment was to come up with a future invention for science class. My invention was the autonomous car. It looked exactly like that. ,, although in the 70 s my teacher scoffed at my idea and told me I hadn’t put enough thought into it
Nooo, its a high tech pile of poop. Us humans want our horse power. We want o to 60 in 3.0 seconds. We want our Freedom!!! This is all part of this socialist cookie cutter life they have planned for us. I will not Give up my antonymy! I will drive my own vehicle as fast or slow as I want. I will live in a real home not some china style high rise in a small 10x10 foot box. I know I when off the rails but this is all a part of the reset, like this video promotes. I'm an engineer, father and pay my taxes. I will be ungovernable if I have to live like this woman says near the end of the video.
so i´m gonna save the taxi driver and fuel extra cost?
If the battery is actually eco friendly then this product maybe the future.
How many days will these survive in the American urban jungle without being vandalized. My bet is a month at best.
My first thought was 'carriages are coming back!'
I remember when Uber and other rideshares were supposed to "disrupt the taxi industry" just like I remember when cryptocurrency was supposed to "challenge the idea of fiat currency". I can understand why a company making autonomous electric cars would want to "challenge the idea of personal vehicle ownership". It's because the main barriers to adoption of fully autonomous electric vehicles (high vehicle cost, lack of range) are at least partially addressed by a "transportation as a service" model (in certain limited situations). Realistically though, the vehicle they are proposing here only addresses a very narrow use case (transporting people short distances with a minimum of cargo, eg replacing taxis in dense urban environments). What about people with small children who need to be in a car seat? What about the huge segment of people who need to transport larger items for work or leisure? Am I seriously supposed to just pile my grocery bags on the floor of this thing? What about people who need to travel longer distances? What about disabled people or people who need personal mobility devices and/or assistive technology to get in and out of vehicles? How will they address operations in locations which experience heavy snow or other inclement weather? What about very rural areas or areas with poor road surfaces? Perhaps companies like this should set aside the marketing pitch about "challenging personal vehicle ownership" until they have demonstrated that they can deploy and operate a real fleet on public roads at scale...
The future is of public transport. People will hate to buy a car.

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