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Automotive Software Architectures: An Introduction Book Reviews from YouTube

Software Architectural Design | Automotive SPICE SWE.2
Getting the Basics - Software Architecture Introduction (part 1)
Introduction to ECU and AUTOSAR Architecture for Automotive Systems (Part - 1) | Electrical Workshop
AUTOSAR INTRO | Automotive Open System Architecture | Automotive | Handsonlab
What about system architecture sys.3 ?
One of the main points that stood out was the mention of a "tool break" between software requirements and software architecture. While I understood that ASPICE is tool agnostic, this was very informative to hear. I'd be interested to hear more on this if anyone can recommend resources.
Thank you very much for the explanation. I have the following questions: Nowadays we develop the ECU Software based on AUTOSAR and a major part of this is SWC Integration. How would you categorize this step into ASPICE ? How should the traceability be established for SWC integration? Should it be related to SW Architecture Design or to SW Requirement Specification? Thank you very much.
Thank you so much. This video is really helpful.
and what about the system architecture design ?
Types , ranges, default values etc., is expected in both SAD & SDD?
Thank you very very much! I learn a lot from your videos. Please could you do videos for the rest of Systems Areas? I work on that area and it would be great to see your explanations.
Very nicely explained.👍
Great video !!! I subscribed because we have same name
thank you so much legend
If i talk about Logs . If a system has logs. Does it fit to System Architecture or System Design ?
Some of those white words on the white background were hard to read. I would prefer a bit more of a contrast.
great video
is it just me or this guy looks just like mosh from programming with mosh
Hi - just one criticism, when talking about your "ilities" for NFR, you include "functionality". "Functionality" is not a non-functional requirement.
Hey, just want to point out that this is the most comprehensive Software Product Design overview on youtube! Can you share some insight on what is the responsibility of the Product Manager Vs Software Devs?
Thanks alot!!! Exactly what I needed.
Большое спасибо!🥰
Very good intro, neat and clear. Thank you for your effort!
Instead of brick you will solve them with block .. of codes
Good vid mate. Thumbs up.
Awesome Presentation. Superbly Explained. Many thanks Cheers
Thank you I think every programmer have to learn software architect after learning a programming language and a framework but information in internet are not practical most of time , thanks again ❤️
A word from an architect. I mean, architect of buildings. Hang some tapestry or moss artwork in your Livingroom. It will quench the echo.
please get a better microphone
Great video, I’m new to the field and it’s really an eye opener for me. Thank you
Dear Friends, When I design a software system, I divide it into 3 categories: 1/ Conceptual: I will state the names of the software that will respond to the requirements of the business process from users, describe the names of the software to be processed and the behaviors. 2/ Logical: I can define software architecture by applying architectural pattern in this step and I will include constraints on availability, scalability, maintainability. I also describe in detail the function of each component. This step 3/ Physical: Define programming language, platform to realize the description in Logical step. Could you recommend?. Thank you.
Can I u plz share the ppt of autosar
Wonderfully explained a lot of information in such a short video. Great work. Keep posting shorter videos like these. Thank You.
Vedio not clear to see
Please post all Autosar related stuff 🙏
Waiting for COM Stack. Your videos are too good to understand for beginners
Waiting for more videos on dem
Good work. Keep going !
Nice Video. Could you please explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of RTE?
Good work dear...
thank you good work

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