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Aulos Aulos Classroom Recorder Alto 3 Piece English A709B ...

Aulos Aulos Classroom Recorder Alto 3 Piece English A709B : Musical Instruments.


Soprano Recorder Descant Flauta Recorder 8 Hole ABS Clarinet ...

Soprano Recorder Descant Flauta Recorder 8 Hole ABS Clarinet German Style Treble flute C Key for Kids Children With Fingering Chart Instructions with ...


Yamaha YRS402B Baroque ECODEAR : Musical ...

Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering ... I also have an Aulos recorder whose tone is more mellow and easier on the ear.


Aulos A709B Classroom Recorder Features

  • Accurate intonation and Rich
  • expressive ability complement this New model.
  • light brown
  • Baroque (English) fingering.
  • Modern tuning.
  • Key specs are not available.

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Aulos A709B Classroom Recorder Reviews from YouTube

REVIEW: Aulos Haka recorders | Team Recorder
German vs Baroque recorders? Which is REALLY better | Team Recorders
Review: Mollenhauer Modern Recorders | Team Recorder
Oh, I just read comments from Antique Sounds Workshop that said the Aulos 500 series is more in tune than the 700. After playing the 700, do you think the tuning is an issue?
Sarah, Do you think the soprano you reviewed here would blend well and be in tune with other recorders when playing in a consort? I'm having serious tuning issues with my wood Kung and I'm thinking of switching to the Aulos soprano. I really like my Aulos alto and tenor; they are in tune with other instruments. Again, at one point I had "nice" wood alto and tenor recorders but replaced them with the plastic Aulos because of tuning issues.
We want face to face comparsion Aulos vs Yamaha plastic recoder))) Same level models comparsion
I have both the Aulos 509BW Soprano Wood Grain, 709BW Alto Wood Grain, they look like a Rose Wood Finish which i really Like their looks, they have a satin finish Not Shiny, I just wish that Aulos had Made a Tenor, and Bass in their Wood Exterior Finish. Sound wise, I really like the HAKA's recorders, and the wood grain 312 and 314 Yamaha's also have a Very Nice sound to them. The Aulos 509B Alto, and Yamaha 300B, are shiny, and to my ears Not as pleasing, as the Aulos Haka's and Yamaha's 312B and 314B Altos, I love the No nonsense appeal of Plastic and its durability, and Longevity, Zero maintenance besides a dip in a dish pan of dish soap and water every so often to keep things sanitary. I play Saxophone and Clarinet. Love that with a Recorder, there are, NO REEDs!!!!!! to deal with, Light Weight!!!! My Tenor SAX weigh's over 20 pounds that's very heavy on the neck and shoulders for an hour or two at a time. When Compared to a 6 Pound Light weight, Yamaha Bass YRB-302B, or Aulos Bass A533B, Love both of those Bassets.
Hi Sara. Why does the sound jump to a high falsetto on the viola at low notes?
I recently made a removable bell key for my Aulos Haka alto recorder since I don't like using my knee for high F# and A: Although high F# can be played on the Aulos Haka without closing the end hole, a better quality (and better in tune) F# can be achieved by closing the end hole. The removable bell key can be modified slightly to fit other alto recorders.
It was just today I realized my Aulos alto was in the haka series. I didn't know because it didn't have the word "Haka" on it.
I'm one of the people responsible for this video ❤️
Please Compare it to the Symphony from the last vid
I used to own one...but I don't know where it I bought another one just now. Hehehe
The problem with the bag for the soprano is that it affords people putting their recorder away without taking it apart. And so, it will happen a lot, especially with children. My cheapie Yamaha Alto has a bag that forces me to take the instrument apart, and has plastic stoppers to protect the joints. Aulos could have made the small effort for the (relatively) high price here, if only to protect people's health (filthy instruments invite gum disease and other issues). Finally, why do recorder bags have to be so hideous :-D If the soprano had plastic joint protectors, I could make or buy a snazzy little bag which also would fit into my pockets more conveniently.
Where did you buy them? :)
It doesn't look good.. The white circle in the back... Looks like a school recorder. The sound is good tho... And i love the aulus company... Well anyway i don't need another recorder
I've literally just ordered this recorder thanks to this vid... thought it was about time I upgraded from my £9 Alto recorder 😅
Hi Sarah, thanks to your review. I bought the Aulos 703B, and the people from the shop sent me a 703BW, which is actually less like plastic as you already mentioned in your movie. Today I had to try it out in one of my newest play along movies. I am pretty impressed by the sound. Thanks for your review, I thought I had enough soprano recorders haha, but now I had to buy another. Haha.
I own a very reliable and very good Aulos 205-E soprano since 38 years and it stills play very well
The Lick at 4:59 !?
Sarah é inteligente e linda demais
It would be awesome to hear your review of the Aulos Symphony (509B) Alto compared to the Haka! I have a Haka Soprano that I love, but I just can't get over the awkward finger stretch of the Haka Alto.
How will I know if I am buying a german or a baroque recorder? Normally, the sellers don't seem to know. They're just there to mind the shop.
Still working to unlearn the german fingering. It works but it still doesn't come natural yet in quicker ... eh ... rows of notes. 😎
So my family got me a recorder for christmas because I wanted to play but couldn't find the one I had from school. However, the one I got is German (I find out later, which is why I'm here) but also doesn't have the double holes like yours has and I can't seem to get high notes but covering part of the thumb hole. I'm thinking what I have is an even simpler version of a regular German recorder, but I'm not sure.
Thanks, you tought me that I was trying to play "german notes" with my "baroque" recorder ! :P I'll go to bed less stupid tonight ! hahaha !
I live in the Philippines and people are typically calling a recorder as a flute. The only available recorders here are those cheap plastic soprano recorders you can buy in bookstores or in toy stores. There are recorders in music stores that sell woodwind instruments but I did not find any wood recorder even in big music stores. But at least with that "cheap toy" I was able to learn how to play music before I started playing guitar. I used cheap plastic recorders in German fingering in bands that I played with and people who were listening never noticed that F# in my German soprano recorder is a bit out of pitch. But what you said about German vs Baroque fingering system is true, it just boils down to the availability of the recorders where you live. People in my country thinks that recorders are just cheap plastic toys but even though they go out of pitch in some notes I think cheap German plastic recorders are a great way to encourage your children to play music as they are not expensive to start with. But if you want to play the recorder as a professional or you want to play the REAL THING, then go buy baroque recorders. I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for this informative video.
I just bought a baroque Yamaha YRS312 BIII. Time to switch from my german system👍
I do not understand what you are saying, but I have a recorder, the owner of the fifth big hatch, and a fun moo in the Eastern Taqasim
The funny look that when she was saying fingering. Lol
Harlan visited Dolmetsch in the 20s and made recorders for himself and friends in the mid 20s. However with kids in mind, he invented a system that was perfect for playing simple tunes in C major. He commissioned his local musical instruments industries to mass produce recorders using his system. It became wildly popular. By the time he wanted to promote Dolmetsch system, it was no longer possible because the Nazi youth movement has already absolved the Harlan system to teach all the kids. Also, the Nazi regime was not enthusiastic about using a system from England for patriotic and propaganda purposes. Baroque system did not appear for mass manufacturing in Germany until way later after WWII.
Thank you for your video, I play in Baroque fingering, but there are some great recorder players that play in German fingering. They play Jazz, contemporary music. I think Jean François Rousson, plays with german Fingering. And he plays very nice.
I'm getting an Alto Baroque Recorder after trying to play the clarinet. My instructor, who's going to be teaching me it, suggested I switch to the recorder as it's easier to play. My asthma and Bells Palsy makes playing clarinet a bear, so we're gonna see how this new choice works out. Thanks for the videos! Makes for an interesting watch!
so whynot pronounce it in the correct way, its not that hard
I feel so stupid because I have a German recorder and have been playing by the Baroque system for three years and it sounded so wrong I kept thinking it was broken🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ (couldnt buy a new one cuz I was lazy and poor)
I should've seen this video before buying my recorder xD thanks for the information 😂🙈
“Like an oboe and we wouldn’t want that” 😂😂😂😂😂
That moment (0:42 ) when u peacefully watching Sarah and then a suddenly wild chromatic scale attacks :0
cry more...
As a celtic folk player, making a recorder a folk instrument by changing the F# to an F is absolutely bonkers to me. Almost everything in celtic folk music is in D, E Dorian, or G, all of which need that F#.
I'm by no means a profesional, just a "dilettante" but I've almost always used german figering (my flutes are mostly by Hohner, the "star" being a 9501, no 1K$ flutes here ;-) ) and I haven't found difficult (rather more difficult than normal) to play almost any piece. As with any instrument, it's just a question of practice, practice and practice. I'd recommend, though, to essay with both fingering styles, if only so that if for some reason you find yourself having to play with a baroque (or viceversa) you don't get caught "with your pants down". It happened to me, which is why I bought a (relatively) cheap "baroque" to practice.
Dear Sarah, all of your observations are focused around your point of view as a professional musician. From a Music Education teacher point of view (both traditional and Waldorf pedagogy) I can tell you from the start a few things : 1. Children never find it easier to press more fingers at once, I always teach them the notes starting with high C (octave hole and high c ) and 2. How many beginners you think will move past that high C towards those sharps you talk about ? The point is to get them closer to practicing instrumental music for the fun of it. And if we talk about a crowd of 30 pupils (In Romania that's a normal number for a class), the German system is easier to understand and also makes the whole abstract matter of musical pitch and musical notes easier to grasp. Thank you for reading. Stefan OPREA , music teacher
Thank you for the great comparison! Would there be any reason for a beginner not to buy a modern recorder? I'm currently using a Mollenhauer Denner Alto but would love the extra power in the lower notes. I've played saxophone for almost 30 years so the recorder fingering has felt very natural but I still have to get used to the weakness in the low notes and how much air the high notes need to sound clearly each time I pick up the instrument.
How much does one of these cost
So ... this, or the Küng Eagle, or the Moeck Ehlert, or the Mollenhauer Helder for a modern alto?
Fantastic vid. I want one 😊
I would love to hear a comparison between the Mollenhauer modern recorder on the Kung Eagle and even better against the Helder as well. Is that something you would be able to do please?
What’s the name of the Baroque piece you start playing at 4’50’ more or less. It’s really well known but I just can’t quite remember it. Probably Bach or maybe Telemann. Can anyone help?
Love the eyes in the collar :)
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the differences between these and the eagle recorder
Sarah, can you do a video on the Eagle Alto recorder by Adriana Breukink and that was played when you were with Michala Petri? That recorder seems to solve the problem of volume and playing with modern instruments! It sounds amazing. My daughter's school music teacher (a jazz trombonist herself) told my daughter that recorder can't be played in their school band because they're not loud enough. Now we can counter her position!
Once I've heard the sound, it's fantastic. Especially , the low register. But when look at the price, oh my god ! I will wait for the ABS resin model.
Now you know how saxophones feel trying to trill on those low notes. lol
The modern recorder in the grenadilla wood to me is the easily the best of those comparisons! It has a strong, harty core and sounds so juicy! I LOVE it!!!!
The modern instruments sound better to me in every way. Visually, the keys are off-putting.
Nice. Actually, I like old school sound better. I've been playing Irish tubes on my tenor for years, and I feel the more traditional voice lends itself to those tunes. I then watched your scale video and realized how much I've been doing wrong for the past 18 years.
Oh how I wish there was an affordable plastic version of these!
I mean it would be nice if it becomes more widely used, but I think I would want both modern and baroque to coexist, because for example with Renaissance recorders, though they do exist they are harder to get and very niche.
Hello Sarah, nice video! A better ebony alto with f - foot or palisander alto with e - foot? (Both with modern voicing) these two, which one would you buy? Thank you!
Has anyone tried these:
Thanks for this! No time pressure (I know you're busy), but please add the Eagle recorders to your "I'm going to review them when I can" list (if they're not there already...).

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