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Rhythm Band School Children Musical Instruments Sopranorec 3 Pc ...

Rhythm Band School Children Musical Instruments Sopranorec 3 Pc Baroque Fingering. Brand: Aulos ... Aulos Classroom Recorder Soprano 3 Piece English A703B ...


Aulos A703B School Children Soprano Recorder Features

  • Aulos recorders are a great value instrument; with excellent intonation and ease of playing in all registers
  • Wind Instruments

The lowest Aulos A703B School Children Soprano Recorder Price in India is ₹3,146 at Amazon.
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Aulos A703B School Children Soprano Recorder Reviews from YouTube

REVIEW: Aulos Haka recorders | Team Recorder
Unboxing, Review and Comparison of Aulos Haka Soprano Recorder
Beginner's Guide to the Recorder | Hohner | Baroque |Soprano Recorder | Kriya
Flauta Doce Aulos Soprano 503B [Aulos Soprano Recorder]
The versions with and without woodgrain are very different. Without it's no special plastic recorder. But the "wood" version sounds and plays outstanding. Also feels heavier. Sounds like a reed flute. Especially with a bit blue tack on the labium to lower the pitch and make quieter for apartment and extend the lower end a bit (still in tune). Very lyrical sound. Have both Haka sopranos.
I have bought a recorder in the past that I could blow up the air very strong that the notes would not shout out. Some day I will find this recorder.
I have a few plastic recorders and this one is the best for sure. Even being an amateur like me its easy to see de diference. Considering to buy the soprano one now.
Dear Sarah you made me fall in love with the 709B and started to learn on it for 5 months. It has beautiful sound and it's joy to play on it :)
Bless you, Sarah, very nice work with all these presentations... and congrats for your own interpretative skills!
I’m a lapsed recorder player who only occasionally plays recorder or penny whistle. My main instrument (these days) is a carbon fiber five string made by Fred Gayford. I also have a severed muscle in my rotator cuff and that limits how long I can play my fiddle. So... my recorders and a penny whistle or two are in standby mode. I play Irish music because we have sessions at easy to reach pubs where the food and company is excellent. I’ve probably played recorder longer than any other instrument except the guitar. Concerning the Aulos Haka soprano and alto. It was love at first playing for me. These recorders erased the years of not playing in seconds. Thanks for your review.
Yamaha 300 still rules
I have taken the plunge and bought one. I think it must be the wood grain one because it is not shiny. I think I would have preferred a paler 'wood' . I actually do not like the feel of it. It is heavier than I expected, which is odd because I am normally a tenor player. I am still struggling with the fingering. Why oh why don't recorders transpose?. I got mine from Just Flutes who included the P&P in the deal and it came very promptly. It came very cold. so it is playing better and better. Cork grease is yellow, which is very off putting. Oddly I find the stretch for the right hand little finger difficult but when I get it right the low F is very juicy, I would like a tenor version that plays Cs like that!! I am finding the top F and CSharp rather hit and miss but when it happens it is good and clear, I am pleased with it.
Oh, I just read comments from Antique Sounds Workshop that said the Aulos 500 series is more in tune than the 700. After playing the 700, do you think the tuning is an issue?
Sarah, Do you think the soprano you reviewed here would blend well and be in tune with other recorders when playing in a consort? I'm having serious tuning issues with my wood Kung and I'm thinking of switching to the Aulos soprano. I really like my Aulos alto and tenor; they are in tune with other instruments. Again, at one point I had "nice" wood alto and tenor recorders but replaced them with the plastic Aulos because of tuning issues.
We want face to face comparsion Aulos vs Yamaha plastic recoder))) Same level models comparsion
I have both the Aulos 509BW Soprano Wood Grain, 709BW Alto Wood Grain, they look like a Rose Wood Finish which i really Like their looks, they have a satin finish Not Shiny, I just wish that Aulos had Made a Tenor, and Bass in their Wood Exterior Finish. Sound wise, I really like the HAKA's recorders, and the wood grain 312 and 314 Yamaha's also have a Very Nice sound to them. The Aulos 509B Alto, and Yamaha 300B, are shiny, and to my ears Not as pleasing, as the Aulos Haka's and Yamaha's 312B and 314B Altos, I love the No nonsense appeal of Plastic and its durability, and Longevity, Zero maintenance besides a dip in a dish pan of dish soap and water every so often to keep things sanitary. I play Saxophone and Clarinet. Love that with a Recorder, there are, NO REEDs!!!!!! to deal with, Light Weight!!!! My Tenor SAX weigh's over 20 pounds that's very heavy on the neck and shoulders for an hour or two at a time. When Compared to a 6 Pound Light weight, Yamaha Bass YRB-302B, or Aulos Bass A533B, Love both of those Bassets.
Hi Sara. Why does the sound jump to a high falsetto on the viola at low notes?
I recently made a removable bell key for my Aulos Haka alto recorder since I don't like using my knee for high F# and A: Although high F# can be played on the Aulos Haka without closing the end hole, a better quality (and better in tune) F# can be achieved by closing the end hole. The removable bell key can be modified slightly to fit other alto recorders.
It was just today I realized my Aulos alto was in the haka series. I didn't know because it didn't have the word "Haka" on it.
I'm one of the people responsible for this video ❤️
Please Compare it to the Symphony from the last vid
Great review thanks. I have the Alto 709BW and it's great. I have a bit of a job hitting the low F especially if going from a high note, but I think that is more me than the recorder as I am a beginner. Looking forward to getting into it again, paused my playing as I have a mouth ulcer. Loved your art video of handel super impressive patience and skill. Glad to have found your channel. All the best !
I bought recently my first alto recorder (aulos 509 b symphony) and I find the sound strange. I am used to soprano recorder and the notes in mid range like (C, D, E) are not clear. I cannot explain it but I dont like the sound. I hope that it has to do with my technique and not with the recorder. Also I am trying to find information about the difference in technique between soprano and alto but I can't find something useful.
I already have an Aulos soprano, the very cheap 303E, but I bought a Haka a while ago to see if there was much difference, and I couldn't detect much of a difference to be honest. The Haka certainly looks nicer than my all black 303 but I don't think there's that much of a difference sound wise to warrant paying over 3 times what I paid for the 303. And as I needed the money and didn't need two sopranos I sold the Haka and kept the 303. (I rarely play soprano anyway, preferring alto and tenor) I would be interested in trying out a Haka alto though
You remind me of a younger Sarah Jeffery
Yes, Haka has a more refined sound.
Hello! I'm currently teaching myself, using a Haka soprano and Aldo Bova's Method. I really enjoy the sound from the Aulos. I also have the Yamaha Eco but it's much more plastic-sounding. Thank you for this comparison; I think I'll look into the Robin for my young children, when they're ready to learn ☺️. Cheers!
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Very truly! It's hard sometimes to balance learning all the beautiful instruments......!! My recorder sound 🔊 amazing very beautiful,.
Thats was great tutorial mate..👌👏
Great explanation.... Thank you..
വളരെ നന്നായിരിക്കുന്നു 🥰
I like the way how you explain it, thank you so much, now I can play something on it, you are the best!
Hi Ginelle, nice and useful video. I want to buy a recorded for my 7 yr old. He's a beginner. Can you pls guide me which Type is suitable?
Nice video... Can a 7 yr old play recorder?
Where can i buy this???
Hey Harmonica or recorder Which is easier to learn
Tell us, further class for learning please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹😊😊😊😍😍😍
Beautifully Made..
My daughter and I enjoyed and learned, Thank you. Keep posting, very desirable channel for the flute learners and you are great. Good is everywhere, take care.
You’re the best. This was super helpful
Hello Mam, I know to play Soprano Recorder of Yamaha. Now I am planning to buy a Alto recorder. Which Alto recorder should I buy? I am thinking of buying a Hohner Recorder Alto Recorder B9577 from Furtados Music. Pls tell which Alto recorder i should buy?
Mam, you didn't tell purpose of double holes in the recorder.
PLEASE HELP! I broke foot joint part of the recorder by mistake.. now it is not getting attached to the body of the recorder(middle section) . Can I still play it efficiently without it or is there any solution I can try ? I have this one. Is this the same as the Yamaha 24B that you recommended above? or is it different. Thank you in advance
Thank you for making this video! This was really helpful. 🤗
Thank you so much
Gostei do som....tenho uma Yamaha, não gosto. Muito difícil de tirar agudos....A RMV, mais fácil - ambas me acompanham há 8,10 anos...
Bom dia! Tenho 33 anos e quero começar a estudar flauta doce por acreditar que pode me ajudar nos exercícios de respiração para asma. Não sei se inicio com a soprano ou com a contralto. Existe alguma especificidade no início para adultos ou é indiferente? Muito Obrigado!
Não entendo para que serve o suporte de plástico
miren que se puede hacer con una flauta de 4$
Bom dia,comprei uma flauta doce de madeira,feita em fábrica,mas nenhum vendedor soube explicar sua manutenção,(se presisa usar óleo ou não,se pode tocar bastante na primeira vez de uso etc.Flauta feita por Luthier acredito que precise mais cuidado,e a de fábrica?Vc poderia me orientar?
Ola! Qe sim lindo qe ela tem! Qual a melhor marca essa ou Yamaha? Estou na dúvida de qual comprar. Eu tenho uma flauta transversal Yamaha e é muito boa. Adorei seu canal, mas uma inscrita.
9:02 music?
8:35 music?
8:07 music?
cara esse modelo é superior ou inferior a 702b da aulos?
muito bacana! você tem alguma dica onde comprar flauta doce da Aulas 503 b. Só achei no mercado livre, mas tenho um pouco de insegurança.
Olá! Em relação a flauta baixo da yamaha e a baixo simphony da linha aulos qual você acha melhor?
Olá, você saberia me informar sobre estas flautas? Tô achando tão barato.. Será que são boas? Veja os links: Sem querer abusar. Já agradeço sua atenção. Beijo.
Qual flauta vc me recomenda pra eu começar a tocar
To aprendendo tanto com suas video aula... Vc dá aula em algum lugar?
da ora mano !!!
poooor favor , poderias me passar as notas de João e Maria de Chico Buarque para a Flauta Contralto? Gratidão
lguém sabe se existe flauta contralto em Dó?
Qual a melhor flauta soprano que vc recomenda?
Poderia disponibilizar o link de onde comprou esta flauta?

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