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Aulos A507B Sopranino 3-Piece Recorder : Musical ...

If this is any indication of the tonal quality of the larger recorders from Aulos, I will move away from Yamaha (I own the Yamaha Tenor). It's excellent.


Buy Aulos A507B Sopranino 3-Piece Recorder Online at Low Prices ...

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Aulos Aulos Classroom Recorder Alto 3 Piece English A709B ...

Aulos Aulos Classroom Recorder Alto 3 Piece English A709B : Musical Instruments. ... Aulos A507B Sopranino 3-Piece Recorder ...


Angel 111 Angel Soprano Recorder : Musical Instruments

Angel 111 Angel Soprano Recorder : Musical Instruments. ... Aulos A507B Sopranino 3-Piece RecorderAulos A507B Sopranino 3-Piece Recorder 1.


Aulos 507 B Symphony Sopranino Recorder : Musical ...

Colour, ‎Ivory,Brown ; Material, ‎Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ; Item Weight, ‎0.21 g ; Product description. Aulos A507B Sopranino Recorder, Baroque ...


Aulos A507B Sopranino Recorder Features

  • Has a light
  • clear tone and a fast
  • delicate response.
  • Excellent for enseble and solo playing.
  • Aulos 3
  • Wind Instruments

The lowest Aulos A507B Sopranino Recorder Price in India is ₹3,167 at Amazon.
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Aulos A507B Sopranino Recorder Reviews from YouTube

Aulos Sopranino Recorder Product Review
REVIEW: Aulos Haka recorders | Team Recorder
Plastic Sopranino Recorder COMPARISON: Yamaha YRN-302B II and Aulos 507B-E
Getting started on sopranino recorder! | Team Recorder
I liked and subed
Bless you, Sarah, very nice work with all these presentations... and congrats for your own interpretative skills!
I’m a lapsed recorder player who only occasionally plays recorder or penny whistle. My main instrument (these days) is a carbon fiber five string made by Fred Gayford. I also have a severed muscle in my rotator cuff and that limits how long I can play my fiddle. So... my recorders and a penny whistle or two are in standby mode. I play Irish music because we have sessions at easy to reach pubs where the food and company is excellent. I’ve probably played recorder longer than any other instrument except the guitar. Concerning the Aulos Haka soprano and alto. It was love at first playing for me. These recorders erased the years of not playing in seconds. Thanks for your review.
Yamaha 300 still rules
I have taken the plunge and bought one. I think it must be the wood grain one because it is not shiny. I think I would have preferred a paler 'wood' . I actually do not like the feel of it. It is heavier than I expected, which is odd because I am normally a tenor player. I am still struggling with the fingering. Why oh why don't recorders transpose?. I got mine from Just Flutes who included the P&P in the deal and it came very promptly. It came very cold. so it is playing better and better. Cork grease is yellow, which is very off putting. Oddly I find the stretch for the right hand little finger difficult but when I get it right the low F is very juicy, I would like a tenor version that plays Cs like that!! I am finding the top F and CSharp rather hit and miss but when it happens it is good and clear, I am pleased with it.
Oh, I just read comments from Antique Sounds Workshop that said the Aulos 500 series is more in tune than the 700. After playing the 700, do you think the tuning is an issue?
Sarah, Do you think the soprano you reviewed here would blend well and be in tune with other recorders when playing in a consort? I'm having serious tuning issues with my wood Kung and I'm thinking of switching to the Aulos soprano. I really like my Aulos alto and tenor; they are in tune with other instruments. Again, at one point I had "nice" wood alto and tenor recorders but replaced them with the plastic Aulos because of tuning issues.
We want face to face comparsion Aulos vs Yamaha plastic recoder))) Same level models comparsion
I have both the Aulos 509BW Soprano Wood Grain, 709BW Alto Wood Grain, they look like a Rose Wood Finish which i really Like their looks, they have a satin finish Not Shiny, I just wish that Aulos had Made a Tenor, and Bass in their Wood Exterior Finish. Sound wise, I really like the HAKA's recorders, and the wood grain 312 and 314 Yamaha's also have a Very Nice sound to them. The Aulos 509B Alto, and Yamaha 300B, are shiny, and to my ears Not as pleasing, as the Aulos Haka's and Yamaha's 312B and 314B Altos, I love the No nonsense appeal of Plastic and its durability, and Longevity, Zero maintenance besides a dip in a dish pan of dish soap and water every so often to keep things sanitary. I play Saxophone and Clarinet. Love that with a Recorder, there are, NO REEDs!!!!!! to deal with, Light Weight!!!! My Tenor SAX weigh's over 20 pounds that's very heavy on the neck and shoulders for an hour or two at a time. When Compared to a 6 Pound Light weight, Yamaha Bass YRB-302B, or Aulos Bass A533B, Love both of those Bassets.
Hi Sara. Why does the sound jump to a high falsetto on the viola at low notes?
I recently made a removable bell key for my Aulos Haka alto recorder since I don't like using my knee for high F# and A: Although high F# can be played on the Aulos Haka without closing the end hole, a better quality (and better in tune) F# can be achieved by closing the end hole. The removable bell key can be modified slightly to fit other alto recorders.
It was just today I realized my Aulos alto was in the haka series. I didn't know because it didn't have the word "Haka" on it.
I'm one of the people responsible for this video ❤️
Please Compare it to the Symphony from the last vid
I used to own one...but I don't know where it I bought another one just now. Hehehe
The problem with the bag for the soprano is that it affords people putting their recorder away without taking it apart. And so, it will happen a lot, especially with children. My cheapie Yamaha Alto has a bag that forces me to take the instrument apart, and has plastic stoppers to protect the joints. Aulos could have made the small effort for the (relatively) high price here, if only to protect people's health (filthy instruments invite gum disease and other issues). Finally, why do recorder bags have to be so hideous :-D If the soprano had plastic joint protectors, I could make or buy a snazzy little bag which also would fit into my pockets more conveniently.
Where did you buy them? :)
It doesn't look good.. The white circle in the back... Looks like a school recorder. The sound is good tho... And i love the aulus company... Well anyway i don't need another recorder
Please do the aulos soprano version, thanks.
The Aulos is far superior in my opinion, I have three of them (maybe silly, but in case I lose any) and sold my Yamaha long ago. The tone is even comparable to a Kung Sopranino in Grenadilla IMHO.
So good to see and hear
Yeah, exactly: «le Rossignol en Amour» [french] means the same as «el Ruisiñol en Amor» [spanish] and «l’Usignolo in Amore» [italian, my tongue], and translates very well as: the Nightingale in Love.
8:46 that is definitely me and my fear to disturb the neighbour xdddd
Hi Sarah, I enjoy your videos. You are credible, accomplished and enthusiastic. I love Gregorian chant music, and I've wondered if Gregorian music can be played on the recorder. I've just taken up the recorder and own a Yamaha Tenor YRT-304B II. I bought the instrument because I love its sound. I live in Vancouver, BC. Cheers, Jim
Hello Sarah! I would like to know if its possible to buy a soprarino recorder in 415Hz...
Vc poderia colocar legenda em português ,eu queria tanto ver seus vídeos
I picked up a Yamaha YRn302-B and it has this kind of raspy, very primary schooly sound to it after the first few lower notes, which has left me wondering if it's because of my playing or if I happened to get some faulty model? I have two other recorders by Yamaha- the faux ebony soprano ( which has lovely clear notes ) and the faux rosewood alto ( which are has great sounding notes), so I was a little disheartened about my little sopranino that arrived today. I guess I just want to know if it's my playing on it or if I got sent a dodgy one ha ha?
On thing to mention for the guys (yes, there are guys playing the recorder): The sopranino is borderline unplayable for us because the fingers are too close together and yours might be too thick. Leave to sopranino and the Garklein to the girls and spider fingered colleagues.
Hi Sarah, Which sopranino do you prefer between Kung Superio and Mollenhauer Denner (both in granadilla)?
My Sopranino is my favorite recorder. It has a sound that reminds me of an Irish whistle, but it has a much richer version of that sound and is much more responsive than an Irish whistle. I do not play much, if any classical music, but I "compose" my own classical-like music and I play music I hear in fantasy movie soundtracks. The Sopranino is best for this style of music.
I am suprised over how this one isn't as screamy as I imagined it to be
Every time you say an instrument is out of tune, I can't tell at all. This is so frustrating as I will never know if my newly bought recorder is in tune.
I found your channel because of the (so-called) bass god Davie504 :v But honestly I like your content and playstyle. Subscribed. Greetings.
Have you ever played The Basque? I think it would be perfect for sopranino! Thank you very much for your clear explanation!
How do you play the lower notes on the sopranino if you are playing two? Do you have to use a special one-handed one?
I have an Adler maple wood sopranino and I like the light sound of that ✌
Anybody has a Schneider sopranino? Is the sound better than a plastic Yamaha?
Grab a sopranino buddy and do the Telemann Canonic Sonatas!! They sound great on any combination of instruments!
I have a weird problem with my sopranino... I don't know how to clean it! The usual stick-and-sock is too big for it. Anyone a suggestion? :D
I enjoy playing duets on sopranino and hearing the loud difference tones. My favorite sopranino piece is Handel's "Hush ye pretty warbling quire" (also called "Ye verdant plains") from Acis and Galatea.
Sarah, Acho seus cabelos mais bonito encaracolado

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