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Aulos A309A 3 Piece Alto Recorder : Musical Instruments

Aulos A309A 3 Piece Alto Recorder : Musical Instruments.


Aulos Aulos Classroom Recorder Alto 3 Piece English A709B ...

Aulos Aulos Classroom Recorder Alto 3 Piece English A709B : Musical Instruments. ... Aulos A309A 3 Piece Alto Recorder. Add to Cart. Add to Cart.


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Aulos A309A 3 पीस आल्टो रिकॉर्डर : म्यूज़िकल ... SP2318 - The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book - Alto - Book 1. Gerald Burakoff.

GO TO STORE Bestsellers: The most popular items in Soprano Recorders Bestsellers: The most popular items in Soprano Recorders. ... Yamaha YRA-28BIII Alto Recorder, Key of F ... Aulos A309A 3 Piece Alto Recorder.


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Aulos A309A Alto Recorder Features

  • Alto Bel Canto recorder in dark brown with ivory detail
  • 3 piece construction for easy maintenance
  • Arched windway provides a slight amount of resistance aiding breath control
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Supplied with leatherette bag with zip
  • Wind Instruments

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Aulos A309A Alto Recorder Reviews from YouTube

REVIEW: Aulos Haka recorders | Team Recorder
Plastic Treble (Alto) Recorder Comparison: Aulos Haka and Yamaha 312
Treble (alto) Recorder Comparison, Aulos Haka plastic, Kung Superio olive, Moeck Rottenburgh maple
Dear Sarah you made me fall in love with the 709B and started to learn on it for 5 months. It has beautiful sound and it's joy to play on it :)
Bless you, Sarah, very nice work with all these presentations. and congrats for your own interpretative skills!
I’m a lapsed recorder player who only occasionally plays recorder or penny whistle. My main instrument (these days) is a carbon fiber five string made by Fred Gayford. I also have a severed muscle in my rotator cuff and that limits how long I can play my fiddle. So. my recorders and a penny whistle or two are in standby mode. I play Irish music because we have sessions at easy to reach pubs where the food and company is excellent. I’ve probably played recorder longer than any other instrument except the guitar. Concerning the Aulos Haka soprano and alto. It was love at first playing for me. These recorders erased the years of not playing in seconds. Thanks for your review.
Yamaha 300 still rules
I have taken the plunge and bought one. I think it must be the wood grain one because it is not shiny. I think I would have preferred a paler 'wood' . I actually do not like the feel of it. It is heavier than I expected, which is odd because I am normally a tenor player. I am still struggling with the fingering. Why oh why don't recorders transpose?. I got mine from Just Flutes who included the P&P in the deal and it came very promptly. It came very cold. so it is playing better and better. Cork grease is yellow, which is very off putting. Oddly I find the stretch for the right hand little finger difficult but when I get it right the low F is very juicy, I would like a tenor version that plays Cs like that I am finding the top F and CSharp rather hit and miss but when it happens it is good and clear, I am pleased with it.
Oh, I just read comments from Antique Sounds Workshop that said the Aulos 500 series is more in tune than the 700. After playing the 700, do you think the tuning is an issue?
Sarah, Do you think the soprano you reviewed here would blend well and be in tune with other recorders when playing in a consort? I'm having serious tuning issues with my wood Kung and I'm thinking of switching to the Aulos soprano. I really like my Aulos alto and tenor; they are in tune with other instruments. Again, at one point I had "nice" wood alto and tenor recorders but replaced them with the plastic Aulos because of tuning issues.
We want face to face comparsion Aulos vs Yamaha plastic recoder))) Same level models comparsion
I have both the Aulos 509BW Soprano Wood Grain, 709BW Alto Wood Grain, they look like a Rose Wood Finish which i really Like their looks, they have a satin finish Not Shiny, I just wish that Aulos had Made a Tenor, and Bass in their Wood Exterior Finish. Sound wise, I really like the HAKA's recorders, and the wood grain 312 and 314 Yamaha's also have a Very Nice sound to them. The Aulos 509B Alto, and Yamaha 300B, are shiny, and to my ears Not as pleasing, as the Aulos Haka's and Yamaha's 312B and 314B Altos, I love the No nonsense appeal of Plastic and its durability, and Longevity, Zero maintenance besides a dip in a dish pan of dish soap and water every so often to keep things sanitary. I play Saxophone and Clarinet. Love that with a Recorder, there are, NO REEDs to deal with, Light Weight My Tenor SAX weigh's over 20 pounds that's very heavy on the neck and shoulders for an hour or two at a time. When Compared to a 6 Pound Light weight, Yamaha Bass YRB-302B, or Aulos Bass A533B, Love both of those Bassets.
Hi Sara. Why does the sound jump to a high falsetto on the viola at low notes?
I recently made a removable bell key for my Aulos Haka alto recorder since I don't like using my knee for high F# and A: . Although high F# can be played on the Aulos Haka without closing the end hole, a better quality (and better in tune) F# can be achieved by closing the end hole. The removable bell key can be modified slightly to fit other alto recorders.
It was just today I realized my Aulos alto was in the haka series. I didn't know because it didn't have the word "Haka" on it.
I'm one of the people responsible for this video
Please Compare it to the Symphony from the last vid
I used to own I don't know where it I bought another one just now. Hehehe
The problem with the bag for the soprano is that it affords people putting their recorder away without taking it apart. And so, it will happen a lot, especially with children. My cheapie Yamaha Alto has a bag that forces me to take the instrument apart, and has plastic stoppers to protect the joints. Aulos could have made the small effort for the (relatively) high price here, if only to protect people's health (filthy instruments invite gum disease and other issues). Finally, why do recorder bags have to be so hideous :-D If the soprano had plastic joint protectors, I could make or buy a snazzy little bag which also would fit into my pockets more conveniently.
Where did you buy them? :)
I have three soprano flutes a Yamaha YRA 314BIII, a Moeck in maple and the last one the Schneider, then I have three alto a Yamaha always like the soprano YRA314BIII an old Fehr in pear wood and the Moeck in rosewood, I sent it during the week to Moeck for the revision also because being of precious wood I don't want to waste it while the Fehr I revise for me it is almost 70 years old but it still works well then I paid for it on Ebay only € 50. Which type of flute do I prefer? Without a doubt the alto for the low and at the same time harmonic sound. What flutes do you have? I live in Italy and you?
Hi. I bought a used but in very good condition rosewood soprano from Werner Schneider on Ebay in January and I am very satisfied. After running in I am now enjoying it. From Moeck's various flute surveys I see that rosewood flutes are much more popular than ebony or grenadilla flutes. Marco
Hi. Thank you for your interest. I noticed a difference between the Yamaha YRA314BII flute and the rosewood Moeck. The position of the holes is different, the Yamaha has the holes closer like the Fehr than the Moeck even if the Moeck has a decidedly different sound brighter, however the Yamaha even if made of plastic is not then so bad. What do you think about it? Marco
Good evening. I saw the video and the comparison between the two flutes. I have the Yamaha YRA 314BIII a Fehr in pear wood and a Moeck Rottembuorg in rosewood. I would like to play Greesleeves with the alto. Where can I find the score? Thanks Marco
I hear no difference. I would like to choose the chipper one.
I listened to this, didn't help. Then ordered both of these and played them a good few hours, and i still don't which one i like more! :-D EDIT: I'm a beginner too, so that doesn't help a bit on choosing what i want lol
I have the Aulos Symphony Sopranino and love it The workmanship for such a small, cheap instrument is outstanding Love the wood effect look of the Yamaha
Although I own many wooden recorders, I reach for my plastic instruments for practicing generally, and I'm definitely team Yamaha! I'm actually a huge fan of the Ecodear series! I have both the soprano and alto, very sweet sounding, close to boxwood. You can hear myself and my friend Jamison playing a Telemann duet is this video of Sarah's at the 4'15" mark. you tried Aulos Haka?
Useful comparisons. Thank you
Aulos has a more melodic sound to my hearing aids!
The aulos sounds better to me. Richer and more vibrant sound, at least at my cell's phone speaker!
Yamaha of course!
Thanks for that!
Had both YAMAHA is my cuppa
Good evening, illustrious Miss Arwen Accustic, first of all, and it is a pleasure to hear your beautiful talent! And reverence your beautiful wonderful instrumental song! Thank you from the heart. 07/01/21 Erasmo cosmo, Brasil. Thank ( Obrigada)
Thank you for the comparison. Do still have them? Subscribed to your channel. Hope everything is fine considering the pandemic. I wish you very healthy and peaceful end of 2020. Hopefully you can go back posting more.
Thank you for these helpful videos.
I like the haka with its more open, pre-baroque or 'native' natural tone, thank you very much for the demonstration !
Thank you for this Comparison and that Lovely piece you played. I have been on a recorder journey to get all the Plastic recorders in both Yamaha and Aulos, from Sopranino to Bass, and everything in between, have 4 Altos 3 are Yamaha's in the Wood exteriors Rose and ebony and plastic, 3 Tenors 1 Yamaha, 1 Aulos A211A and 1 Aulos A511B, and the Aulos Bass A533B I Dont yet have the Yamaha Bass as of yet. I like them all But really love All the Aulos series.
Hi. Why does the sound jump to a high falsetto on the viola at low notes?
Fascinating and a great review. I've been playing both these recorders a lot over the last two years and have formed strong opinions. To me the Yamaha is clean, easy to blow and accurate throughout the whole range - but very, very dead. I grew to dislike it a lot and gave my instrument away to a beginner as I think it's great in that context. The Aulos Haka is far and away my favourite plastic - closest to a living wood. I now use it every day for scales and general warming up. I can hear all of this in the review. Just goes to show that opinions vary so much. I think I'll go back to the Yamaha and try to understand what it was I didn't like.
Your films are always helpful and unpretentious. Thank you.
Interesting test. Both are very capable. I have the Yamaha 312 and I find the low notes ridiculously sensitive to over blowing, yet you manage to blow hard and still get a note! I haven't tried the high F#, I don't know the fingering for that note
Thank you so much for this thorough comparison of the two instruments. I love your videos! Have you ever tried the Zen On Bressan?
So interesting and fair. I lean towards the Haka. But I agree that each is better for certain aspects and composers. You play with such sensitivity! So glad to have found this channel.
I prefer the Aulos Haka and use it most of the time. I use the following fingering for high F#, which I find to be a little better in tune than your fingering: T' 1 2 3' 4 5 - 7, with 3' indicating hole 3 is partly open. If you can try this fingering let me know what you think.
I have both type of recorders.I find the yamaha tends to clog up quickly on cold the aulos not a problem. I prefer the sound of the yamaha, very mellow. Both are great recorders.
Yeah, I get that same sound splitting thing with my Aulos alto on some notes, but overall, I really like the sound of it. I think maybe the Yamaha is better suited for ensemble work. I think its tuning may be more consistent as well.
I love the recorder. I believe that Yamaha is the exact one I play.
I unfortunately don't have my Yamaha alto anymore, but my recollection is that it was slightly easier to play than the Aulos. I really do like the sound of the Aulos more though. I'm generally drawn to recorders with rich overtones that create that extra color.
gostei mais da aulos
You might want to cover the bottom hole with your knee when you play the hugh F#. It is challenging but it might be literally correct.
Love the sound of the old Moeck!
Thank you for this Comparison, while the wooden instruments may have a slight tone quality edge over plastic, The difference is Not as Big as i would have thought for the price. My collection are all Resin from Aulos and Yamaha, their best from Sopranino to Bass in both Manufacturers. Love the Haka wood grain, Symphony series, and 300series woodGrain Yamaha's all are Great resin recorders for a Very inexpensive price Entrance and replacement cost, if need be.
Hi Arwen. How are you? I have not written to you since I have not played the flute anymore I didn't feel like playing in the heat. I would like to know from you which of the flutes you have sounds better: the Mollenahuer the Moeck rottembourg or the Kung? if you remember I have a tall moeck flute in rosewood and a Swiss fehr in very old pear wood but I tried to regenerate it, logically the moeck sounds better but I don't know kung and I would like your opinion. Hello to you soon Marco
I'm interested in the folk music you often play. Is it from a particular collection? Can you recommend a source set for Soprano recorder?
congratulations! what is the brand of the black flute?
Thanks for your helpful comparison videos. Could you plz tell the difference of playing performance such as easy high or low notes, tolerance for air flow and pressure, etc. It's hard to listen in video but feeling by playing. I've got a Aulos and a Canta pear alto. The Aulos sounds brighter but easy to blow out like low tolerance. The mollenhauer Canta is easy to play but sounds muffled. Maybe I need to replace a better wood recorder, I think the entry level wood recorder isn't much better than high plastic ones comparing their price.
The moeck sounds much louder on my phone, the Haka sounding the quietest. But considering the price difference the Haka represents itself quite well I think! Be good to compare it to the Yamaha 300 treble
I really enjoy watching your clips! I think it will be nicer to record using a nicer microphone since you are comparing different recorders and tone colors. I recommend something like Shure mv88!
Both of the two wooden recorders that you played here had a nicer tone than the Aulos. However it was not that much nicer when you consider the price difference. As for plastic resin alto recorders, I tend to prefer the Yamaha to the Aulos Haka. You might like to test the Vincent Bernolin resin recorders which I am told are very special.
Thank you! I'm particularly interested because I just bought myself a used Moeck Rottenburgh Maple from pretty much exactly the same vintage as yours. I had listened to your recordings, and mine is very consistent with what I hear from you. It'll tide me over until I can try out instruments and find my dream alto :) .
Can you make a recorder collection video?

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