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Audio Technica ATM610 Dynamic Vocal Wired Microphone ...

Audio Technica ATM610 Dynamic Vocal Wired Microphone : Musical Instruments.

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Audio Technica ATM610 Microphone Features

  • Tuned to make an impact,this mic clarifies the intensity of instruments and vocals,cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear,improving isolation of desired sound source,hi-energy neodymium magnet for improved output and transient response,two-stage ball-type headcase for superior pop protection,corrosion-resistant contacts from gold-plated xlrm-type connector,rugged design and construction for reliable performance
  • Element, Dynamic, Polar pattern, Cardioid
  • Dynamic

Find the best deal on Audio Technica ATM610 Microphone at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Audio Technica ATM610 Microphone Price in India is ₹12,999 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Audio Technica ATM610 Microphone we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Audio Technica ATM610 Microphone Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Audio-Technica
Color na
Colour na
Compatible Devices lg g3
feature Imported from USADelivers in 15 days
Item model number ATM610A
Item Weight 408 g
Manufacturer audio-technica
Material plastic
Model ATM610A
Product Dimensions 24.9 x 13 x 7.4 cm

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Audio Technica ATM610 Microphone Reviews from YouTube

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Mic Review / Test
Audio Technica AT2010 Condenser Mic Review / Test
Top 5 Microphones | For Singers | Thomann
Is the audio technica AT2020 worth it in 2020?
These are excellent mics as I own 5 of them. Use 3 to mic my drums with, one to use with acoustic, electric or bass guitars and another I just picked up a few weeks ago for doing instructional videos. The sound I get from using 3 of these mics on a big drum kit is amazing and rivals a full drum mic setup using 5 or more dynamics and two overhead condensers. The vocal quality is outstanding although they are very sensitive so if using for podcasting or any type of voice over, a quiet room is a must and so is a pop filter. By far the best $100 mic out there and if not looking at wave patterns on a monitor, the sound is just as good as mics costing hundreds more. In fact, I like the sound of these more so than some condensers that sell for $500+.
did I got rickrolled? Im shocked. nice foam insulation tho
2:50 you really had to hit us with the rickroll huh
Can you do review microphone alctron cs35 sir
Not the best proximity microphoneI have well for loud level inputs.electric guitar, drums. . Have much better vocal mic's at comparable prices point.
Did I just got Ricked Rolled from 2016 Podcastage? 2:50
Sounds horrific.
Your reviews are the BEST.
Great review! Will it work with the Audient Evo 4?
Did we just get rick rolled.
he rick rolled me?
I just got rickrolled trying to find a good xlr mic
I had the AT-2020 and the AKG p120. l like the AKG P120 more because it just sounds better and it works for my voice the AT2020 felt a little cheaper and the vocals weren't as good as the AKG p120 to thing about the AT-2020 is it's good at blocking out background noises unlike the AKG p120 but their are ways around that. Also The AT-2020 has a flat frequency response till the high end which is weird to me and the AKG has a cut off on the low and a little bit of bounce to it also going up at the high end. (So yeah I sold my AT-2020.) (Just some helpful advice)
2:50 2:32
i was awfully confused the first time I got my mic (AT2020). it was awfully quiet until I got this software called Voicemeeter. I've seen some people with the same thing their mic is really quiet until they launch a special program which makes it louder without sacrificing audio quality. seen some people use another program called Pod Farm
Hello I like your videos, I got a BM-800 and got it working with a Ugreen Jack. Is this condenser mic a good upgrade from BM-800?
this recorder moment made me cry so bad
what are the best strings to record acoustic guitar?
At least you honor the G.R.E.A.T. Elliott Smith
It would be cool to see you do more handheld condenser mics. In particular the Audio Technica AE5400.
I feel like these videos are like when your good friend who knows everything about audio engineering comes over to help you with your poopy audio recording technique. Thank you!
Hello, could you test Audio-Technica atm 710?
I'm praying for a review of the ae3300 and/or the ae5400, which are the at2010's bigger siblings. The 3300 uses the capsule of the at4033, the 5400 uses the at4050 capsule.
Amy Winehouse's mic :D
Hey there! Thanks for your videos-they are very good and thorough. I am looking for my first condenser mic and don’t quite know where to start. my budget is $50-$100 and it would need to be a usb mic or have an adapter. I would be using it with an acoustic guitar and vocals. If you have time to recommend a video that would fit that I’d appreciate it! Thanks again.
Can you review ATR2500 mic thank you
Great review as always. Sounds awesome on overdrive guitar too. Check out the ATM98 next. Condenser sounding Dynamic handheld.
I want to record an upright piano in my house. I can't get the at 2020. Would the at2010 work?
Would you recommend buying a second hand condenser, i read that they are more delicate.
Came for the high quality hi-fi mic reviews, .stayed. . .
You're wrong about sensitivity: less negative value in dB means better sensitivity.
I am actually impressed with the song. Thank you.
Hi! What do you think?! Rode m2 vs At2010 for live singing?
Hi, thanks for (as always) a very illustrative review. I'm writing just to throw in a few words on those plosives you slam the microphone for. I actually recorded with this mic and I managed to attenuate them quite significantly by switching on a HPF on the vocal track and slightly cutting the lows below 150Hz. If you look at the specs you’ll see that, unlike a typical dynamic or even condenser vocal mic (like Rode M2) the AT2010 has almost flat frequency response down to 40Hz while other mics strongly attenuate that bass and sub-bass region by default. The Audio Technica transfers those frequencies intact and hence the energy of plosives comes through unaffected. In fact, this can be beneficial as long as you don’t limit yourself to using this mic to record vocals only. Its SPL tolerance is high enough to put it against a bass cab (as I did) and then its power in the low frequency region really helps. Again, great review! And greetings from Poland.
check the DOOMly doo
A-T was a very early adopter of stage condenser vocal microphones. They made one of the first widely used models so they have a lot of experience, at least 25 years, at it. Try all their models before you commit because the more expensive models have way better rejection of plosives and feedback.
Can you compare this with the AKG c636, Sennheiser E865 + E965 and the Neumann KM104 + 105? I think they're all handheld small diaghragm stage condensors.
These days, Mics under 500 dollar have no difference for podcasters, live streamers and gamers. Just pick up any mic which you think has better design and brand image.
Youre awesome my brother! Thank you.
Why do people even mention the SM58 in this day and age? They are very durable, but they are junk.
What would it take to make him make a full cover of purple rain?
I wouldn’t count out the SM58 just yet. Most people say the SM58 sound dull and muddy, but I don’t think so; I find the SM58 to be more natural and smooth, which makes it easy to add eq. It’s sounds Good on his voice. The others have a clear crispness, but are a little too thin sounding for my taste ,That’s just my opinion. Great Singing Though! Great Voice! That’s what matters.
Please ✨I am willing to buy a mic really soon and I really need to know if we can use the same cable for the sennheiser and the shure mic ?thanks
Thomann: “Do a comparison and push some of these other mics ‘cause people are still buying 85% only SM 58s”. Presenter: “You got it!” P.S. the difference in absolute terms between the sensitivity of the sound you got from the Sennheiser and the others: a 7% turn of the mids knob on the mixer for some extra vocal presence and maybe some 5% on highs. That is it.
Shure sm58 is the best
What a bullshit. He uses the sure only 10 sec thats discrimination hahaha thoman thats just bad do.
I noticed you have to put your mouth to close on all of them, Eating the mic
I ned a mic for flute , hamonica and singing. NOTHING fancy . I'm in between Shure beta a 58 and Sennheiser e945. Had a Shure sm 58 before ( got stolen) , it worked fine but would like to try something a little better .Thanks in advance for any answer.
Sennheiser then audio technica
What microphone would you recommend for a pure non professional speakers perspective, who might speak into the mic sideways? Not for singing, but for speaking for a bunch of non speakers.
An EV ND767 blows 'em all away. It's much hotter than the Sennheiser e945, which is the best mic of this group. It's also warmer than the e945. However the ND767 is no longer made. Does anyone know how the new EV mics compare to the older EV ND767? I'm speaking of the ND76, 86, and 96. The 76 doesn't interest me much, because it is cardioid. The ND86 and N96 are what I'm more interested in. Anyone own either of these?
In this range , the senheiseer e 945 for me is the best choice With diference to the others
Guys he completely forgot the proximity effect.
wish you had put in the SE Electronics V7 in the comparison :(
The Sennhiser is the best of the bunch - my personal vocal mic. However I also own a T Bone MB85. Honestly its a good mic.
The key point is not microphone
Your talented ia very good
Need more help deciding? Check out this video I did comparing the AT2020 to another similar priced mic have recorded some good vocals on this mic bought in 2011.
Does the mic come with a stand for it or will I have to buy my own?
What about the noise level people talk about?
sezure warning
Do you need that scarlett red thing for the audio to be better? Or should I just buy the mic with a xlr cable?
Is this mic better the presonus m7 microphone
you made me go on Quora wondering why my monitor was flickering
What is the best microphone for video calls and singing covers as I live on a busy street with traffic all of the day? Blue Yeti was terrible want an XLR isntead for my UMC22.
What popfilter are you using for the procaster? Im looking for one like that for my procaster setup
Hey I'm looking for a mic for youtube/gaming. I've heard a lot about the blue yeti mic and i saw this one also. Which one would you say has the better quality regardless of the price ?
I plan on buying this microphone to record singing and rap vocals. Also to record my own podcast. Would you always recommend getting a microphone that requires phantom power over a USB microphone for this purpose?
Would i be able to use a XLR to usb cable to plug straight into my computer? or do i need a interface
So can this mic just be plugged into a pc and it operates or do you need one of those things that you have
The EV RE-20, Shure SM7B, and the Sennheiser MD 421 have been used for decades and are broadcast standards. Age is not a factor with a great mic. The AT-2020 is also on that list.
Good review it mainly a podcast mic and not really for singers/ recording ?
The USB version is 235 usd where I am rn
Thanks :)
god keep it up

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