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HAP Athletico Men's Shorts · Supersoft Cotton · Contrast Elastic Waistband w/ Drawstring For The Perfect Fit · Comfortwear · 2 SIDE POCKETS · Casual anytime shorts.


Buy HAP Athletico Men's Shorts at

Keep yourself cool and comfortable by slipping into these coloured shorts for men from the house of HAP. These shorts from Athletico Series will keep you at ...


Buy HAP Athletico Men's Shorts (Dark Grey) at

Buy HAP Athletico Men's Shorts (Dark Grey) from Shorts at 30 days free exchange or return.


Buy HAP Athletico Men's 3/4th Shorts (Capri) at

Buy HAP Athletico Men's 3/4th Shorts (Capri) from Shorts at 30 days free exchange or return.


Athletico Men's SHORTS Features

  • Supersoft Cotton
  • Contrast Elastic Waistband w/ Drawstring For The Perfect Fit
  • Comfortwear
  • Casual anytime shorts
Athletico Men's SHORTS
Find the best deal on Athletico Men's SHORTS at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Athletico Men's SHORTS Price in India is ₹399 at Amazon.
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Athletico Men's SHORTS Reviews from YouTube

$8 Training Shorts vs $30 Training Shorts vs $68 Training Shorts
Best Gym Shorts for Men (Lululemon, Nike, Chubbies, and More Compared!)
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I got another question bro ! I order the interval with a 9’inch inseam and I’m 5’9 . Will it be long or will it be the perfect size
5, 7, 9 inch inseam what does that mean And what’s the website . Should of put it in the descriptions
0:54 For 6$ you can get a wide choice of Decathlon shorts. Actually 8€ minus the 20% VAT.
What’s the inseam you went with for the interval you showed? (They have 5,7,9 inches). Also liner doesn’t ride up?
Sorry babe what is that leg tattoo
great review - lots of details given. only thing i would have liked more was to do more video footage of the shorts themselves. maybe even turn them inside out and show 5 or 10 seconds of that
Really good review for a small channel
I heard that the alternative to training shorts can be a swimming trunks. Since swimming trunks doesn't have elasticity, also that they don't have a video on the YouTube. Will it still do me good?
Where can you get the 8$ shorts?
Where out of nj you train ?
Great video I wish you would show product as you review
Also these kinda shorts bargain with integrated phone pocket! nd even a towel loop didnt get the joke with stand by bitt
I just went into a massive haul for training shorts and I've mostly bought them from Nike and I've never had some shorts that were above the knee and I honestly fell in love with that comfort feeling. Great job on the vid explaining the different shorts!
Personally I prefer comfort over design
Some of my workout shorts dont have zippers and ive never had a problem with keys or phone falling out, they have deep pockets but never bothered me at least. I think cheap can be better!
Pro shorts are night and day difference
How do we know ur not lying about being sponsored
Bro how are you talking without moving your mouth
What was the inseam of the intervals and what’s your height? Also wondering if they are antimicrobial/odor resistant even without the liner. I’m completely new to brand and have a tactical on the way but actually need two pairs so I’m looking at another pair.
I own 5 pairs of chubbies gym shorts, and 3 pairs of theirs casual shorts. Worth every penny, I'm willing to gice 10 thousand a try though.
im kind of interested in those nike shorts. Could you check the style number of those on the tag?
Thanks for the reviews. I am watching your video and then. is that golds gym in Citrus Heights?
Cool review. What’s the sizing like compared to the Nike?
I’ll have to check out ten thousands website and you did a great job on the video. But what are the Nike shorts called or could you link me to them?
I own several of there shorts. They are amazing.
Amen. I think I have the intervals in every color now except the camo. Wear them out as casual shorts quite a bit too.
ever try Vuori Kore?
What about gym shark
Great video man i love the production. Do you mind adding the specific models to the shorts in your vids?
I like yo cut g
Hey man! What size were your joggers? I'm 5'7 and like a shorter inseam for that cropped look. Thank You! Also bro are they tight on the waist? I'm a 31 waist but would like a XS rather than small for that cropped look
What song is that!
You gotta wash the sweats inside out
The sweatpants are extremely durable I’ve had mine for over 3 years and they’re still holding up strong after many lifts and washes
You got good eyebrows bro.
Quality of ASRV is almost on par with the quality of your videos
Hey I was wondering how was the shipping for you
I assume your shorts and joggers are also a size Small as well? I’m exactly the same height and weight as you.
Great review !
All I want for Christmas is an ASRV that you wore
i’m like 5’7 135 should i get a small or medium with the 2 in 1 shorts?
Hey bro, great video, it’s help. Are you wear Size S on the shorts and joggers?
Was searching for a long time for good workout clothes and found your video! Went ahead and bought some stuff. Thanks for the awesome video
Great vid. I just scored 2 pieces (shorts & tank) today. Can't wait.
Even short people like me 5'1" feet there brand fit and perfect with me. The quality is so amazing! I bought ASRU material at the first time make me really satisfied and love. It's really different with other I felt .I want to buy it again and again it came to my mind but I can buy it only in discount event day
What are those pants called?
[ ASRV ] are beautifully made and thought out fit, the couture of sportswear.
Do u mostly just wear asrv?
ASRV has had issues with quality for years now. They fall apart pretty quickly considering the price.
Nothing from Décathlon?
Anything in Europe?
Just picked up 3 pairs of the Russell shorts at Walmart. They were on sale for $9.50. The colors look amazing. Seriously, if you see them on sale, don’t hesitate to grab a pair
Woolday in Germany are sustainable and made from 100% merino wool.
How tall are u?
How about stealth shorts. The one with the second layer that's tight
this is what amzon is offering : shorts are discontinued. What’s another option?
i hate wasting over $20 for a pair of shorts and these links helped a lot, especially since summer is starting already and i don’t want to be wearing joggers
Very good video. After doing alot of high knees and kicks . Long shorts aint cutting it.
Have you tried rvca yogger stretch?
can you fit a iPhone into the zippered pockets of the reebok one series epic shorts?
These are my favorite pants and amazon is always the best way to get them. Here is a link thought this is about stock! Lol
I know it’s been a little time but do you have a link to the Walmart shorts? Was hoping to pick some up.
This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for this video!
could you please review squat wolf
I just got my Austin II shorts. These are amazing. as long as they hold up. Thanks for the review!
Can't the Russel Russel atheltics on the amazon uk store. Theres a market for someone like yourself or a channel like yours to open up to a UK market. If I wasnt so lazy and had some form of camera presence I'd give it a go. But I digress.
Just go to Walmart Ross’s Marshall’s tj max and you’ll find some target lol

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