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Buy Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop online at Snapdeal Amazon TATACliq. Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop Colours: Silver Black
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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Asus X541NA-G0121 15.6-inch Laptop (Intel Pentium/4 GB/1 TB/DOS/Intel Integrated Graphics), ...


Buy Asus X541NA-G0121 15.6-inch Laptop (Intel Pentium/4 GB/1 ... Buy Asus X541NA-G0121 15.6-inch Laptop (Intel Pentium/4 GB/1 TB/DOS/Intel Integrated Graphics), Space Grey online at low price in India on ...


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Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop Features

  • Processor: Intel Pentium processor N4200 2M cache with clock speed of 1.1 GHz up to 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • Features Intel HD graphics
  • Ports: 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA port, 1 x USB 2.0 , 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1
Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop Colours:
  • Silver
  • Black

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Asus X541NA-G0121 Laptop Reviews from YouTube

Asus X541N Laptop (15.6/4GB/500GB/HD Graphic) Review & Hands On
ASUS VivoBook Max X541NA: "A Plastic Void"
ASUS Laptop X541N (Quad Core/4gb RAM/1TB HDD/Windows 10) Unboxing & Review by Sarv Gyan Sampann
Asus Vivobook X541UA X541NA : How to Disassemble base & upgrade ram ssd motherboard keyboard wifi
I have this laptop DONT BUY THIS
it have camra
Can i charge this laptop in ups If yes which power ups?
Can you play fortnite in this laptop?
Fake axcent q marta bhai hindi he bolo best hai
Ram Rom processor GenerationExchange available?
What generation?What cora i?
Tengo una laptop Asus enciende y carga pero no da video/imagen ni en monitores o pantallas A que se debe y cuales serian las opciones para repararla?
Same laptop but ngl its has bad specs, i got the anti reflective glass version
Are you can play free fire with these Laptop
This laptop Core i3 or core i5? This laptop fast or not?
does the touch screen in tablet mode work?
If i do research here or other projects is it worth it?ASAP.
can you edit in lightroom with this laptop
After win10 1803 update, the OS became lagged and buggy.Also battery drains faster..
Can i play pubg in this laptop
Driver for Asus x541na
My X541N keeps crashing after one year. Videos don't run smoothly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Sorry.
sir can I edit photos in lightroom in this laptop
Planned on buying it but you changed my mind. Thank you, will be looking for better options
is it worth it?
Thanks for taking the time to post this vid! I have has this model since 2018. I stick with it because I cannot afford another at the moment. PROS: 1) Big Screen and Decent Sound, so good for streaming and watching video. 2) Full Size Keyboard: One of the reasons I got this model. I love a full keyboard with numbers. CONS: 1)TOO BIG for travel on airplanes, especially with reduced legroom. 2) VERY HEAVY for how much empty space and plastic is onboard. 3) Bad battery/board. Always shorts out on battery power, so always need to have it plugged in. 4) SLOW! - the 4G Ram is horrible for running programs AND trying to stream at the same time. The computer often "seizes" and will sometimes BSOD or power off if the memory or processor become over-tasked. This video has answered what I have had suspected. This laptop is good for simple streaming or limited app useage. Without upgradeable memory or battery, there is no use in spending more money on it.
vro this laptop is so fckin trash nocap
Well, it does have super cheap looks but it is decent for everyday use, it does run older games smooth 2000-2012 and does respond to tasks properly and somewhat fast and it does good for a Grade 7 like me(I apologize for bad grammar)
Yeah you were correct about the cooling , it has a very teeny tiny heatsink and a really small and slow fan , mine got fried when I was installing Chrome OS on this thing. Northbridge short so not repairable was my freind for a year
I have this laptop with a ton of programs (Matlab, proteus, multisim, labview, etc) and they run smooth but the fan is such a mess, it constantly shut offs and if you were working on a project you are screwed, when my parents bought it they didn't know shit about the laptop so :( , I sent the laptop to get the shutting down problem fixed and they didn't know what it was, I'm tired of it shutting down randomly lmao
i made a mistake and i should not have bought this 2 years ago
How Many GB of Ram Can I Make? Please answer
chech this websit and tell if the computer on the video is it
As a educative thing, I will try to find a chip of ram of 8gbs compatible and make a little switch with flux and removes them. Again I am not there and I don't think I will find the right chip but if I do I will make a video out of it. And yes I know , I will burn money on this shitty concept computer but I need to bring this garbage to 8gb or 16 gb just to give me the accomplish feels.
You could have also take a look at the cooling solution. there is no heatsink with fins or pipes, just a tiny piece of cheap metal over the cpu. yeah, it is a slow celeron machine with low tdp - imagine what went through my mind after i opened a similar asus notebook with a freaing i5-5300u ,with the same, nearsly non existing heatsink!
Cheap and nasty, yes, but will probably run badly for longer than most other laptops will run at all.
I hate this laptop (and its variations) with absolute passion. It's hard to tear down, there's basically nothing to upgrade and it's basically was made as cheap as possible. Also it died twice when I bought it new and thankfully Asus covered it all under warranty. Asus seemed to improve lately but avoid this Vivobook series at all cost.
They should replace the models with no optical drive option with a dummy dvds so customer can use it for second hdd/ssd using hdd caddy instead of just leaving it empty space (sorry for bad English)
Phew that's bad. Cheap as cheap get. If buying on a budget I always point out people to used ThinkPads.Just recently I bought a used X201 with i5, 8GiB RAM and s 256 SSD incl the Dock - for 70 incl shipping.And I think this will run circles around this oddity.If there is something to be replaced - no problem.
you know what? before discover every ThinkPad series, I was almost buying X541NA...
A bit of a dog's breakfast, it does look like the bottom line influenced design decisions to a ridiculous degree. The strange thing is that I've owned several Asus netbooks (including the iconic EeePC 701, which was crazy rugged) and laptops, and have been really happy with the build quality all of them (although the keyboards don't hold a candle to the ThinkPad keyboards, but that's true of most other brands). So, it's a bit shocking to me to see this "plastic void" especially since this laptop is only a couple of years old. Mind you, I guess the VivoBooks are a (very steep) step down from the ZenBooks I favour.
Cool poke-around provides a fun contrast at the other end of the design mindset spectrum from your X300 series. I enjoy your understated sarcasm.
I have the F551 and X551 with cracked screens. Both came with Celeron processors. I converted both into desktops by mounting the bottom base to an IKEA drawer.
CDS ki kaise nikalti hai
Hum sim card install kr skte h asus ke laptop me
*Thank You So Much Sir Very Helpful Video *
Sir sim lagta hai kya
Unnecessarily long video
Sir please tell me screen size
Prossccer kitna hai aacha hai ya nahi bro
Charo taraf se videos keisa dekhta hai sir .. pls reply...
Loudaaaa explain properly
Its good for gta v? Reply pls
I searched but I didn't get this same laptop
Bro did you purchase from online
Bhai isme physicz wallha ek studyvapp hai o chalegi
Main screen aane tak recording stop ya forward kar dete
bro maine get intopc se office download kiya par isme support nai kar raha he or koi idea
Sir abhi current mai koi laptop Asus ko Jo.. Ma Office, Excel data sheet, Telly software k liye, Online work Classes, Downloading k liye Kon sa sahi hoga... Under 18k
Sir ismy Bluetooth h
Are bhai jldi box khol dete.. faltu itna time paas krawaya..
Sir ji isme kon genresan wala processor h plzz really me
This is the best tutorial I have seen for disassemble an Asus. I used this guide to add RAM and a new SSD to my laptop. I am so grateful you made this video. I even learned the cute trick of labelling where the screws should go when I'm done.
Can we Upgrade the cpu
Can we add nvme SSD card in this laptop?
I have Asus X541UVK model with 4gb ram. I am looking to upgrade to 16gb ram. Is it possible ? And how many pins should be there on the ram ? Glad that you confirmed that it has single memory slot.
I have x541UAK laptop.. what's the max RAM upgrade possible.. 8gb or 16gb.. bcoz on Axis site it's mentioned max 12gb.. so Am assuming max 8gb possible and not 16gb.. can you confirm? Also any Amazon link for recommend ram for upgrade.
Is it possible to upgrade a Central Processing Unit of that Laptop?
what is the caddy size if i want to hybrid my cd rom to an hdd port
Laptop asus X541U i5 6198 what is the maximum ram upgrade size and how much slots in it and which company ram should I use..Pls help
is it compitable with ssd M.2 NVMe ? and 2666mhz RAM ? plz let me know.
Great video. What size is the dvd drive? 9.5 or 12.5 inches?
I have the same laptop but with i3 7th gen. It was so slow. Can i upgrade it to i5 7th gen? Thank you please notice me sir.
Thank you!
3:00 screen is now scratched....
Caddy 9.5mm?
I am not able to install windows on this laptop through boot menu its bios system is creating problem can you please help
Are there two memory slots?
I can see, the 4 Gb ram memory can only be replace for other of 8Gb, because it have not other slot to insert 4 Gb more. Thanks, the video is very useful.
Thanks alot
replace agle video me krega kya
Iska mother board kaha se kharide

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