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Buy Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook online at Amazon Flipkart. Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook Colours: Gold
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Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook Features

  • Pre-installed Genuine Windows 10 Operating System (Includes Built-in Security, Free Automated Updates, Latest Features)
  • Intel Core m3 Processor (7th Gen)
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 33.78 cm (13.3 inch) Display
  • 2.6GHz Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor
  • 256GB Solid State hard drive
  • 13.3-inch screen, Intel HD 615 Graphics
  • Windows 10 (64bit) operating system
  • 5.4 hours battery life, 1.20kg laptop
  • 54WHrs, 3S1P, 3-cell Li-ion polymer battery pack
Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook Colours:
  • Gold

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For a comprehensive understanding of Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Asus (UX330CA-FC018T) Notebook Specifications

Technical Details
Audio Details Built-in speaker, Built-in array microphone, Audio by ICEpower
Average Battery Life (in hours) 5.4 Hours
Brand Asus
Card Reader Secure Digital card
Colour Gold
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD 615
Hard Disk Technology Solid State
Hard Drive Size 256 GB
Hardware Platform PC
Included Components Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide, Manuals, Sleeve and Cable
Item Height 12 Millimeters
Item model number UX330CA-FC018T
Item Weight 1.2 Kg
Item Width 32.3 Centimeters
Lithium Battery Energy Content 54 Watt Hours
Maximum Display Resolution 1920x1080
Memory Technology LPDDR3
Number of Audio-out Ports 1
Number of HDMI Ports 1
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 2
Operating System Windows 10 (64bit)
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Speed 2.6 GHz
Processor Type core_m
Product Dimensions 22 x 32.3 x 1.2 cm
RAM Size 4 GB
Screen Size 13.3 Inches
Speaker Description Audio by ICEpower
Wireless Type 802.11 A/C

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Asus Zenbook UX330 - Hands On Review
What do you guys think of the Zenbook? Save $400 bucks and buy this or go for the XPS 13? Also, hope you enjoy my really cheesy intro!
So I actually have had this as my primary work laptop for he past 3 years, I got the 256/8 build and will be looking to upgrade the storage this month. It’s a lovely laptop that handles my office tasks quite nicely. First asus machine I ever had and it’s been great so far.
Excellent review. Very well done. Thank you fellow Canadian.
is this good for music production software such as FL Studio and Machine 2?
I absolutely love this laptop, it's like a jack of all trades. But after a year of using it, my battery life literally halved getting only 4-5 hours now. I'm not sure what caused that to happen, i know battery degrade after a while, but not literally halved, so that is a bummer.
Would you still recommend this for someone studying comp-sci. I can’t decide between this and Acer Swift
Says the screen is 1080p, shows the screen being 4k in the video. whoops?
what about the DDR3 RAM? Is that bad? I want to buy it
Why would you reccomend using a separate drive for media?
This is by far the best review I have ever seen. Well spoken, to the point, and touched upon specs I never even considered in a Laptop! Amazing job
Unfortunately, when you adjust the brightness on the new ZenBooks, they use something called Pulse Wave Modulation (PWM). Rather than actually dimming the display, PWM turns it on and off at high speed to SIMULATE different brightness levels. You can't tell the difference by looking at it—but if you point a phone camera at the display, you can see big black bars traveling across the display as the camera's light sensor tries to adjust to it. You may not realize it, but your eyes, too, constantly try to adjust to this flickering, making the experience very uncomfortable over longer periods of time. Some people even get headaches from it. I hope Asus will return to normal dimming methods in future ZenBooks—it may be a bit more expensive for them, but they'd be doing their customers a big favor.
review of a vivobook s510un pls
Vivobook 15 vs Zenbook ux330ua
Review the new UX430UA?
Thanks for the review, I was under the assumption that the UX330 is a great deal compared to the more expensive ultrabooks but the screen is a disappointment.
Thanks so much for the helpful review!
you good review guys, i like your video
Anyone know the soundtrack he is using
the volume is too low
Is it too much to ask for a backlit keyboard?
h-e-l-p can I spring this on you? I need a mid ranger i7/8gig ram/win10/1080hd/solid state drive/decent battery life/decent hard drive- is there anything that may fit this bill for below $800 or is that a tall order ? cheers.
hey does this version come in silver?this one looks way too cool!
3800x1800?! Are you sure? May be 3200x1800?
Great review! Would you recommend the 1080p version(679$) over the QHD+touchscreen version(699$)? I don't really use touchscreen btw :)
Good Review ! Subbed!
Nice review. I can't wait to have this so beautiful piece of machine. Been the ASUS fanboy since years ago, and I'm still amazed of what the company keeps bringing to us. Liked and subscribed
It's a real shame that the best models are unavailable in the UK, and the markets in which they are available, offer different keyboard layouts.
Nice video It was very informative and right to the point. :D
Is it a touchscreen display?
Very high quality content. I just became your 50th subscriber, I hope you remember me when you have a hundred thousand! ;-)
where the hell did all your subs go?!
There is a 1080p version of the UX305CA, I think that model should address all your issues in your review.
Sure the processor kinda sucks but thats an m3. Is it possible to use a m7?
Can this run and export stuff in adobe premiere in a decent way?
good review bud :-)
Awesome review!
dang u shat on this laptop
is it good for editing photos using photoshop/lightroom?
Acer Aspire 5 or Asus ux330? Help me pls
what the fuck is a pound?
They are not affordable for people in latin america :(
I hate anti-glare display
Asus ZenBook ux330ua or Acer Swift 3? Help me
Hello, maybe you know if the ux330 series have have the same hinge problem as the older us303?
Asuss UX330ca. Can play with game, GTA 5?
Sir is the i5 spec good enough for engineering student usage and able to run program like auto cad, solidworks? I'm searching for a reasonable price one since I have desktop to work on just need a portable one to use in college.
700$ in usa and 1000euro in eu seems legit
Can any Australians share their experience if they have bought this or any laptop from Amazon(shipping, reliable) ?
would you recommend this laptop or the asus zenbook ux430ua ?
Omg what's the song
expensive still
whats the difference between 330UA and 330CA?
is this notebook fan noisy?
can you make a review on the UX430
Great laptop, great review.
Can I edit videos with this laptop?
ASUS ZenBook UX330UA or DELL XPS 13, hard to chose ^^ help me ^^
I have a question, can I play games such as Call of Duty etc. on that? How is the graphic? I actually want to use it for my school assignments and for gaming. Which would you recommend me? Thank u for the answer btw
Is it worth it in 2020? :(
This is a decent laptop, I enjoy using it pretty hard daily. Its got some dents and dings from hitting the ground, including concrete. My fault of course. No cracked screen or malfunctions. The key board is not that good , very soft. The worse thing is the track pad, not good at all, and not responsive. If I can use a mouse its fine. The mini hdmi port lasted about a month, I was afraid of that when I bought it. HDMI mini ports are fragile & suck and I bought a USB C hdmi adapter to plug into additional screen/monitor. The only other thing is the wifi is sometime fickle, and it won't always connect automatically, or stay connected to 5g wifi even when I am close to the router. This could be a windows 10 problem because its my own device to have trouble on my home network with 5g. So with about 2 yrs of hard use this machine is still quick from boot up.
Which model is this? I like rosie.
Is it good for music production
i use it for school (ux330c)
Can anyone recommend to get the UX330UA or the UX331UA What is the big difference?
I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative to a macbook, that is good for editing photos. is this one a the best alternative?
I like the background music
I’d definitely recommend this if you want a powerful ultrabook and don’t want to spend the often $1000+ for one. Seriously idk how they’re able to make such a spec’d our machine that competes with these $1000+ machines at only $750. So light, great port selection, super fast and zippy, good battery life, decent enough graphics for light gaming (Rocket League 720p @45fps high settings) It does have a few notable cons: the bezels are a little old school, even my old 2013 Dell XPS 13 has a better bezel look. However these bezels remind me of the MacBook Air and people love that thing so. The lid hinge is a little loose. You can open it one handed which is so nice but there is a little bit too much lid wobble imo, others might not care tho Lastly, I’ve heard good reviews about the keyboard but frankly I find it too be just a tad bit too mushy, but it’s barely good enough to type emails and whatnot without too much fuss. Overall for the price it’s an amazing package! Definitely a must-buy if you want a thin and light powerful ultrabook and have a budget significantly below $1000. I don’t think there’s anything else at this price point that competes!
How is $750 considered "budget" when you can get laptops for like $250 or less lol.
A no brainer really
Chassis is aluminum alloy not plastic. Wrong information.
Nice Review. Thanks. I just bought one
Digital trend should I buy it
You mentioned a previous model that had 23 hour battery life. What model is that
Can I play video games on this laptop? Like league of legends or overwatch?
A very calm and organized review which was incredibly helpful. Thanks!
8th gen i5 or 7th gen i7?
$750 is not a budget laptop for most people 200-300 yes 750 is not

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