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ASUS AX3000 Dual Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Router Supporting MU ...

You need a powerful router to keep up with the current WiFi demands. The ASUS RT-AX3000 router packs speed, range, and security most families need by ...


Buy Asus 3000 Mbps Dual Band WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000, Black ...

Shop Asus 3000 Mbps Dual Band WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000, Black) online at best price in India at Tata CLiQ. Choose from wide range of Routers and Modem by ...


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ASUS RT-AX3000 Router Features

Every home today is gearing for an IOT upgrade and for that, you require a Wi-Fi that can cater to all of your smart devices. This ASUS router is one such router. It comes equipped with the 802.11ax standard, which when connected to 802.11ax-compatible devices can deliver better network performance, faster Wi-Fi connectivity, and enhanced battery life. On top of that, this router comes with a lifetime service of Trend Micro’s AiProtection Pro, which keeps your sensitive data safe by regularly and automatically updating its signature, along with providing you with better parental control so that you could control your children’s access to harmful sites. Furthermore, the ASUS AiMesh ensures that you get optimal Wi-Fi connection in every corner of your home.

  • Type: Wireless With Modem
  • 2976 Mbps Speed
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • External Antenna
    ASUS RT-AX3000 Router Colours:
    • Black

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    ASUS RT-AX3000 Router Reviews from YouTube

    AFFORDABLE FAST WiFi 6 Router - ASUS AX3000/RT-AX58U
    Asus RT-AX3000 / RT-AX58U In-Depth Full Review - WiFi 5 AC, WiFi 6 AX, AiMesh 4x4 iPerf3 Tests...
    Ultra Fast 3Gbps Speeds!! First Wifi 6 Router in India by Asus
    2020 Router Buyer Guide- What to look for in a router (featuring Asus RT-AX3000)
    Wait, so u just need to plug it into a laptop without a modem and u get internet Oh and u have to do the software thing. I NEED TO KNOW CUZ I MIGHT GET THIS FOR MYSLEF, BUT I DONT UNDERSTAND IF I NEED A NEW MODEM ALONG WITH THIS!!!!
    this is a nice video, you provide a lot of info but you spent about 20 seconds on speed, which I think is what most people care about. And it seems you went from 150 to 180Mbps on download and no gain on very marginal improvement. This doesn't seem to be worth it at all for me.
    @Dad's Dojo which one is better? This one or the newer model ASUS RT-AX68U ?
    Can you set up a VLAN on it to keep all of your IoT separate from your more trusted devices? If so, is there a limit to how many you can set up? How difficult is it to figure out how to set it up?
    Will this work for any modem?
    Can you change the IP?
    I did a follow up video after 6 months with this router go here to check it out > why couldn't you test it? Wifi 6 routers do support wifi 5, you still would've gotten excellent speeds
    there is no website for me
    Run wells on new AX devices, its dogshit on AC tech.
    Do we need to use a Ethernet to setup the router cause I dont have a Ethernet and I just got this router
    Love watching your videos and you make some great content. If youre interested in making money online we gotta chat! Got some big stuff coming out and you seem like the person that I should collaborate with. I subd to your youtube channel and I would love if you can show support back. Ill be watching you more often!
    Love it, you have a lot of great content and we post the same stuff so I think we have a potential collaboration opportunity if you want to talk. Im a supporter now and I dropped a sub I would appreciate a sub back We need to talk asap! I got some stuff I wanna share with you. DM me on IG @theaustinlewis
    Hi, I am thinking of this router with my older RT- AC68u/AC1900 also. How is this mesh working out for you?
    Can you join the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks into one (under one network name)?
    Got it today and have no idea how to set it up :/
    can you USB tether with an android phone on RT-AX58U ?
    I would ask where do you get that high of upload speed? My internet is way faster and upload speeds are 20mbps on 5 percent not even 10 percent like the average. That said cloud services are pointless im not waiting 45 minutes to upload 1 file.
    Wifi 6 is awesome. About 2 years ago I remember that it would cost like 500 dollars for wifi router that could even do 5ghz in speeds up to 1000gbps. You basically have to have more than enough bandwidth from you router to get that on devices. So I had tbe intel ac9560 chip with 460mps wifi and my router could hit for a second than fall. So instead I spent 22 dollars on a 100ft ethernet cable and hard connected and now all day long 460mps no breaks. Im hoping to have 1gbps on wifi on all my devices some day. I want to have no download or waiting times just click and its done. Its not needed but its wanted.
    i recently moved away from my parents. and my new house got fiber (so sweeet). 1000mbps up/down, no data caps. and 5g(or 4g with current phone) with no data caps aswell. but the isp router is just not fast enough when i comes to wifi (the ethernet is fine and stable). this router is going to do the wifi part. as my tv needs the isp router. so i connect this router to the isp router over ethernet. than on the isp router i disable wifi on that. and make the asus do the wifi. (we dont want them to compete for channels)
    0:00 Introduction0:57 Installation1:20 ASUSWRT GUI2:08 Advanced Settings2:54 WiFi 5 AC Range & Speed Benchmark3:46 LAN Performance3:54 WiFi 6 AX Range & Speed Benchmark4:34 AiMesh 4x4 Download & Upload Performance5:14 USB 3.0 Read & Write Benchmark5:47 1.5 GHz tri-core processor Performance6:12 ConclusionBuy Asus RT-AX3000 / RT-AX58U Dual Band WiFi 6 Router atLazada @ Amazon @ review! Covered everything I wanted to know, clearly and concisely!
    Great review! For the same price, this or RT-AX82U?
    which one do you recommend for long range between AX58U vs AC86U... no wifi 6, only 2.4 ghz... which one has more range at 2.4 ghz?
    Anyone know which one of the antennas are 2.4 & which 5ghz? I don't think they are multi.Here is it open with the circuit board showing. Jayce, how fast is it with ethernet connection?
    So these 2 routers are identical?
    Hello! I would like to ask you, if this router needs a modem to fully function. Great video!
    Great video! Question- some have raised concerns of Asus and Trend Micro farming user data and selling. The privacy page on the router setup uses very broad language. Any thoughts on privacy of Asus routers?
    About the same price ac86u vs ax58u, which is a better buy, only has 1 x wifi6 devices at home.
    Does this router have load balancing feature?! That is connect 2 internet connections together?!
    How's performance if I connect 4G backup dongle that come with Maxis It will work well
    Is ax58 worth over ax56 if I don't have 160mHz compatible clients? the wireless range is better?
    Hello Jayce,I am in a dilemma between RT-AX58U and RT-AC86U. My main purpose is to watch 4k bluray movies with Dolby Vision on my LG C9. Usually those files will have a data rate of 70-90 MB and from your videos, I saw that the RT-AC86U has higher HDD read/write speeds when compared to RT-AX58U.Do you think its worth getting a AC router in 2020 just for the HDD R/W speeds or should I go for the newer RT-AX58U?Thanks
    What about TP-Link Archer AX50 AX3000? I am using it and performance + coverage is tremendous
    Hi.. am currently using ac66u and noticed that AI protection is auto disabled when using dual wan-load balance feature.. how is it on AX58? Is it possible to run both load balance and AI protection?
    Hows the 4g backup feature? Can u test it out?
    RT-AX58U or AC86U ya? I want to use for ovpn and OpenVPN use single thread processor. AC86U with 1.8GHz dual core while RT-AX58U 1.5GHz tri core. Still confuse on this
    Saaf dikrha connection act fibernet hai iska koi unlimited nhi hai kya
    Sir I ordered today Tp link archar c50 ac1200 for 1800 rs. I have railwire 50 Mbps FTTH. Is that good Previously I had D link Dir 816 which is malfunctioned within 11 months... I have 4 mobiles connected all time 2 laptops oftenly and one Smart TV.. Is Tp link archer c50 will be enough
    You uploaded this video on my birthday
    What is the use of router
    Sir please give any update about wifi 6 gpon ont wifi router
    Itna bada plan kon dega
    which on good for high speed asus ax3000 or tp link ax3000?
    I understand you have a 100 mbps connection, but whats stopping you from doing a local file transfer over the local network to test the actual bandwidth? Perhaps this was a sponsored showcase video. In that case, I can understand shying away from actual performance tests and just doing a run through of marketing material.
    WiFi 6 is WiFi 5 Ghz that 30% faster than WiFi 5, wait for WiFi 6 Ghz to come soon which is WiFi 6E this is 300% faster
    Bro telugu lo plzzz bro
    I have 2 gbs wifi
    Cellular data users
    Hi, what's the difference between this router and asus GT AC 2900 router. Please help
    I am satisfied with My Tatasky BB with speed of 300mbps.
    we will get unlimited data in it
    is it actually worth for 17k if I am buying for min 5 years?
    really informative so people who don't know much about routers, thanks!
    Mine came with the firewall on and that caused my speed test site to fail freaking me out. After turning firewall off it tested out with good speed.
    Lmao I just bought this for better range, it certainly replaced a 4 year old wifi router.
    What's in that box?
    "2.4k mbps". Technically correct, but I'm sure you know better lol
    This is probably the best Ax3000 review i have seen. All the other people say, This is Wifi 6 so thats good but you actually went in depth
    Keep up the videos man
    I added an ax3000 compatible adapter to my computer, but cant get more than 867 mbps local network transfer. I bought this same router. Why cant I get greater than 867 mbps. I have 160 MHz enabled.
    Your so underrated

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