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Buy ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop (14 Inch | AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 | 8 GB | Windows 10 | 512 GB SSD) online at Flipkart. 14 inch Screen AMD Hexa-Core Ryzen 5 Processor 8 GB Memory 512 GB SSD
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ASUS ZenBook 14 Ryzen 5 Hexa Core AMD Ryzen5 5500U ...

Buy ASUS ZenBook 14 Ryzen 5 Hexa Core AMD Ryzen5 5500U Processor 5th Gen - (8 GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home) UM425UA-AM502TS Thin and Light Laptop Online ...


ASUS ZenBook 14 (2021), AMD Ryzen 5 5500U, 14 inches FHD ...

ASUS ZenBook 14 (2021), AMD Ryzen 5 5500U, 14 inches FHD Thin and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/512GB SSD/Integrated Graphics/Office 2019/Windows 10/Lilac ...


Buy ASUS ZenBook 14 (2020) AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 14-inch FHD ... Buy ASUS ZenBook 14 (2020) AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 14-inch FHD Thin and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/512GB NVMe SSD/Windows 10/MS Office 2019/Integrated ...


The Ultimate ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop Review

Welcome to, your go-to destination for the latest and most comprehensive product reviews. Today, we delve into the intricacies of the ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop, a powerhouse designed to elevate your computing experience. Let's explore the features, specifications, and everything you need to know before making this tech investment.

Unveiling the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS

At, we understand the importance of a reliable laptop, and the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS doesn't disappoint. This compact, thin, and light laptop is equipped with AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Mobile Processors, ensuring powerful and efficient performance for all your computing needs.

Key Features

Let's break down the key features that make the ASUS Zenbook 14 stand out:

1. AMD Ryzen 5 Hexa Core Processor

The beating heart of this laptop, the AMD Ryzen 5 Hexa Core Processor (5th Gen), ensures seamless multitasking and high-speed processing. Experience a new level of efficiency in your daily tasks.


With 8 GB of RAM, this laptop is geared for smooth performance. Run multiple applications simultaneously without any lag, and enjoy a seamless computing experience.

3. 512 GB SSD Storage

Storage is never an issue with the generous 512 GB SSD. Say goodbye to slow load times and hello to faster data access, ensuring you can focus on what matters most.

4. 14-Inch Full HD IPS Display

The laptop boasts a 14-inch Full HD IPS LED Backlit Anti-glare Display, delivering stunning visuals with vivid colors and sharp details. Whether you're working or indulging in entertainment, the display won't disappoint.

5. Windows 10 Operating System

Stay up-to-date with the latest features and security updates with the pre-installed 64-bit Windows 10 Operating System. The intuitive interface enhances user experience, making every task a breeze.

Design and Build

The ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS impresses not only with its performance but also with its design. The laptop is incredibly compact and lightweight, making it perfect for those always on the go. The Lilac Mist color adds a touch of elegance, and the dimensions of 319 x 208 x 13.9 mm make it a sleek and portable companion.

Multimedia and Connectivity

Immerse yourself in the ASUS Zenbook's multimedia features. With built-in speakers, Smart Amp Technology, and a high-definition webcam, this laptop is ready for video calls, entertainment, and more. The inclusion of HDMI, USB-C®, and USB Type-A ports, along with a microSD card reader, adds to its versatility.

Performance and Battery Life

Under the hood, the laptop is powered by a 2.1 GHz AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 5500U processor and AMD Radeon R5 graphics, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience. The 4-cell Li-Ion battery, coupled with a 65 W AC Adapter, provides reliable power for your day-to-day tasks.


Q1: What is the warranty period for the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS?

A1: The laptop comes with a 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.

Q2: Does the laptop have a backlit keyboard?

A2: Yes, the ASUS Zenbook 14 features a backlit Chiclet Keyboard for convenience in low-light conditions.

Q3: Can I expand the RAM on this laptop?

A3: Unfortunately, the laptop comes with 8 GB of non-expandable LPDDR4X RAM.

Q4: Are there any pre-installed software packages?

A4: Yes, the laptop includes Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 and a 1-year subscription to McAfee Antivirus.

Q5: Is the laptop equipped with a fingerprint scanner?

A5: No, the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS does not have a fingerprint scanner.

At, we aim not only to provide information but to empower your purchasing decisions. Our detailed review of the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS showcases its superior features and performance. We invite you to compare prices on and experience the best deals on this remarkable laptop.


In conclusion, the ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS is a stellar choice for those seeking a blend of performance, portability, and style. With top-notch features and a sleek design, it's a testament to ASUS's commitment to delivering quality technology. Explore the world of computing with confidence, courtesy of

The incredibly compact, thin and light ZenBook 14 features AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Mobile Processors for powerful all-round performance, and includes HDMI, USB-C®, and USB Type-A ports, and a microSD card reader for unrivaled versatility. With its beautifully crafted classic design and travel-friendly features, ZenBook 14 will make your on-the-go lifestyle more effortless than ever.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 Hexa Core Processor (5th Gen)
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 35.56 cm (14 inch) Display
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 - Life Time, Mcafee Antivirus - 1 Year
  • 14 inch Screen
  • AMD Hexa-Core Ryzen 5 Processor
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 512 GB SSD

Find the best deal on ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop (14 Inch | AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 | 8 GB | Windows 10 | 512 GB SSD) at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop (14 Inch | AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 | 8 GB | Windows 10 | 512 GB SSD) Price in India is ₹77,990 at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop (14 Inch | AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 | 8 GB | Windows 10 | 512 GB SSD) we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop (14 Inch | AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 | 8 GB | Windows 10 | 512 GB SSD) on Flipkart to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

ASUS Asus Zenbook 14 UM425UA-AM502TS Laptop (14 Inch | AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 | 8 GB | Windows 10 | 512 GB SSD) Specifications

Battery Cell 4 Cell
Battery Type Li-Ion
Power Supply 65 W AC Adapter W
Display Details
Display Features Full HD IPS LED Backlit Anti-glare Display
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Display Size 14 Inches (35.56 cm)
Display Touchscreen No
Display Type LED
Pixel Density 157 ppi
General Information
Brand Asus
Colors Lilac Mist
Dimensions(WxHxD) 319 x 208 x 13.9  mm
Model UM425UA-AM502TS
Operating System Windows 10 Home Basic
Operating System Type 64-bit
Weight 1.22 Kg
Capacity 8 GB
Memory Layout 1x8 Gigabyte
Memory Slots 1
In-built Microphone Yes
Microphone Type Built-in Array Microphone
Secondary cam(Rear-facing) No
Sound Technologies Smart Amp Technology, Harman/Kardon Speaker, With Cortana and Alexa Voice Recognition Support
Speakers Built-in Speakers
Video Recording 720p HD
Web-cam Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 6.0
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n/ax
Sales Package Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide
Warranty 1 Year
Clock-speed 2.1 Ghz
Graphic Processor AMD Radeon R5
Processor AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 5500U
Backlit Keyboard Yes
Fingerprint scanner No
Keyboard Chiclet Keyboard
Optical Drive No
Pointing device Touchpad with Multi-Touch Gestures Enabled
Headphone Jack Yes
Microphone Jack Yes
SD Card Reader Yes
SSD Capacity 512 GB

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which is better vivobook or zenbook
What about the fan? Is it loud? I had the previous model and returned it because the fan was super loud. and not in heavy use, it started from the first boot
Can u change the keyboard color?
Interesting. The same model comes with two screen options in Australia. 300 or 400nit anti glare panel. I'm assuming this in an anti glare panel but if so it wasn't mentioned in the review? At 250nit, how are people finding using this outdoors? I live in a tropical area and the sun is very bright. I wanted to know if this is OK to use outside? Thanks
Including a webcam and microphone test would nice in future tests. Still a good review! Thanks
Sprry I cant agree on the accuracy of the display color it has 97% S-RGB that is more than accurate.
Is this laptop good for GIS software?
The fan is annoying and the Enter key is ridiculous small, especially while there is an funny oversized Shift key.
I am studying computer science as there is no dedicated graphics card will it cause any problem for me.
Thanks for the review! Would you say this computer is good for programming?
Has Asus vivobook flip 14 good display? Color Gamut and viewing?
I wonder why his one doesn't have thunderbolt while the intel counterpart does
Is the ram upgradable in this series? Is there any ram slot? Because in Turkey we have only 8 GB onboard model but there is no information about if there is any free ram slot or not.
But integrated graphics :(
solid laptop for my work needs.
sounds like mallu
I have seen in flipkart 5700u, 16gb oled at 1.09 lakhs. But it is 13.3 inch touch. Do we get 5700u 16 gb 14 inch 1.17 kg variant without oled if so what would be the cost? I am disappointed that asus India is not mentioning price and because of that sellers are selling at whatever price they want.
Does this have dual channel memory?
pls share the buying link for this laptop
This is the one review which exists of this model of Zenbook, Thank you!
I have the same issues on an asus vivobook. Don`t know why.
The only question is i3 or I 5
very dumb asus with no audio very dumb head
My Asus is coming tomorrow can’t wait
Wow awesome review. Simple, concrete, laconic and very informative. Thanks a lot. I'm planning to buy this zenbook one
prefers the earphone jack over the micro sd card slot? . unbelievable i havent used wired earphones in over a decade. incredible that there is a micro sd slot never mind the need to have a micro sd card adapter handy to fit in some sd card slot either way. earphone jack is so ancient
I left the video at the absence of a headphone jack.I actually thought I had found my perfect laptop
I've just ordered the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H version and it has an headphone jack. I'm so hype about it.
This was a very good laptop until I heard no headphone jack
the sleep issues is on amd and exist on both linux and windows. they exist on all amd 4000 series laptops and some others too.
I finally found a review that had my laptop in it
Im just here to adore your voice.
man had a spooky moment at 10:18 man i thought my laptop frozen or dying. i was listening to the review will working on something.
at 10:00 I also have the same problem with my asus laptop. Here you have to press ctrl+alt+delete to get login window. I think its a asus thing. It gave me a hard time before I found the solution. Hope it helps people with ASUS laptop.
Thanks for the video! I m in the market for a book for around 1000$ (in my country) and as options i have Dell latitude 5320 i7 16+512 13.3 FHD and this Asus R7 5700U 16+512 14FHD. I had an XPS before and i guess the Latitude is similar in terms of build quality/software reliability, never had an Asus and i m a bit afraid on the software side. Any advice, i kinda need to purchase one of the two in a couple of days haah (i don't care about the 3.5mm)
What about same like this but with Ryzen 7 5800H cpu?
A bit of a late comment on this video, but I myself stumbled on this video and decided to give this laptop a shot thanks to its much lower price particularly on Best Buy just yesterday. Honestly? Really, really good laptop especially with the recent changes. I was originally wanting to go for a Surface Go because I didn't want a machine that was too big, but also wanted something that was around my budget which I originally thought I had to settle for an 1800x1200 screen, but I still really wanted something that was at the very least 1080p. Sure, I could've gone for something like a Thinkpad L13 which was on sale and on a pretty good price, but more than anything I wanted something REALLY thin and light with a lot of screen room and admittedly something that somewhat looked like it cx I ended up getting the current generation of this very laptop; this video is a year old, so the newest Ryzen 5 5000 revision seems to have fixed some of the issues, namely the lack of a headphone jack! It's a fast, snappy laptop that was PRESUMABLY readily available at a low price! ($600 for me) I'm probably still gonna get a Surface Go for my own girlfriend as I think she doesn't really mind the whole screen resolution bit as much as I do, nor the whole upgrade-ability part of it, but I REALLY don't regret this purchase for myself. The only caveat I would have to say this machine has is I have noticed it gets particularly hot whenever I run a lot of stuff at the same time; I've had hotter, presumably I think this is how the machine is supposed to work, originally having had an Aero 15x. However, the main reason I switched from that was because I wanted something that was silent, or in my case right now the closest thing to silence. And along with its upgrade-ability, its tiny form factor and its near total silence (unless it's under heavy load in which case you might just hear a tiny high-pitched whir), then if you're looking for something thin and light without wanting to TOTALLY break the bank then I'd really suggest giving it a go!
Hi ! Which one recommend for me asus zenbook 14 ryzen 5 5500u 8gb 256gb or zenbook 13 ux325 i7 11gen 8gb 512GB (300$ more) for normal using and light editing photos and videos and creater programs
I'm sad it doesn't have a dedicated numpad on the keyboard but other than that this is a great budget laptop for school.
I have the same model but with a headphone jack! Thank god.
Is the faulty camera a coomon f up with this model? Or it's a by chance factory fault?
Professor snape neengala
Fantastic video! Thank you so much
The lilac one is like. €150 cheaper than the silver. That's crazy. It's €430 while silver is nearly €600.
Can this. Run fortnite at 60fps
The coil whine was getting too much power from that 100wat charger maybe you should use its original charger
Hi ! Which one recommend for me asus zenbook 14 ryzen 5 5500u 8gb 256gb or zenbook 13 ux325 i7 11gen 8gb 512GB (300$ more) for normal using and light editing photos and videos and creater programs
You look like the AC Syndicate guy
Overall, I enjoyed your review! I liked that you didn't just talk about the good things, but we're also critical and spoke about the flaws and annoyances. I liked your setting (prop), you had your own style, and your voice was pleasant to listen to. If you improved reviews a bit (only saw this one from you so far, let me know if it was different than normal), I would subscribe and consider you near the same level as linus and the like. My suggestions are: cut the time down (was a long review, I could see all the useful info you had in a 12 minute video easy), I feel the unboxing could be it's own video (a review is normally watched by people that want more objective opinions, rather than "look at the fancy box, at least everyone says that to me, I do however care about the accessories it comes with and that it was packaged sufficiently to protect it in transit but that can be a comment and video snip a few seconds long to convey), review AFTER spending time with the laptop, cut down the time on topics with more of a summery (for example the info on the clicky touchpad was dragged out, you almost left the topic before coming back to it and giving an audible example of the issue). Again want to say I did enjoy the review, and thank you. I hope my comment can help you grow. Would love to see more reviews in the future!
Please do Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 (vs) This Adus ZenBook 14!
Hey, can someone tell me is this good for programming, graphic designing and light weight after effects projects ?
Los que quieren explicación al detalle de está laptop 2021 español aquí les dejo el Link. guessed your accent just by your hat and scarf before you even started speaking! hahaha
I have the same model but with the 4700u processor (8 cores/threads with boost to 4.2GHz). I have had a good experience with this laptopwith normal browsing and video playback my temps are consistently below 70 degrees C and usually below 50 degrees. Response is snappy and the M.2 drive is very fast. No probs. Sorry your experience was not as good. Update After a week of regular use I am getting mid 30s, mid 40s max.
Ram upgrade is possible?
ASUS Zenbook UX325JA-PURE3 I Bought it in Webhallen i have no problem with mine and the camera works fine great video wish you luck take care and be safe my friend.
There should be a sleeve for it in the box. does it come with a sleeve?
Ur giving the laptop too much juice.100 watt charger against the original 45 watt system not designed like that I assume.
been using the laptop since August complaints! bought in India
Thanks for the review! Just returned it back. All the points was perfect, but the cooling system. It works always ((( I don't understand, even with doing nothing. Thinking about yoga slim 7 on ryzen 5 4500u. Do you think yoga is much better? How about the cooling system on it? Thanks in advance.
cant buy all this but love to see
tqs for the information about headphone settings
I'm in my exploration process I civil engineering student i don't want to buy a gaming laptop I want slim laptop likhe this. Should i buy it
you are the only Indian guy who put up an English title and actually speak English in the video
bro look at the camera
Face unlock test please
I’ll be getting this laptop today I’m so excited
I bought it one year ago and one simple suggestion 'Don't buy it'
Is it good for gaming?
Would I get windows 11 if I buy this if so it ticks all the boxes
Is this laptop good for editing?
Does it is touch screen laptop
Hey i have 35k budget, i need to buy laptop need your comment in terms of configuration
now that lenovo is chinese, we have only hp, dell & asus left in windows. Dell keyboard layout is fuckall, HP keyboard is white and so Asus wins it lol
Sir, do the touchpad works to make you screen awake when the screen time is off or asleep?
The 16:10 display on the XPS 13 made me lean towards the XPS 13 instead.
After seeing this video, i felt in love with asus zenbook 14. Finally bought one.thanks @beebom
Gonna buy
Can you please review lenovo yoga slim 7 amd ryzen 7 , 4800u
Is there any hinge problem in this laptop like the lid falling off at greater than 90 degree angle?

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