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Astronavigation: A Method for Determining Exact Position by the Stars Book Reviews from YouTube

How To Navigate Using the Stars
Celestial Navigation: Celestial Position Fix
Celestial Navigation: How to find the azimuth of a star
How to Navigate using the Stars
How did ancient people figure this stuff out without any prior references or computers or anything?
Questions : Why the stars position is always in the same exact location and doesn't change it position format ? Meanwhile Scientist claims earth is rotating and travelling surrounding the sun 🌞 ?. Does the stars was actually " THE GIGANTIC WALL " that still in the same position location coordinate as a guide for sailors to travel in the open sea ⛵??? Logically if earth travel in spaces, stars position and location will changes it cordinate unless if earth only rotates and surrounding the sun and the stars is actually a GIGANTIC WALL surrounding the entire spaces of earth and sun, other planets and galaxies.
His constallation Ursa minor is wrong way around if you look it from northern hemisphere it should be upside down
Very cool. Thank you
Fascinating info. Sorry Flat Earthers, this only works on a spherical planet. 😉
That last trick was really cool
At 7:09 he says, "If it rose diagonally to the left, you're facing northwest." Didn't he mean to say you'd be facing northeast? He previously says if it appears to rise, then you're facing east.
Thanks and it is great to watch the video and learn from it. Good learning for the my class too.
Northwest, or Northeast?
not sure if it was covered in another comment, but in the norther hemisphere the angle from horizon to Polaris IS your latitude. I.E. Polaris is directly above the North Pole (close enough) at 90°. The North Pole's latitude is...? yup, 90°. On the equator, Polaris is on the horizon, 0°. This all assumes an unobstructed horizon, best observed at sea of course. Therefore, if Polaris is 38° above the horizon, you're latitude is 38°N (this ONLY works in the northern hemisphere, of course). And ALL you need is an inclinometer or a protractor and a weighted line.
;) yf....
Boom!! Flat earth is real!!! We are not revolving!
Why does the last trick even work? its so hard to visualize! just because to us everything rotates and orbits the same direction you can just assign everywhere?
Okay, like he says, if you align the two sticks toward a star, and the star moves: up, facing east; down, facing west; left, facing north; and right, facing south. But then he says if it moves up and left, you're facing northwest. I can't make sense of that. Aren't you actually facing northeast?
Billions of millions … nonsense … there’s no proof
At 7:12, did u mean North East but said North West by mistake?
Well done! If you're already marked your DR on the paper chart, then you can just use the compass rose, and your dividers, to measure 110' and 5.1NM from the DR. In that case you don't need the last calculation. Have you served the in merchant marine?
Very nice
The video: "Entertainment purposes only" Me: continues to use this to prepare for celestial navigation exam
This video made me appreciate GPS even more.
Very informative but my Brian give up
There are sextants of the digital type. It is easier and faster to calculate the ship's position than the conventional analog type. and also it is free from GPS and when lost signal on sailing, this is an essential device for safety by checking the vessel's position.
Maybe a good thing to do is to put the link to the playlist into the video description?
Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I know the sunrise and sunset times are in local time not GMT. If it were GMT the sunrise of a location at 180E would be 15hours before, 1800 local time. Other then that on a northern course for 24hours would give you a flat of 4.8 degrees. Had it been on a course of 090 or 270 then the times wouldn’t have changed.
As far i see video about this .. this is the best .. no debat
Very useful videos.. im attending first class now, its refreshing
Don't let any salt water splash on your calculator while you mess with all those numbers!
the most complicated explanation ever of a simple process
Eeee macarena
is there a graphical mathod for this ?
How does one calculate the azimuth with a longitude east? I'm trying to figure this out, but I'm lost in the B and C step of the method. Any suggestions?
Uhhmm can someone explain whre did the longitude come from, i thought gha and longitude are the same?
You use the increment page for simple math calculations and then you use a calculator for complex calculations which 95% of the viewers have no idea how to formulate but which are shown specifically and easily in that atlas. Poor instruction.
I thought Zulu time and UTC were the same.
Seems like the Selected Stars volume of the Air Almanac would be infinitely easier. You would also be given your Hc and would be well on the way to having an intercept.
isn´t The time zone -2, or why do you set -3?
I was wandering, why you changed the values from calculating the azimuth of a star. Then I tried it myself and figured that it would give you a negative value of altitude :) BTW big fan of yours. You are doing great job. Keep it up!
This gave me a headache.
I assume this is good as an academic exercise, but why can’t you just go outside and note the azimuth of the star. It’ll change by 15 degrees an hour and be 1 degree further west each night. So you can get a very good approximation of its location throughout the night and day by day. I’m just an armchair navigator/sailor, so perhaps I’m missing the relevance of this exercise.
I'm going to keep coming back to this video until I understand it!
@8:14 you have tan (lat) = tan (043 35.9') shouldn't that be tan (27 10.2')? You plugged in the incorrect figure there. I do like the layout. I am trying to get the bearing of a star from my location .
Short and precise, also thorough explanations. Very fine work, subscribed. I hope you're still making videos
But how do they discover so much in those years when there was no technology ??
Incredible explainations and animations
Wtf. This should be called how your GPS works.
There's hardly any explanation on what the title says, instead there're so many other nonsense explanation "nonsense, as per title".
Woww this is sad
Nonsense to me
well thats was crap
2:26 :D, great vid
I freaking love your videos. Just have to watch each multiple times for the content to sink in and my brain to process lol
nothing explaining how to navigate using stars.
like #400
Remarkable animation. I think you could use your skills to finally make celestial navigation readily understandable I wish you would consider that. Thanks very much.
The title of this video lead me to believe that i may have learned how to navigate by the stars . I have learned nothing but the continuous promotion of the same, unproved claims of the heliocentric model . We do not live on a spinning ball. There is no space, no satellites,no gravity, no moon missions , no space telescopes ,no missions to mars , and no moons if Saturn . These are all deceptions . We are not rotating at hundreds of miles an hour
No examples of any object by mass alone can attract other objects. There fore, gravity remains a theory and has yet to be proven. Every claim to the proof of gravity is easily proven with tests of density and buoyancy.
GPS is ground based technology
Satellites do not exist
We do not live on a spinning ball . The north star is visible from as far south as 23 degrees south latitude
Thank you! Very interesting and informative.
thanks for this dear!

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