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Assessment of Environmental Impact by Grocery Shopping Bags: An Eco-Functional Approach (EcoProduction) Book Reviews from YouTube

Environmental Impact Assessment
The Greenest Grocery Bag
Environmental Impact Assessment | Environment | Shankar IAS | Ch 8(1) | UPSC Exam
Which bag should you use? - Luka Seamus Wright and Imogen Ellen Napper
Thanks everyone for your feedback & Comments!For entire series of lectures on ecology & environment for UPSC/ State PCS /UGCNET please contact-6263946043
Do we need any certification or we can perform this on our own to get a project approved?
Thanks for this lesson!!
Thank you for making me able to connect with you
Thank you so much sir by explaining this difficult topic in such a easy way...
We want teachers like u who talk concisely on a topic without any rubish
Bhai yr english ma smjna hota toh hum direct google pa b pd skta ha.Hindi ma smjaya kro yaar.
Very informative discussion. It clarified my understanding more about EIA.
Thank you so much for the video. It was very helpful. Appreciate the effort.
Thank alot sir U help me alot
Really helpfull, thankyou so much .
Dandvat pranam bro
What are the environmental assessment practitioners code of ethics that should be observed in EIA process ?
Well explained thank u sir
Nicely explained .
Amazing Lecture brother
um...why was Hemp not mentioned?
Yes, I can and do reuse my bags in the numbers mentioned in this video.
I've been carrying my cotton tote bag practically everywhere for the past 5 years. It's hard to define "use" definitively, because I'm always just carrying random small bits in it that would be a hassle to keep in my backpack or pockets.
I have a cotton bag from the San Diego zoo that I've been using for groceries since 1996.
I use reusable cotton bags made from old linens and clothing. Im guessing the study was done calculating new cotton canvas. What are the numbers for upcycling old fabrics. And fabrics made from bamboo or hemp.
Ask turkish moms, and they tell you how they collect plastic bags and use them over and over...:D
if one cotton bag has such a bad impact on the environment, I get dizzy thinking of fast fashion
Well this is grim.Time to shop with homemade wicker baskets!
Hemp bags are the best alternative. They are strong, waterproof, durable, biodegradable, use less water and space than cotton, grows quickly and can grow a lot in small spaces, and it absorbs CO2.
It's hard to believe that anybody actually believes these impact studies. Especially 5:56. I'm gonna call your numbers propaganda. A reusable plastic bag has 54x the environmental impact of a single use disposable bag? No, and also lol. That doesn't even come close to passing any kind of common sense sniff test.
In my household we use a fabric bag that was passed to me by my mother, who in turn got it from her father. It was made by my great-grandmother but she never actually used it, just gifted it to her son, so I don't count her as a user. Still, that's 3 generations of people using the same fabric bag. If that's not eco-friendly I don't know what is.
Single-use plastic bags easily replace trash bags, especially if double or tripled bagged, replacing single-use special purpose trash bags (making the "single-use" grocery bag multi-use). Also, unlike cloth bags they don't need to be washed, don't cross-contaminate if your plastic wrapped raw meat package or your produce leaks.
I had to rewind the video to make sure I hadnt missed it, but what I was hoping to hear about wasnt in the video: the impact of the production of oil/petroleum within the life cycle analysis of single use plastic bags. Its an egregious oversight to include the production and agriculture for cotton bags or biodegradable plastic bags, and yet not everything it takes to obtain the material used to make single use plastic products. Regardless if the mistake is on the part of the researchers of the life cycle analyses, or the content creators of this video, this is a crucial piece in the puzzle that cannot and should not be forgotten.
It is hard to find sensible info these days. Dont be a victim of green wash of brands and goverments.
Great information
In a free market economy price or cost comparison is generally a great indicator of pollution. Pollution is waste and capitalists hate waste. If they can take waste and find a way to make a profit from it they will. Plastics come from the waste products of oil refining which began as a way to make kerosene to replace camphine and whale oil that had previously used for illumination.
I reuse my single use bags, but the grocery store clerks get angry when I ask to reuse my own bags and I offer to bag my own groceries, (like they'll grab a bunch of new single use plastic bags and double bag my groceries with fewer items per bag than if I hadn't asked to reuse my own single use plastic bags.) why the anger? It's my bag. It's my groceries.
Exploration without conclusion is inept and useless. Do better.
You can make a "paper" bag from hemp or bamboo
Walmart used to accept used plastic bags at their supermarket.Supermarkets sometimes give away used boxes which might take the place of plastic bags.Do Farmers Markets have this problem?Thank you
sir mujhe apke pass online coaching leni hai mera exam hai but mujhe koi teacher nhi mil rha ...mujhe rply dena sir plzzz
Speach lessthank u sir
Sir haven't explain chapter-7?
Environment ki best series .. thanku so much sir
Thank you
Jai Hind guruji
Very helpful thanks sir
Thank you sir
U left one topic that is Indian policies requiring eia
Thank u so much
Thanku sir
Awesome ..,tq sir..
sir what about chapter 7
Thank you sir
Thank u so much sir
You simplified my life so much.Will always be grateful to you sir. It's not only about excellent videos but your love and care for us, how you reply to each and every comment. Keep this good work going for a good cause.
Great thanks sir ...... U explain very wisely the diagram which I don't understand as for long time........ Thank u sir.....
Thank u so much sir
Then lets just not throw our plastic bags
Amazing I will use less plastic bags for groceries.
Everyone buys their own cart and uses it for eternity. No bags no more.
If im not wrong the flame in refinery/OilPlatform are used as safty/burn other gases down to safe matirial
My Grandma has a bag full of plastic bags. I remember as a kid she would make me fold the plastic bags. The worst part about the Plastic Bags is when they tell you to get a specific size of it.
The best answer is starve.
We could take our bag from home to buy anything and not take a new one from shop everytime
Durable and reusable hybrid bags are the obvious winner. Get a few and just use them at least for 20 years. If it breakssew it up. Right?
Thank you! You helped me learn something new!
Love the info in this video. So glad my reusable plastic tote bags are regarded as one of the best shopping bag alternatives.
Im gonna talk about the content of this video after listening it twice :))). There are 3 types of bags: plastic bag, paper bag n cotton. Plastic bag has low amount of carbon dioxide while the carbon emission from cotton is the highest. Plastic bag is made of plastic? ( i dont remember clearly :))) and some others chemicals whereas paper bag is made of trees. Plastic bag is the cheapest one, however, t is harmful for the environment and spend years to degradate ( cotton spend months and plastic bag within 90 days). Otherwise, the durabilty of neither paper bag or plastic bag is good. So the video advise users to use thic plastic :)))
Buy less.
Paper get soggy plastic goes to the sea harming animals cloth is used and perfect cloth wins
We are all being culled , all media brainwashes you , covid is a genocide event , The 1% of the 1% Fund Population control and eugenics And wars
When a paper bags is use, if a person take public transportation, the items would get wet in bad weather when traveling. So plastic is better.
OMG! Now I know which bag to use: Bags from home. NO NEED TO GET NEW BAGS! I have learnt so much from this video! Thank you!
No bag, I wheel the trolly to my car.
Hey, what about jute bags, I've heard they're very durable and the material is carbon negative!
Very good video. I would like to see some scientific papers about this.

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