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Buy arythe Straight Bike Bicycle Seatpost Suspension Seat Post Red27.2x350 online at Amazon. Made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, sturdy and durable. Frosted surface, exquisite workmanship, nice touch feeling. Help to raise height of saddle t...
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arythe Straight Bike Bicycle Seatpost Suspension Seat Post Red27.2x350 Features

  • Made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, sturdy and durable.
  • Frosted surface, exquisite workmanship, nice touch feeling.
  • Help to raise height of saddle to ensure rider a comfortable riding experience.
  • Red, blue, silver 3 colors, each color has 4 size diameter for your choosing.
  • Tube thickness 3mm, length 350mm.

The lowest arythe Straight Bike Bicycle Seatpost Suspension Seat Post Red27.2x350 Price in India is ₹1,758 at Amazon.
Buy arythe Straight Bike Bicycle Seatpost Suspension Seat Post Red27.2x350 online at Amazon.
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arythe Straight Bike Bicycle Seatpost Suspension Seat Post Red27.2x350 Reviews from YouTube

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Suspension Seat Post Review | Is the Zoom Good for Big Guys
Noobs just keeps on worrying about the weight that makes no sense for everyday commute. Weight issues only makes sense if you are a race cyclist
Mejo kaboses mo si sir Zac of Makina . Wla lang.
Where did you get the adapter?
Where it to buy in India?
Galing, iwas sakit narin to sa wetpu.Thanks lods.
Hello pano ko po malaman kung anong size ang seatpost ko? Just subbed.
Just ordered
Panu kung mabigat ung sasakay gaya ko 110kg ako
Redshift makes the best suspension seatpost and stem...but they cost more then that bike...
Is that shim 33.9? Or 30.9?
So do you use the seat post suspension on your bike, because the size is only 330 mm?
well you dont see that every day
How much height does the seat post add? Compared to a straight post at the lowest?
Mine is very similar but minus the rubber gator. its a very basic design but also very cheap ( cost wise) the build quality is fine , for me @ 88kilos i put 1 turn of preload and its fine. Dont expect full suspension or hard tail ride, be realistic in your expectations but they are fine and make a HUGE difference when trail riding, or graveling on a rigid MTB.
This video is not about worth... no review worth or not
It's just an unboxing video. Title seems like you test it and report on it good or bad. Misleading title.
These seat post are rubbish they don't slide smoothly and dont provide any dampening
I would like to know whats the purpose of the dial that youre twisting? Is it for the lock out of the suspension?
Why is the channel called CitizenCycle when he rides a glorified E-Scooter.
Actually good cheap suspension sit Post the price here in the Philippines is only 600 pesos or 12 usd
Did you try adjusting it?
I ordered alpha vector cycleIn outdoor website the seat post is not fitting properly that's y I'm looking to change the seat post , this seat post is suitable for alpha vector 91 wonderer 700c bike in outdoor , please help I'm from india ,
I see the bikes you showed and in India, we don't see any attractive designed ones like these.. if available, will be expensive !
Any updates on the seat post? 10 months ago, dang Brian you be blowin' up.Ride ON!
Just got one of these .. its going to take some getting used to , Because Im not all that tall and sit low on my bike . Now I feel like Im sitting super high
Another chinese crap from amazon
I got it for $15
I use the Redshift and love it. Def up there in price but so is the quality.
I got one from Amazon too. It does okay, But I think I'll invest in a more expensive one.
I bought a cheap seat post I cant notice the difference between the none Suspension post
Do the sleeves come with the seat post for different sizes?
These suspension seatposts do absorb some road noise and jolts from rough pavement but they are not really great for longer rides. Because they only move up and down in a vertical plane, they alter the distance between the saddle and the cranks as they move (as if you are constantly raising and lowering your seat). This is not good for an efficient pedal stroke and can cause knee pain and injury. A much better design is the parallelogram, which has 4 pivots that allow the seat to move in an arc (down and back). The distance from the seat to the pedals remains constant so there is no strain on the knees. If you tried the two styles side by side you would immediately notice the difference. While there are none as cheap as $30, you can get a very good one for about $70. Its a one time investment and priceless when you consider how much healthier it is for your knees and how much more efficient your pedal stroke is.
Sometimes these seatposts wear out fast, where they dont keep the seat straight, they get play in them which can be annoying for pedaling
Dude looks like a white Kountry Wayne lol
The spring post I bought was slightly loose. I made an adapter from a Coke can. Works very well.
Thanks for the review. I'm going to give it shot.
Nice bikes!
Hello..just wanna ask..hows your seatpost doing in 5months
buy Suntour NCX suspension seatpost
How about loosing 50 pounds?
Great demo
Hey John if you didn't think it was working right why didn't you just tighten it up more you could have bottom it out and then see what it would do and if you needed to back it off a little you could have I guess that's what I'm going to do with mine
I'm 298 it works u nail the seat head comes loose....drill a hole put screw in
Thanks for sharing your experiences
Try the biggest thudbuster seatpost
Kinekt Xl seatpost is rated 320 lbs. It is wonderful. I am 300.
Im a big guy like you. I ride a bike called a Day 6 Samson. I would recommend you check it out. They sell it with an electric system, but I got mine with unrated aftermarket system. Very comfortable.
Enjoyed your video.
I have the same seat post for my old ebike. I weight 295lbs and it definitely helped with saddle sore riding longer trips. The type of seat I use also helped. I used to ride on the cloud 9 like in this video but I since got my sit bones measured and went with a much thinner seat/saddle by Bontrager (trek) for my seating position for $35 and although it is not as thick or cushioned it is much easier on me riding. Squishy doesn't always mean more comfortable when it comes to saddles. Sometimes firmer is better.
This will somehow reduce back injury
Get to the point man
You definitely need a post with a higher capacity for a guy your size.
Love wind chime. Not obtrusive but soothing. Getting ready to put my zoom on so lessens my anxiety.
Installed the zoom post on my bike today and I wouldn't have realized I can adjust the tilt on the seat if I hadn't of watched your video. Thank you. After I rode and saw how nice it worked, I ordered a post for the wife. I'll be in her good favor for a couple days at least, cause knowing me, I'll do something to piss her off. I am but a man!
Great seeing you in front of the camera. Enjoying your videos and watching your channel grow!!
One of our own Chris Crossed has found a charger that will knock 33% off of the charge time for our bikes. He got his new 2.0 today. He has a 1.0 check him out. Amazon sells the charger for 25.99 I just bought one.
The bottom of the sticker isnt the the end of the post. Its the top of the sticker. Youve got a great post!! My sticker on my post is ripped up to the top of the post so its got a lot more travel space than it looks. Ill try to show you in my next video. Awesome review =D
You did really good in front of the camera. I know what you mean though. I try to stay out of videos and I don't like talking in them much because I don't have a good voice.Have you tried adjusting the air pressure in your tires to help absorb some of the bumps?

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