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Buy arythe Shifter Dual/Tri Control Lever 8 11 Speed Road Bicycle Derailleur 3x8 online at Amazon. Aluminium Alloy and PVC material thick and sturdy, black finish looks great Quick releases and easy built in/ install Dual/triple control shifter lev...
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arythe Shifter Dual/Tri Control Lever 8 11 Speed Road Bicycle Derailleur 3x8 Features

  • Aluminium Alloy and PVC material thick and sturdy, black finish looks great
  • Quick releases and easy built in/ install
  • Dual/triple control shifter lever for 8/11speed road folding bikes
  • Comes with shift cables (150-200cm/59-79inch)
  • Provides great snap back on release, perfect bite and great grip for your fingers

The lowest arythe Shifter Dual/Tri Control Lever 8 11 Speed Road Bicycle Derailleur 3x8 Price in India is ₹15,892 at Amazon.
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arythe Shifter Dual/Tri Control Lever 8 11 Speed Road Bicycle Derailleur 3x8 Reviews from YouTube

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Sir, I want to buy 7 speed gear shifter without break shows please give me the purchase link
Wanted st -e51
Quality and price dikhao video mai
1 gear shifter give away kara do 5 subscribe kar dunga
Aur vah Bhi jaldi se jaldi Ham Kaise kal Mein vah kharab ho raha hai isliye
Bhai humko acche gear wala shift bataiye jaldi se jaldi aur link per dijiye Ham kahan se perfect pratyaksh Karen uske liye
Hou many price
Kya Ya Single 7 Speed Buy Kar Sakta. Hai
6 speed shifter chiya
gear cycle. electric covertion break liver where can i buy
Subhankar gurung
Bhai gears ka koi faida nhi bhut jalldd kharab ho jatee hai
Are these original shimano or copy.
Bhaiya mujhe night vision handlebar main shifter nehi mil rahi hai kya karu
Broo need fat bike suspension
Please give the link same product please IAM very problem
21 gear shifter ki price kya hai
bhai 3speed shifter and 7speedgear
I bought my very first roadbike yesterday 2nd hand. The previous owner gave me zero info on how to operate the gearsystem. Im used to offroadbike systems. But after this 5min video it saved me Alot of headscratching and cursing. And my male pride is still intact. So thank you very much for this informative video.
Thanks for this. Im a total newbie and this is exactly what I was after.
i wish you had explained how to use the levers like on the road bikes you mentioned at the beginning :( i bought a vintage bike off of craigslist and i'm so lost
With Shimano, in my opinion it's easier to remember the big lever shifts to bigger sprockets. Small levers - smaller sprockets.
Thank you for this video. I rode mtb for 2 years and plan to switch to rb but when I visit a local bike shop, I couldn't see the shifters and I'm too embarrassed to ask it to the staffs.
Ty, gonna bought road bike later;3
As a mountain biker of 20 years who just built their first road bike, this basic video was helpful! Thanks
I already know how to use it but i dont have bike
do all roadbike shipters have batteries?
Thanks..I'm an old bugger who didn't have a clue how these modern gears work ...( My 1970s racer had levers on the down tube) this tutorial has set me up for when I get my new wheels.
What are the common causes of jamming? I have a Shimano Sora shifter and it jams.
Ever thing is so complicated I only ride a fixed gear bike one gear
I live in Florida. Didn't even know the gears changed. Thanks.
The thing about bikes with no gears is that you dont have to worry about being in the right gear, *because your always in the wrong one*
Why make the explanation so complicated?
This makes me nearly want to not go road bikingI am using a dh bike on a road so yeah like that and it has an old revoshift Shimano
It's so strange that I always forget how to shift when I'm not using the bike. So at the start of riding, I'd spend a few minutes to get reacquainted. So thanks for the Shimano shifting information.
I got mine in a right mess and came here for help. Thanks very much...these new bikes seem to be much more complicated.
I'll prob. watch this again but it's a great video to have made having acquired a Vitus 979 road bike with unseen-before "brifters". Thanks for explaining, and for including different manufacturer types.
I just spent 4 hour adjusting and cussing at my front derailleur. I hate front derailleurs.
This seems complicated to do lol
Thanks, just what I needed
Very good video but easy with brand new components. But get a customer with worn out components and no money pain in the ass.
so if you're on oval front rings, does that change it? minez isn't going into the big ring no more
Excellent, I found this very helpful, Thanks
In my front derailleur grabbing to the chain pls help me
This guy could be Frank Zappa's double.
So i followed this video AND read your article on the website. Yeahmy old bike is just not fixable. The front derailleur is angled wrong, but the the screw is rusted (or otherwise stuck) shut. Cant adjust the positioning on the frame at all. Its also a bit low I think.Ive tuned it to optimize front gear 1. On gear 2 setting, it actually goes onto the biggest gear (3). And I think the cable tension is too high, cause it cannot be put onto gear 3 using the shifter twist knob. I had to tighten the cable cause it was much to loose - via both the knob and the actual hex nut and screw. The cable was just dangling, actually hitting the frame on bumps (on gear 1). The L screw worked beautifully. The H screw works but only when its on 2 officially, on largest gear. It goes onto the middle gear when the shifter is between 1 and 2, but frankly theres no satisfying click so I just wont use gears 2-3.Like I said, its my old bike. I had inquired at my LBS but the price of a tune up would be almost the purchase price of this thing. Ironically, setting up my shiny new bike taught me enough and gave me enough confidence to start fixing up the old bike. So now Ive got a nice shiny pretty good weather bike, and an all weather mucky bike - with the squealing front brakes still (despite cleanings and sandpapering and attempts at adjusting). I really want to sell the old bike, but oops, bought a new seat for it. How did that happen? Also picked up a couple bike lights, to match both bikes. And new rim brakes may be in my Amazon cart Hmmm.Well, always good to have a backup? After all, at my skill level, I dont foresee the need for more than gear 1 in front and gears 2 to 4 (of 7) in back. Once I get fitter, Ill adjust it to permanently optimize gear 2 front and use gears 1 and up in back. Well, maybe not gear 7, just to avoid falling chains. For now, riding on pavement, even up and down hills, I think Ill be okay with 1 x 2-3. Hopefully. On the new bike, front is single gear, thankfully. Whew. Easy to use. Plus its new so the tensions and stuff is done for me already.
My old bikes front deraileur seems to have 1 too far in (chain hits it when bike hits bump), gear 2 setting is actually gear 1 centered properly, gear 3 setting is gear 2, and the shifter goes beyond gear 3 setting to an unnumbered area for gear 3 it works I guess. Right now, Im not experienced enough to do more than leave it on gear 1 in the front (setting 2) and use settings 2-4 on the front shifter. But Ill have to fix the front derailleur one day. When I have the energy.
U making airoplane for me
What should I do when I can't loosened up the cable until there's no more movement in the indexing adjustment My bike seems can't be loosen more until there's no more movement... Please help me!!!
I have giant cypress 3x8 acera never rub the chain even cross chain .but I have apollo trace 10 new one with tourney tz 3x7 rear derailleur perfect but front rubbing when cross chain hate it
Many Thanks for this extra ordinary video.
Excellent video.Really helped me out.Thank You.
What are the torque specs for the various bolts that you're checking? It would have helped if they were mentioned in the video.
So, now we know what really happened to Frank Zappa.
this might sound silly, but having looked at all the manuals and various videos there is no clear indication on cable routing through the derailleur for down-pull on the multi type.
Question: Which derailleur should be adjusted first?
great video, thank you! Surprised to see your example bike having a cassette wobble more than my Walmart MTB. I found that problem on many bikes and as engineer I think this is due to a bottom quality cassettes. Is that considered normal in the industry?
Hollow Tech Crank - 10 Speed Cassettes - 10 Speed Shifters - Cassette Removal Tool - Cassette Removal Lock Tool - Crank Opener Tool - Crank Shell Opener - WD - 40 - app kya bengali ho?
Kitini. Rupia
Is gear ki kit ka price kya hai 12 gear wali
love from
Valo achi
love from
Kya hum 3 front and 11 rear kar skte hai?
Put a three drive train at front
Front mein 3 gears lagao please
Meri 91 snow leopard cycle me ye fit hoga kya bro
Bhai aparna ye kaha se magay
Sir my hub is joytech 8 speed cassatte hub! Can i shift 10 speed cassatte by this hub?
Agar apan isko 1,2 gear per chalayenge to front vala *1crank shaft per se chain to nahi uter jaygi naa
Hi i also want to buy but I don't know from where to buy can u help me plz I beg u . I am living in bangalore austin town dorab sed road near veternity hospital can u plzz tell me from where I can buy it plz help me
Ami bhalo achi
hi dada can you suggest where can I get the derailleur in this video?
will it increase the speed

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