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Buy arythe Mountain Road Bicycle Saddles Bike Seats Cushion Replacements Black Red online at Amazon. A hollow in the middle makes the bike seat more breathable. This is important for riders to keep ventilation and perspiration during long distances c...
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arythe Mountain Road Bicycle Saddles Bike Seats Cushion Replacements Black Red Features

  • A hollow in the middle makes the bike seat more breathable. This is important for riders to keep ventilation and perspiration during long distances cycling.
  • Microfiber leather surface, steel seat bow, nylon bottom plate material is wear resistant, durable and anti-scratch.
  • Comfort for both men and women. Our comfortable bike seat made durable, feel comfortable, good elastic and very soft
  • The comfortable bike seat upgrades ride quality for most bikes like mountain bikes, road city bikes, hybrid or stationary exercise bikes, etc.
  • Shockproof and Support well for reducing the pressure to your ischium and pubis.

The lowest arythe Mountain Road Bicycle Saddles Bike Seats Cushion Replacements Black Red Price in India is ₹4,280 at Amazon.
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arythe Mountain Road Bicycle Saddles Bike Seats Cushion Replacements Black Red Reviews from YouTube

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I m overweight what should i use my ass pains too much after my first ride
We have to be very careful while choosing shadle. It is not only blister it can damage testicles, and in long run erectile dysfunction, enlargement of prostrate and lot moe . Many of them have no cure. Wearing special dress is also not a solution. You should choose modified shadle .
Double foam cover with spring seat is comfortable for long distance ride
The video you speak in your language, why not write the title in your language also.😡👎🏽
Thanks a ton bro.. Bought cycle yesterday and can't explain the pain in my butt, even after riding 4km only. I will try the padded shorts now.
Didn't understand a fcking word ...
They look funny
Is padded cycling shorts machine washable ?
@ Cycle Rider Roy which short should I use for 600 km rides? Please do share some information
Can i use saddle cover and cycle sorts both for extra comfort while riding?
Amazing knowledgeable video for all cyclists
I only understand 'comfort'
Couldnt understand a word, where are sutitles?
... which one you suggest for long distance motorcycle riding
Please inform about good quality v brake shoes. Thanks.
Mai seat cover use karta hun. Mera budget friendly h
Thanks for info, I was using Gel seats and really feeling discomfort over 15 kms
Ganda review, bug at k kaayo bai
Just bought one today. Wala ako pakelam sa itsura, kesyo bulky, malaki tignan. Mas gusto ko magbike na comfortable ako para ma enjoy ko mag ride.
R u pinoy
Does it give you groin numbness?
Sir my cover p kya pasok jan?
Just wanted to really thank you for this review. I just purchased this saddle today, and I'm hoping to have the same experience as you. 👍👌
Umiilaw po ba yung red sa likod?
I have this saddle and it is comfy esp on long rides.. nag change lang ako para mabawasan bike weight. 700grams kasi bigat nito
waddup people i hope this video helped you all alot :)
299 nalang kay lazada includes voucher na 50 pesos
"Great Review dude , I just purchased this today , should arrive soon , but looks comfortable !!! Cheer from NY
Naiintindihan ko ng konti. Salamat sa review, boss.
Laptrip yung pagkabunot ng Seatpost nakatabinge na pala haha 🤣😆✌️ Need mo boss palitan ng mas mahabang seatpost yan mga 450mm para makuha mo boss sukat mo, pero sukatin yung radius ng suksukan ng seatpost para allgood Buti hindi nagcrack yung Frame niyo sir kung nagkataon nakopo palit frame agad 😱
nice kayu ni nga content mik ba hahaha
Hindi kinaya nung seatpost idol😅 more power sa channel mo idol ride safe
Sa akin at 60kms doon na nagsisismulang sumakit yung singit ko hmm seguro break in pa lang pwet ko sa bagong saddle need magkakalyo ang singit hahaha pero minor bumps sa road approve na approve ang shock absorption
thats what happens when you dont leave enough of the post inside the frame
Sakin po ndi siya comfortable ang sakit sa hita kasi malaki siya sumasayad sa hita
Kapalit naku ani mura kag galingkod sa sofa magaan rapud siya og nindot siya sa long rides
Masakit sa pwet ko yan
Pano ba to ikabit 😭😭😭😭
May dalawang types sir, isang spring isang ball suspension, ano mas okay sa dalawa sir?
Do you have a follow-up for road test review?
Sir ask ko lang po suitable din po ba yun chubby saddle sa TOSEEK BRANDON, kasi ang tigas po ng upuan ng toseek masakit sa pwet pang long ride na
Good kaya to pangahon or kahit pang longride? Balak ko kasi mag palit ng plastic kaso nakita koto sa online😆
Bagay kaya to sa roadbike hehhe
Bro dto n ko sa bahay mo at napatunog ko n dn ang iyong kampana...Rs
Very nice lodz.... Bike & etc videos
Chubby lito talaga nag dala sa opening eh ahahahah
Really interesting video, I have watched many videos & read reviews as it’s an area I always struggle with. I’m fairly narrow with sit bones, have limited amount of padding overall & as I have had 2 lower spine operations to remove discs I now have very limited movement in my lower spine which means reduced ROM. Most of my riding is done with hands on the top of the bars because of this. I do find the flare at the rear helpful, don’t have an issue with a longer/shorter nose, however always have issues with 2 specific aspects. 1. Pinching on the upper inside of the legs (both sides) where the pelvis presses against the saddle. 2. Sit Bones almost feel like they are wanting to pierce through the skin. I ride mostly Gravel/MTB events so use a mix of bikes. Any suggestions/considerations would be greatly appreciated. The best saddle so far has actually been a completely plastic (No cushion) option which cost approx. £20 lol
I ride horses, motorbikes, mtb and road cycles and row c2, dont have a fat arse, any old saddle will do Race saddle, dressage, cut out, non cut out, no padding , gel.....they all feel the same....but get in a car and drive for more than an hour and the back of my legs give me that out ?
Which one would you recommend for a tailbone pain ?
I found I had to ride a different saddle indoors than outside. As you are sitting in the same position. Ended up with a Selle SMP well M1
I would like to hear more about the flair shape and its design/function theory. I am about to pull the trigger on a Power Pro Elaston or a Power Arc Pro Elaston (sitting on a board vs a log I hear) and my sitbone width is 118 which rates me on a 143 saddle but close to a 155. Trying to decide if I am so close to a 155 saddle if I will be rolling off of the 143 on my Specialized Epic "XC" bike. Any advice or a video discussing this would be helpful. I find that saddle type, height and position are the greatest mysteries of bike fitting ;-P
The theory on cut-out saddles is that "where there is nothing, nothing can cause pressure", but my experience is "where there is nothing, there is something around that nothing that causes pressure", because I would always feel the edge of the hole cutting into my butt. That's why I prefer saddles with a solid, flat shell to evenly distribute all the pressure.
I gave up obsessing over it and just got a Brooks Imperial and called it a day. It's fine.
I am kinda desperate. ISM looks like the safe option but is very pricey...
I still have no idea if I need a cut out lol.
now I see how little I knew about saddles. I use the saddle that came with the bike. After doing some long ride I got nasty boils, sth that never happened with my old bike. On my old bike however I experienced numbness when ridind in low position
If you feel discomfort after several hours of riding it’s potentially because you’ve just done several hours of riding.
I got a short nose Profile Design TT saddle because it looked very confortable but at the time of sitting in it, it is a nightmare in the @ss
I want to know why road bike saddles have to feel like some kind of medieval torture device?
Isn't that a Bridge Mimic you're holding and not a Romin?
I thought short nosed cut out saddles were the way to go, but for me the edges of the cutout causes even more discomfort.
Selle Italia SLR TM Flow L2 I've got bundled with my new canyon is best saddle I've ever had. I don't event need padding in my pants or bibs to ride less than 20km. It's really awesome and I'm angry at myself I didn't bought any cutout saddle earlier.
Yet another good explainer video, thank you Rupert and Michelle. To help with visualisation of the issues and concepts, it is better with a sponsor
I'm not a pro or 'serious' rider. I don't wear lycra. I'm not built like a greyhound. I'm a woman who has to cycle about 70 miles a week, every week, because I can't afford a car these days, and can't afford public transport either. I've got an old (teenaged) steel-framed road bike. It came from Halfords originally ("Ewww!") and has been DIY-converted to carry cargo (25kg of groceries for myself and my immediate neighbours who are elderly and infirm), so it's basically a mule with wheels. It's worth about £30. Yes, that's right, bike snobs: thirty quid, not three hundred or three thousand. Don't laugh. It does the job. I live in the north of England - it's hilly and windy, and cycling for me is a cold, wet, exhausting, miserable chore. Yay for cycling. My saddle cost a fiver. I don't even know the brand. It's wide and firm, much like my posterior (ho ho), so it's adequate. I spend most of my time out of it anyway, standing on the pedals, so I've not encountered any 'down there comfort issues' over the past 16+ years. One thing I DO like about this kind of pillow-talk saddle-talk is that it forces everyone to acknowledge that men and women really are DIFFERENT. Hooray! No more tiptoeing about the subject. What a joy that is to see in these ludicrous, multi-sex, optional gender, "we're all identically different on Tuesdays and Fridays" times. Yes, we're built differently. Ain't biology wonderful. C'mon, now - say it loud and say it proud: I'm a human; hear me roar. I'm a rider who's not sore. But I am skint. I'm sure the Specialized peeps are all jolly splendid chaps, but I'm equally sure that a woman who rides a £30 bike couldn't afford any of their products. Yep, cycling on a budget is a pain in the bum, and no amount of new saddle tech will relieve the agony of parting with cash... ;-)
Dr. Steven Schrader with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): “When you sit on a bike the pressure on the perineum increases sevenfold. Riders using a classic saddle place 1/4 of their body weight on the perineum. The amount of oxygen reaching the *** typically falls 70% to 80% in 3 minutes. A guy can have his oxygen levels drop 100% but he doesn’t know it. After half an hour he goes numb. Saddles with splits or holes may make matters worse because they have smaller surface areas, and hence the rider’s weight presses harder on less saddle. The arteries in the perineum run laterally and therefore they come under more pressure when they come into contact with the cutouts’ edges. It is no longer a question of whether or not traditional bike saddles causes ED, but what are you going to do about it?” @t
i bought power, romin & toupe. for me toupe is the best comfort for longer ride. however romin is best for fast shorter ride. the power just not fit me, found it too small..

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