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Buy arythe Bike Tire Patch Bicycle Glueless Inner Tube Patches Adhesive with Metal File online at Amazon. 6 Piece Bike Tire Repair Patches and File with storage box- Light weight and ultra thin, portable and convenient . Strong self-adhesive patches, no n...
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arythe Bike Tire Patch Bicycle Glueless Inner Tube Patches Adhesive with Metal File Features

  • 6 Piece Bike Tire Repair Patches and File with storage box- Light weight and ultra thin, portable and convenient .
  • Strong self-adhesive patches, no need to use glue.
  • Easy to use, fixes puncture fast.
  • good quality material provides good stretches, flexes and stickness fit for twists and turns with the inner tube
  • Great tool for repairing tire, inner tube, air bed, dinghy, air matt, paddling pool, etc.

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arythe Bike Tire Patch Bicycle Glueless Inner Tube Patches Adhesive with Metal File Reviews from YouTube

How to Patch a Bicycle Inner Tube
How to use a glueless bike patch to STICK to fix a flat tire
Cycling | Roadside Puncture Repair | Glueless Patch Kit
How to patch an inner tube - glueless
idk where I would be cycling wise without these videos. thanks for being there parktool. my dad wasn't around much and here I am in adult hood trying to figure shit out on my own.
why do you let the glue dry before applying the patch?
He looks like Ross from friends
Why do you have use the sand paper?
Bruh is the patch thing supposed to be sticky cuz mine isn't sticky at all so after I put the cement stuff on it I forgot to wait for it to dry and put it on but then I realized the patch wasn't sticky so I just slapped it on there like it was me and my mom at 3AM and now I'm waiting for it to dry but idk if it's working but I'ma inflate it again and see what happens keep me in your prayers y'all 🙏
What should I do if patch didn’t apply properly, add more vulcanizing glue or remove it and start again?
Great advice!
Great video. Thanks for this tutorial
I put the patch with the black side facing down. is that still okay?
Bought new tubes for 5 bucks each at Walmart a lot easier than finding the damn leaks and waiting for it to dry out
Very clear and straightforward; thank you!
Holy Moly, you guys made a great video. Lots of tips and a good reminder for us oldsters who haven't done this since childhood. Much appreciated.
How long do i need to wait before inflating(installing) tire after patching with Pre-glued patch and after patching with Vulcanizing Patch ?
What a great video
3:57 is what you are here for.
This guy is the Hickock45 of the bicycle world.
I had a blow out when I put a new inner tube in my front wheel. I didn't notice the tyre was not seated properly when I put it back on the wheel rim. I continued to inflate the tyre and then......BANG!!!!!!!!!!! Very very very loudly bang because the inner tube had burst.....blown out because it was trapped between tyre and rim and was outside the tyre. I learnt a lesson......always check tyre is seat properly when inflating the tyre.
thankyousomuch for the tutorial☺️💖
What do you do when you have slits in yiur rimstrip? Just get a new one or will electrical tape do?
Get slime tyre sealant it works
I got glueless patches from target and no matter what I do they won't stay stuck. Ive used 6 or 7 and they don't stay.
The Park glueless patches are amazing, I’ve just fixed a puncture on my mtb with one
I always just use the vulcanizing patch kits. The patches last forever. Only downside is the tube of vulcanizing fluid doesn't last forever once you open it, so you end up getting new patch kits just for the liquid. Still way cheaper than new tubes.
You're best, thank you!
thanks a lot for the very clear info. is it more resilient to put a patch on the outer tube as well? or is that not necessary?
"... not only get you home, but last the rest of the month or longer." But a patch kit with vulcanizing solution will make a permanent repair that is completely reliable. I've literally never had a vulcanized patch fail on me; I've used some tubes for years after patching them. What I do is carry a spare tube and a vulcanizing patch kit. If I flat I take the old tube out and prepare the repair but don't put the patch on yet. Then I install the replacement tube and mount the wheel. By the time that's done the solution has dried and I can slap the patch on the damaged tire. Overall this takes less time than using a glueless patch, and just a bit more time than simply swapping the good tube in. But the advantage is that now I've still got a perfectly good spare tube in case I flat again. I keep a glueless patch and an alcohol wipe inside by vulcanized patch kit just in case the glue has dried. Sometimes you go a year or two without a flat.
Fixed my first puncture today, thank you!
Well Tony, I encountered my first flat on the road last weekend. I was on the main Expressway in Sydney (bicyclists are allowed to used the shoulder) and all of a sudden I hear a loud hiss coming from the back of my tire. I stop my bike and sure enough, I got a flat. Ended up walking the bike to the nearest offramp and to get to a sidewalk as the prospect of changing a flat with cars careening towards me at 60 mph was not pleasing, particularly in wet weather. I must admit, it was a bit daunting changing the tube especially on the fancy road bike I have. However, an hour, some scuffed knuckles and a depleted CO2 cartridge later I managed to replace it with a new inner tube, locating the source of the flat (a thick paperclip that somehow managed to get lodged into the tire), and got home safely. One thing I didn't have with me was a patch kit, although I followed your advice and patched the old inner tube and now that's my new spare. As for why I chose CO2 over a hand pump, my thinking is, I've already gone through quite a bit of hassle changing the inner tube do I really want to mess about with hand pumps? I mean the solution is temporary, but for my biking needs, when I get home I'll deflate the tire and reinflate the tire using my track pump in a couple of seconds rather than muck about with a hand pump. As an aside, I think replacing the tube with a different one (e.g. previously patched) is a better option than patching the existing tube on the spot. That way you give the glue/cement enough time to properly cure the patch and time to inflate the patched tube to ensure it'll keep holding air. That being said, I still carry a patch kit with me just in case, it's lightweight and a great insurance policy to have.
Definitely not recommended, but still a simple trick that has gotten me out of trouble more than once: hide a few zip ties and a small tube of superglue inside your drop bars. Put the bar end plug back in and forget about it...until you need it, that is.
thank you
thanks for giving me confidence. I just tried now clueless on aerothan. they are expensive soI hope they last
So they're pre glued???
Thanks, great to see this help!
Have to agree with few comments here they fail more than not unfortunately ESPECIALLY under harsh conditions like trails whatnot & especially under high pressure over 60psi . These patches can get you home but RARELY last long term which is disappointing to say the least given they are bit on the high end when it comes to patches
I buy a EasyDo glueless patch. it fail when it reaches 60 psi above.
Haaa! Took longer than 30 seconds for the alcohol to evaporate.
Brilliant tip, getting myself a pack.
Don’t trust them with 95psi. Glad you’re able to get them to work. Don’t carry alcohol in an open container 😉
Thanks Tony
I tried once and it failed, tried again today and it got me home, doing 100+km ride tomorrow so we will see how it holds up?
Rockbross ba idol yun patch kit mo?
gaano katagal paps bago sya matanggal sa pagkakadikit sa Innertube?
Ride safe
Eto na bro bikers merryxmas happy new year
keep safe idol while cycling
Great job keep it up
nice one
Dang right I helped my pops patch tires and tubes on autos when I was a kid. I sure as heck patched my bike tires NM, goat heads are everywhere under about 7000' so your going to flat a lot.
Patch the snot out of tubes, much harder for you get a puncture through a patch anyway.
Video #6
Dude Seth you have to do a new video on how much you save now a days by patching your tires! Or maybe just a reaction video to these old videos! These are pure gold!!
Always carry a spare tube, because if you get too many punctures, you may run out of patches. Sometimes it also hard to find a hole, and better to fix at home.
The patch should be applied when tube is inflated for best results. Works unless hole is too large to allow tube to inflate.
Now it’s almost 2022 and a tube costs $9 I wish tubes were still only 4 bucks!!
But your previous patch FAILED ? why redo a failed system.
2021 this helped me thanks🙌
Did I miss something? You didn't actually show us how to do the patch.. lol
1:06 The fact you shown us how the glueless patch became wrinkled, makes me NOT want to use glueless. How often do glueless patches fail in comparison with classic glue ones?
Because the pay you , you'll say that works but don't buy , doesn't work!!!
Legacy borns
I always go mtb with a mini pump and a patch kit and a multitool
Yep, I know the feeling... I was buying too many new tubes so i've decided to start patching. My current tube has about 13 patches. As long as the tube doesn't start to balloon or deform i'm happy to keep using
Hi Seth, I am watching every vid oldest to newest. Also liking every video
It's been five years?
Me and my dad just find bikes at the tip and scavenge parts off them including tubes and if the tube has a hole we cut up another shitty inner tube and use that to patch hense saving a fuck ton of money (probably only $60aud) but still that money saved, is it not no if youll excuse me im gonna go spent that money i spent 6 years saving on a meal at a resteraunt
2015 steth swears 2020 he dosent

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