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Buy arythe Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose Kit with Olive Insert Connector Red online at Amazon. Premium inner liner tube with braided yarn and nylon outer layer, very durable to use High pressure loading beaitng provides bursting coefficient of ...
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arythe Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose Kit with Olive Insert Connector Red Features

  • Premium inner liner tube with braided yarn and nylon outer layer, very durable to use
  • High pressure loading beaitng provides bursting coefficient of 10000PSI, resistant to high and low temperature.
  • Direct inserting installation, easy to install and operate, great accessory for hydraulic brake hose.
  • Practical bike oil disc oil-changing accessories, precise size, prevent oil leakage.
  • Compatible with BH90 system, and 2 meter long can be cut according to your needs

The lowest arythe Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose Kit with Olive Insert Connector Red Price in India is ₹2,400 at Amazon.
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arythe Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose Kit with Olive Insert Connector Red Reviews from YouTube

How To Install a Barb & Olive in a Shimano hydraulic hose line.
Tips How to cut hydraulic brakes hose step by step tutorial
How To Change Hydraulic Brake Hose Cable at Home | MTB Disc Brake Maintenance | Cycle Rider Roy
Replacing or Shortening MTB Brake Hoses | No Specialist Tools!
I noticed the bolt that screws into the caliper that holds the housing in place wasn't straight. So I unscrewed it and tried to put it in straight but the threads in the caliper are all cross threaded. I didnt know about olives and needles before taking this out. Then learnt the olives are one use only and need to be crushed into place. Me, not knowing what im doing tried to screw the bolt in straight and failed many times. So screwed it in how it was, then bled the brakes and everything was fine. Until the next day. Oil all over the caliper coming from the housing bolt that fastens into the caliper. I'm wondering is it because o re used the olive? Does it matter the bolt isn't going in perfectly straight as long as its secured/crushed the olive in place? It wasn't leaking before I messed around with it which makes me think i could get away with just replacing the olive and thread ? Any advice would be much appreciated
Thank you, I like to check the best practice before messing with stuff I rarely do like installing olives.
FYI - when using a crowsfoot with a torque wrench, it needs to be in a very specific position (at a 90 degree angle to the body of the wrench), otherwise you'll actually be applying either too much or not enough torque, depending on the position. This video explains it in more detail: can use it positioned straight out from the end of the wrench if space is a constraint - but you then need to do some measurement and math and adjust your torque value accordingly. In this case I realise the difference is (probably) negligible, but I figure when working on something as safety-critical as brakes, it pays to get things as accurate as possible!
Should the crows foot be at a 90 degree angle to the torque wrench handle?
Supposed to grease the olive and threads.
Can I still use the olive even if the hose pushes out?
what's that round thing called on the back of the hose ?
Are you certain the olive is symmetrical? It's hard to tell; I think it's just very slightly asymmetrical. Not sure.
I am installing a new brake lever. The hose already has a barb and olive installed. When I swap out break levers, is the current barb and olive in the hose sufficient, or is it necessary to use a new barb and olive?
Thanks for explaining why my brake hose kept popping out. I just need to tighten harder.
Great video. Thanks
What to do when youre olive gets stuck and you dont have a spare one how do you get it off the hose?
Can you remove the barb with cutting the hose?
I need to fit a new front calliper and swap cables around. The more I watch these videos the more I think Ill leave it to my LBS!
Snap on says your crows foot should be 90 degrees open end of the torque wrench handle. Thx you for the video
Cool, thanks for the video. I have a doubt about my install - firstly i didn't insert the barb all the way (left like 1mm) the blocks just didn't grip the hose and it slipped through. Does this will make a problem? The second thing - on the rear brake i managed to install barb flush, but when i tightened the bolt, some oil just spilled out - did i over tightened it? Its not leaking right now! What do you think?
Keep in mind the length of the crows foot will increase the torque on the compression nut. Fairly significantly.You are better off recalculating or adjusting the crows foot to right around 90 (center to center) in either direction so the effective radius is the same as a using a socket. You can tighten a large bolt with a torque wrench and socket, and then switch to a crows foot to get a feel for the right position. It should "click" after switching and still be right on the verge of turning a little more. what happens if you over tightened the bolt? Can it damage anything internally? Or is the right the better?
Love the way all the useful parts are out of focus great
Kung wala kang pplastic na pangipit puede kang gumawa ng kahoy butasan mo dn hatiin ng dalawa ok ba
Boss pareho lang din po ba sa rear?
Boss may nabili ako na hydraulic walang hose bibili sana ako ng isang set na host kaso nalilito ako kung ano kukunin ko yung bh59 o bh90 radius tatak ng nabili kong hydrau salamat.
Idol mag kasing lake ba lahat ng oliv para sa kahit anung brand ng break?
Lods pwde ba gamitin ulit yung olive na pinagpalitan?
At dahil Ikaw Ang pinaka klarong mag paliwanag naka subscribe na Ako Sayo
Sir anong size po ba ang x-spark na holes nya?
Thanks idol sa dagdag kaalaman god bless you idol. New follower mo idol, keep on vlogging po
Ganito sana ang pag tutorial! Every step po nya may explanation. The best! Thanks Sir.
Grave detalyadu po, salamat idol sa video, now i know na. Grabe paburito ko na part yung mga tips, anu bibilhin second hand o brand new ba.. maraming salamat idol. God bless, subscribed already
Sir ano size ng fitting ng shamano hydraulic mt200.
Good idol
Boss yung BH90 ba yung hose sa shimano non-series brakes?
kadarating lang order ko try ko 2 kc mabaha masyado hose..sir pwd ba gamitin ung luma
Boosing anong size ba ang sa zoom. Salamat
Bozz zaan ka bumili ng gripper mo
Bozz zaan keo nkabili ng gripper nyo
Master san ka po nkabili ng fittings at ksma nya magkno?
hi boss npanuod ko po ung video nyo.tanong ko lng po ano po ung unang ippasok sa hose sa olive ung butas na mlki o ung mliit
Ayus paps, thanks sa vid, from manual to hydro, thanks for the vid, linaw!
Bleed Kit - Fat Bike - LED TV - Great India Sale - helpfull
Thanks bro
Sir where i can buy this type of hydraulic brake with gear shifter?
I want ordnary wire break in condition after removing wire chainging liver are tight. What to do to be free liver brake. Condition
Please review hercules black hunter zx cycle
Shimano oil bark
Plz suggested koro shimano parts kothai pabo
I from india in polpol
I am kishan
Cycle k disc mai agar liner ka blackish laga ho to brake thik se work karte hai kya bhaiya...?
Bhaiya maine just 2-3 din pehele Shimano hydraulic brake mangaye aur property set bhi kiye but wo properly work nahi kr rahe hai.Mere disc pe liner ka blackish kuch to laga hai uske karan to ho nahi raha hoga ye.
Where can we get low price hydraulic disc brakes say me in comments
Brother THANKS alot for this video.It happened with my new bicycle also..My front wheel brake at left hand ..and rear wheel brake at right hand..So I want to change my brakes by your kind help.. THANKS from west bengal
this is the dumbest video description i 've ever watched. "How To Change Hydraulic Brake Hose at Home". does anybody understand this video? there is no changing the brake hose. only swapping.
you just swap the cables, not change it.
Thank you men... Such a great help for me i really thought it is difficult .. men that was so simple
Suppose I use another oil at option of hydraulic oil can it works...?
When I tried this by mistake I press my brake and brake is not work after this what can I do...?
What brakeset are you running and do you have any tips for keeping them all full power?
This geezer is hilarious
Came here to see how you fit the banjo to the hose before I started the job..but you didnt show it.
Thank you. Justthank you.
I dont have the blocks to hold the brake hose in place any thing else good to use
So if my brake line came disconnected from the banjo bolt how do you re attach it
Nice video
Banjo part was best part.
Nice one sir!Just in the process of my first mtb build and have a short hose. This is just what I was after, Im fitting some Xo brakes to an old Speciaized frame. Thanks for taking the time to make it, awesome work
Thank u brother
is there a specific size for the o-ring because I found a lot of different ones and I have no idea which to buy
Its a pipe not a cable
Can Shimano Deore M6100 replace its brakehose? because mine was short and I want to expand the length of my brakeset, and to do that, I need to buy a new brakehose but how can I replace it? do you have any instruction to remove my brakehose from my caliper?
Getting ready to do a swap on a brake line that bubbled up on me, and was confused about the banjo bolt! Thanks for this informative video! You earned a sub from me!
how tight to tighten up?
How to swipe the banjo bolt?
Super helpful. This is the only vid I found that gives comprehensive details on how to replace your brake hose. Tip of installing tubing over top of the hose at high wear locations is spot on. Thanks!
The pause at 4:03 is priceless
7:32 does the orientation of the screw/attacked part of the hose (not sure what it's called) matter? As in, there's a hole in the metal thing on the hose and one in the screw, do they have to line up or does that not matter?
"God loves a trier" - good one, gonna take that one with me :)

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