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Find the best deal on Arrow Men's Lenox Black Drivers-8 UK (2522001805) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Arrow Men's Lenox Black Drivers-8 UK (2522001805) Price in India is ₹2,311 at Amazon.
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Arrow Men's Lenox Black Drivers-8 UK (2522001805) Reviews from YouTube

Cobra Fly- Z+ Driver Review
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Make me the decision easyer. Thank you vor that nice video. Hold on with it.
This driver had come up in my local second hand shop and it looks in great condition but would you recommend for a beginner?
I bought one this year and what a difference this driver has made.
Great advert and adviceI will definitely being buying one.thank you
Hi Rick, have you make a comparison between Fly-Z with the Nike Vapor Fly? i would like to know your opinion on this with some supporting data as usual.
Some great hits by both clubs Rick. I have been hitting a Nike Vapor Fly and love it. When I have been in the store I have tested the new Cobras F6 series and the older Fly Z series. I could not tell a difference in distance between the two series. I had a chance to buy a used Cobra Fly Z in great shape. I went to the range and compared my old Taylormade R9, the Nike Vapor Fly and the Fly Z. First, when I hit the R9 well it was not that much shorter than the other two. The Nike was more consistent - at least at first until I got used to the larger head. Once I did the Fly Z flew the farthest and went the highest. The loft was set at 10.5 like the Nike. I think that it may fly higher because of the.position of the weight so I may try it at a 9.5 degrees setting to see how it performs. I love the feel of the Fly Z though. More than my other two drivers.
Just bought one yesterday £160,love it. It proved that it's my swing that needs tweaking not my clubs. Does everyone think they will get better if they get new clubs?
Hey Rick, Big fan and love all the Vids. I'm fairly new to golf and am playing off around a 20 handicap and am looking to replace my driver. I have a SLDR, however its lofted 14 degrees. Would you suggest the cobra or maybe a nike? Cheers Mate
i feel dumb for not knowing this, can someone explain why the weight distribution would affect ball spin
* *Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver - Black, the Fly-Z+ Driver is their first ever front & back CG adjustable driver to deliver your ultimate distance get it here! .* rick because of your review I brought one and never looked back  it goes long
Would help to get someone who speaks English! :-)
I hit the F6 and F6+. Great clubs, but their price tags were a bit high. I just picked up last year's Fly Z driver for less than half of the price. I just have to get out and hit it now. I have 30 days to test this driver and return it if need be. We'll see how it goes.
Great review,,,,BUT you did not mention that the Fly Z numbers were the same as the Fly Z+ Weight Back. This saya a lot about the Cobra quality. I have a Bio Cell and just picked up the Fly Z+. My plan is to compare the weight back position versus the Bio Cell.
I really hope I get the junior cobra bio cell driver.
Thanks for the review Rick! Just ordered a Z+ and I am really excited!
Rick, you had cats as a child
I got the fly z I'm first going golfing today to use it!
Hey Rick, great reviews! For the first time I'm considering a Cobra club. I can swing over 100 mph and debating between the Plus or just the regular Fly Z. I know you said you'd have the weight forward but do you really see any significant performance stats to warrant the price difference between the 2 clubs? Also, what is a good way to determine if I should move up from the S shaft to X? Hopefully you can reply asap! Thanks!
I currently have the Cobra AMP cell pro driver which is working really great for me, but I might just have to try that Fly Z + driver!
nothing's uglier than an oversized driver even clown shoes
Nike Vapor Pro loud and high pitched? It's widely accepted as one of the most muted and quiet all-titanium construction drives on the market. Quit pleasing.
What! No Nexcor?
I just bought the Nike Vapor Speed last year, and I would love to see a comparison between the two. Nice review as alwayskeep up the great videos!
Hi Joel, What shafts/weights did you have in these? Looks like the new Tensei in the Vapor Fly and S+ blueboard in the Fly Pro. I know Nike do the Tensei in a 50g option, but thought most were in the 60g version which puts it in the same weight calss as the S+ Blueboard that's in the Fly Pro. And yet you said the shaft was heavier in the Vapor Fly Pro? I'm confused.
Nice review but do you not think it would be better to compare it with the driver it is replacing, which would be far more insightful for the consumer
Would like to find out all the different settings can be made on the hossel.
Great review, much appreciated
£429 is a complete joke, no thanks Callaway rip off merchants
The prices are obsene from what here. So they can shove it up there US ASS
Like your reviews but consistently the sound is so muffled & muted I literally strain to understand what your saying.
Would have been nice if the data tables better described which club was in use. With the poor quality sound I found it hard to tell which data was which.
Looks like a nice addition to the Callaway line. The technology makes sense. It hopes to redirect some of the energy lost in the slight distortion of the top and bottom of the club toward the face. It can't be more then a mph or two. Additionally, they are claiming you lose less speed on off center hits. Since the COR is tested with the driver head in a static position it should have very little effect on COR. Is it worth spending the big bucks to get, maybe at maximum, 5 yards? There are a lot of great drivers out there right now. Even some of the older models go a long way.
Is it really a "left miss" when 93% of your shots are grouped together so neatly 15 yds left? Aim 15 yds right of target then?
So then, is the C.O.R higher than the legal limit? No you say, then quite honestly the JAILBREAK technology and aero developments mean nothing. When will golfers learn
Sound is rubbish
Love the look of the sz and would definitely consider trying it. I currently use an m4 d type and love it apart from the twist face. Probably look towards the end of 2020 and see if I can get one for around £250
I got to disagree with you saying sz feels more solid than the f9. The f9 sounds better and gives better ball striking feedback when i tested it. I do agree the sz possible suits the eye better but the f9 is a bargain now and with no performace difference it's a no brainer to me.
The company to beat in 2020 for me. Just put my ping g410 plus driver and wilson staff c300 forged irons on the back burner after a fitting and now have the f9 driver, 3 wood and forged tec irons in the bag for the new season. Like the new sz driver but i opted for a new f9 at £250 as i didn't see any performance gains compared to the new sz.
Rick Shiels was carrying 288 yards with 161mph ball speed whereas you had 280 yards carry with 170mph ball speed . this makes me think his numbers are a touch inflated after seeing this
I will own that club, in about a year or two when the prices drop, also, watching you effortlessly hit the ball 300 yards is really annoying. Lol

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