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ARMAF The Warrior Eau de Toilette - 100 ml (For Men) ; Description. The Warrior by Armaf is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Top notes are Citruses, Pink ...


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Check out Armaf The Warrior Eau De Parfum For Men 100ML reviews, ratings, specifications and more ... Armaf Club De Nuit Intense EDP Spray for Women, 3.6ml.


Armaf The Warrior EDP Features

A woody aromatic fragrance embracing masculinity that is enigmatic, irresistible and impenetrable.

  • Quantity: 100 ml
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Fragrance Classification: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Family: Fresh, Woody
  • Fragrance Segment: Luxury
  • Base Note: Ginger, Olibanum and Sandalwood.
  • Heart Note: Grapefruit, Labdanum and Cedar
  • Top Note: Citruses, Pink Pepper and Vetiver
  • Key specs are not available.

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Armaf The Warrior EDP Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Family Floral
Fragrance Segment Luxury
Ideal For Men
Quantity 100 ml

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Armaf The Warrior EDP Reviews from YouTube

Armaf - The Warrior (I love New york by Bond No 9 clone)
Armaf Extreme Warrior Fragrance Review (2018)
My Most complimented Armaf perfumes(August 2019)
Smelled this for the first time yesterday. I don’t know why but I got a strong cat urine smell.
Not hating or bashing. But how can you review it if you have no ideas of projection or longevity? ‍♂️‍♂️
Turn up yr SOUND!
Hi friend. Hope you don't mind the question. I'm very sceptical about these Armaf fragrances. Tempted to buy a couple to test. What are the top 3 for men in your opinion? Thank you
Beautiful scent, love it
Great video, I can barely hear u tho
At first I didn't like it, but spraying to wear, I love it now. It's a spicy fruity smell. Makes me think of plum-pineapple with lots of spices. And it makes me think of the color purple for some reason. My bottle did not come with that fancy leather pouch, though. Is this more like Spicebomb than it is I Love NY? I'd love to know. It definitely doesn't smell like Bleu De Chanel and it doesn't smell like Armaf's Tag Him.
what is cologne addicts facebook
What's point in doing a review if you can't give your impression on the projection on longevity, fail! lol
Hi Bro, Where can I buy the Armaf warrior from.
First of all let me tell you that i love NY by bond No. 9 is one of my all time favs, but is a bit expensive in my contry to get it so i decide to give it Armaf The Warrior a chance, but no way, I DONT SMELL ANYTHING OF I LOVE NY FOR HIM on this juice, trust me guys if you want I LOVE NY BETTER spend a few extra bucks and get the real stuff. Sorry armaf but you dont get this one. Also i have tried TAG HIM, is a better copy of blu by chanel. better clone that this one.
I love the Bond 9 ILNYFH, i haven't tried this one but if its on the same vein then i will look into it.
Hey bro, I heard that this also smells like Bleu De Chanel EDP. Would you agree? Also, in terms of an overall BDC clone is The Warrior better or Tag Him?
It's a really good scent.
Bro i clicked on like even before watching bcz i know it worths specialy its quite fun to watch your videos
The warrior was easily the worst frag I have ever bought it was awful
I had this one last year but sold it because I have Halloween man and it is similiar. Great review
I stopped to purchase ARMAF perfumes, not because they low quality, because after 15 fragrances, you noticed the they are cloning their own products. Joy thank you for the great service and money that you spent to make us more knowledgeable about the company products.
That little pouch is so cute!
Hey Joy are you all right over there in Bangladesh? I heard there was a big tornado in your country?
Is Armaf magnificent really worth considering
Joy bhau (bhau is bhai in marathi lang ) Eid ki dher sari Subhkamnaye in Adv
Next video. Best perfumes to wear on eid
Hello joy bhai, there is nothing like why don't you review cheapie, its that most of the people can afford cheapie and cannot buy expensive like myself will love to see these reviews And u have done already enough videos in past, but keep them coming bhai Love all your reviews
Joy Bhai advance Eid mubarik from pakistan
I was really waiting to see what six fragrances you compared it to
What’s gonna be your eid scent?
enjoy your videos
Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed day
Thanks for the review ☺
Very hard start to a year in Bangladesh. Hope that the storm won't hit the Dhaka. Please put even one ad on your videos so we can show some support even by watching ad. Stay safe!
Joy please reformulate your hair style .
I understand you have to prioritise when getting your frags Joy. I enjoy your reviews whether or not you give them from sample or bottle. Keep up the good work and thank you ☺
Keep doing all you do. You are awesome and your passion for perfumes always show whether Armaf, Orlaf, A Half, etc. Enjoy your vids.
What color is the cover for Armaf hunter intense in your video?
Nice video brother, got idea about various armaf perumes.
Hunter Intense has been my #1 Compliment getter by far to date it’s such a nice scent and a great blind ’s the best Original Invictus clone that you know of?
Hunter Intense is a perfect blind buy.
I am using armaf-cdnim 2019 batch with the black atomizer, but I don't have any issues regarding its performance & longevity, it lasts more than 12 hours.
Craze is best
Can u make a video on ajmal zeal vs ventana vs hunter intense which one is better
Armaf for him lasting skin how many times bai jaan tell me.
Hey , I have 3 armafs Craze Hunter Tres nuit After applying any of these the first impression is good but after like 20 mins I start to feel irritation in my nose / throat Does that mean my perfumes are fake ? Or this happens will all armafs due to cheap quality?
CDNIM has a black sprayer if it is from France and silver if it is from UAE. I have the newest 2020 black sprayer from France and it still lasts a very long time. Has a slightly harsh lemon opening that fades away within 15mins. You can always slightly pick up a slight lemon citrus smell after that, but it just adds some zing to the smokiness.
All the best
Under 1000 best perfume review pls
great job, you're a great reviewer, super informative, thank you sir
Thank you for posting this helpful video
You look like WWE superstar RUSEV
Namaste brother,, Which 1 should be a better option PRIDE or VENTANA
मुझे आपकी english बहुत पसंद आयी आपकी इंग्लिश हिंदी की तरह समझ आयी मैंने पहली बार ऐसा देखा है ️
do armaf have any clone of dior homme perfume?
Pls help me to choose one between riffs cafe noir/ hunter intense for now? i am medium wild & long lasting perfume lover pls bro help me
I must like A Hunter Intense ️ sure i gonna by in Amazon; i wanna know itBut wath're u think about A LEGÉSI I'ts old scool & machoman fragance.Saludos Amigo
What’s your best from house? Remember to SUBSCRIBE
Im going to fallow your suggestion, and I will order club clone of aventus, thank you for the review, it was pleasure to watch
I’m surprised no one mentions Oros by Armaf
Great video , Sir. Gotta admit, I have the CDNI Parfum version. Let me tell you, this Armaf is really 99.9 % dead on to Aventus. And it lasts a hell of alot longer than my $ 450 bottle of Creed Aventus. I even went as far to purchase the CDNI Limited edition and again smells pretty damn close to Aventusthis one , too , lasts 8 plus hours. Thank you again.
Hey Mehdi Is Armaf ventana any good? Thanks
Hey Mehdi, I am about to buy armaf ventama, do u think its worth it? I like sweet perfumes in general like versace Dylan sauvage etc.? Thanks
Pls tell me which is better creed silver mountain water clone? Sillage or Blanche from amaf?
Alright it's time for you to try Armaf Sillage. Another clone of Creed SMW
Am obsessed!with CDNWI agree,top note is horrible but the dry down is everything.
5- italiano nero uomo 4 - club hous 3 - club de nuit intense women 2- club de nuit intense man 1- craze
Great reviews, thank you very much. Would you say or agree that Armaf Italiano Nero Uomo smells like Tom Ford Neroli Portofino?
Has anyone tried the Armaf Eternia?
Armaf CDNIM user here This parfume is a BEAST! The dry down is even better So Masculine and fresh!
I love this perfume! It’s perfect with my chemistry! You can only experience perfume that compliments with EACH Individual’s Pheromones! As with our DNA bring’s one of a kind smell! So Don’t you think the PERFUME women choose to wear should make us feel sexy and not anyone else?! It’s what makes US FEEL SEXY AND NOT YOU GUYS/GIRLS! If we’re TURNED ON BY IT. I Promise, SO WILL THE MEN/WOMEN WE SO CHOOSE TO BE WITH! It’s not about how the OTHER PERSON FEELS, BUT HOW WE THE CONSUMER FEELS! I promise if I feel GREAT and FEEL A CONNECTION, we’re off to a great start. Everyone’s life is Complicated and perfume can’t change the way we feel! But if a little perfume makes me feel sexy for awhile and the same for someone feeling the way, then maybe we can have a spirit free evening! I CAN’T UNDERSTAND US WOMEN/ WE SMELL and FEEL SEXY, I PROMISE SO WILL ANYONE ELSE I’M DRAWN TOO! Wake up and SMELL THE POWER OF SMELL THAT’s Not about Attracting a Person, but LETTING OURSELVES BE FREE! I don’t need to draw men/women in.I NEED TO KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE MYSELF TONIGHT! IF THEY CAN HANDLE ME! IT WASN’T MEANT TO BE! OMG I’m almost 60 and this issue has been going on since the 60’s, THE PERFUME CO’S Still have not A clue! Their just after a quick payday! How many decades does it take for you people to listen to your CONSUMER? .JUST LET IT BE, BECAUSE THERES NO RIGHT NOR WRONG! IT IS WHAT IT IS!
This is an excellent video. Many thanks.
Where do you buy Armaf for 20-20 $ Let me know ( and if possible send me a link when it's online ).
What about Hunter for Men? Is it worth buying?
Great video brother I’m always glad to be able to watch your channel and help me learn and grow you’re awesome (I will break you) lol
I just came across your review after watching I don't know how many reviews of this perfume by so many reviewers. And you are the only one who expressed very precisely what I felt when I smelled this perfume immediately after spraying. It was very synthetic to me. No special aroma. Maybe I should give it another chance.
Bro I think Zara makes amazing fragrances it’s weird that ppl don’t talk abt them . Can u make a video abt it please it’s worth it ! Love u

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