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Armaf Skin Couture Body Spray

Armaf Skin Couture Body Spray Specifications

Additional Traits
Citrus Accords Combines with Fruity Floral Notes
Fragrance Traits
Anti-perspirant Yes
Fragrance Classification Deodorant Spray
Fragrance Family Fresh, Floral
Fragrance Segment Luxury
Ideal For Women
Quantity 200 ml

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Im going to fallow your suggestion, and I will order club clone of aventus, thank you for the review, it was pleasure to watch
I’m surprised no one mentions Oros by Armaf
Great video , Sir. Gotta admit, I have the CDNI Parfum version. Let me tell you, this Armaf is really 99.9 % dead on to Aventus. And it lasts a hell of alot longer than my $ 450 bottle of Creed Aventus. I even went as far to purchase the CDNI Limited edition and again smells pretty damn close to Aventus..this one , too , lasts 8 plus hours. Thank you again.
Hey Mehdi Is Armaf ventana any good? Thanks
Hey Mehdi, I am about to buy armaf ventama, do u think its worth it? I like sweet perfumes in general like versace Dylan sauvage etc...? Thanks
Pls tell me which is better creed silver mountain water clone? Sillage or Blanche from amaf?
Alright it's time for you to try Armaf Sillage. Another clone of Creed SMW 😁
Am obsessed!with CDNW..I agree,top note is horrible but the dry down is everything.
5- italiano nero uomo 4 - club hous 3 - club de nuit intense women 2- club de nuit intense man 1- craze
Great reviews, thank you very much. Would you say or agree that Armaf Italiano Nero Uomo smells like Tom Ford Neroli Portofino?
Has anyone tried the Armaf Eternia?
Armaf CDNIM user here.. This parfume is a BEAST!!! The dry down is even better So Masculine and fresh!
I love this perfume! It’s perfect with my chemistry! You can only experience perfume that compliments with EACH Individual’s Pheromones! As with our DNA bring’s one of a kind smell! So Don’t you think the PERFUME women choose to wear should make us feel sexy and not anyone else?! It’s what makes US FEEL SEXY AND NOT YOU GUYS/GIRLS! If we’re TURNED ON BY IT... I Promise, SO WILL THE MEN/WOMEN WE SO CHOOSE TO BE WITH! It’s not about how the OTHER PERSON FEELS, BUT HOW WE THE CONSUMER FEELS! I promise if I feel GREAT and FEEL A CONNECTION, we’re off to a great start. Everyone’s life is Complicated and perfume can’t change the way we feel! But if a little perfume makes me feel sexy for awhile and the same for someone feeling the way, then maybe we can have a spirit free evening! I CAN’T UNDERSTAND US WOMEN/MEN...IF WE SMELL and FEEL SEXY, I PROMISE SO WILL ANYONE ELSE I’M DRAWN TOO! Wake up and SMELL THE POWER OF SMELL THAT’s Not about Attracting a Person, but LETTING OURSELVES BE FREE! I don’t need to draw men/women in...I NEED TO KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE MYSELF TONIGHT!!! IF THEY CAN HANDLE ME! IT WASN’T MEANT TO BE! OMG!! I’m almost 60 and this issue has been going on since the 60’s, THE PERFUME CO’S Still have not A clue! Their just after a quick payday! How many decades does it take for you people to listen to your CONSUMER? .....JUST LET IT BE, BECAUSE THERES NO RIGHT NOR WRONG! IT IS WHAT IT IS!🥰
This is an excellent video. Many thanks.
Where do you buy Armaf for 20-20 $?? Let me know ( and if possible send me a link when it's online ).
What about Hunter for Men? Is it worth buying?
Great video brother I’m always glad to be able to watch your channel and help me learn and grow you’re awesome (I will break you) 💪🏾lol
I just came across your review after watching I don't know how many reviews of this perfume by so many reviewers. And you are the only one who expressed very precisely what I felt when I smelled this perfume immediately after spraying. It was very synthetic to me. No special aroma. Maybe I should give it another chance.
Bro I think Zara makes amazing fragrances it’s weird that ppl don’t talk abt them . Can u make a video abt it please it’s worth it ! Love u
What is going on here? Is it me or is he speaking in two languages at once? I can't understand this at all. I'm sorry but I can make out a few words in english here and there but this is so
I don't think that the Deo is original. I own one and the smell is totally different and the original CDNIM deo looks different
Sir app WhatsApp ka number kia hy plz my WhatsApp is 00966552031275
Club di nuit intense
Sir me ne app ki Vidio dekhy or ye perfume khared lya. Buhat barya perfume hy.but ye hawa me phelta nye hy. Kia problem ho sakti hy?
How about layering attar with perfume? It will be good
Sir try new Ajmal Gold collection Number 4. Only Exclusively Available on Airports.
Sir dur jane wala perfume ya atar suggest kare 1000 ke adar
Sir Maine sabke video dekhake ye perfume order kiya tha lekin iska smell 5 min b nahi rahta Mujhe lagra hai Mujhe fake product mila hai Maine 1898 price pe mila hai kya Ye site armaf ka official website hai kya nahi sir plz help me maine video dekhake order kiya tha plz help me
Sir mujhe koi perfume/attar batayen jiski smell ....godrej marvell soap jaisi ho Plz reply
Hey guys I want to sell partial bottle(Approx 80% juice remaining) of this fragrance parfume one. If anybody is interested let me know. Mobile no-6367 777 427
I bought the 2019 Made in U.A.E batch recently. It does not really smell good. Could it be a fake that I got ?
Bhai kitna bhi acha perfume laga lo Koi Attar laga ke agaya tho Apka perfume ki smell ati hi nahi.
Fabulous information but here's some more infoo about Perfume vs Deodorant vs Attar
Can anybody translate in short what does he say about the attar?
Sir i think u should compare adilqadri's attar with armaf becoz i have used both of these scents and thr not so much different whr AQ attar is classy on the other hand armaf is relevant to new gen doe's
Sir make video 1 million dollar perfume
Sir plz buy a new one and compare with 2013 batch, thanku
Club du instant for man orignal wala mero ko provided kara dege jo long lasting ho aisa na ho ke tike hi nahi 10-12 hour ka projection hi
Denver/park avenue storm which is the best for long-lasting???
Please tell the notes
Yi kaha mil raha hai
Bhut mst deo hai ....mostly womens ese hi like karti h
Mre hisb se toh bohtt he bkr smell h iski...Mre pss kam se kam 1 saal se h or mne shyf iss bich m isko sirf 2 br use kraa..Boht strong h or bohtt he bekrr smeell h...I dont recommend this spary...! Don't buy thiss..!
Sister price kitna hai Aap ne kitne ka liya Aur iski Khusbu kitne ghante tk rehti hai
Aapko kitne ka mila hai
So sweet of u