Armaf Skin Couture Body Spray

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Armaf Skin Couture Body Spray

Armaf Skin Couture Body Spray Specifications

Additional Traits
Citrus Accords Combines with Fruity Floral Notes
Fragrance Traits
Anti-perspirant Yes
Fragrance Classification Deodorant Spray
Fragrance Family Fresh, Floral
Fragrance Segment Luxury
Ideal For Women
Quantity 200 ml

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AFFORDABLE WOMEN PERFUMES | #Clones of Expensive Fragrances | #Women #Armaf #Perfumes #Haul
AFFORDABLE WOMEN PERFUMES | #Clones of Expensive Fragrances | #Women #Armaf #Perfumes #Haul
Armaf Collection Skin Couture by Perfect Secret
Armaf Collection Skin Couture by Perfect Secret
Armaf Women's Pen Spray Collection
Armaf Women's Pen Spray Collection
Armaf Shades Wood Initial Thoughts (EDT)
Armaf Shades Wood Initial Thoughts (EDT)
Sorry guys for the wrong pronunciation. It’s Armaf not Amraf.. please excuse me for this😇
You did not mention what perfumes dupe they were..
It’s not amraf.. It’s armaf you are pronouncing wrong word dear.. it’s अरमाफ
Ye curtains aapne kha se liye y mere sis k pass bhi hai unhone delhi se li but ab vha nhi hai
It's aaaaa-rrrrrr-mmmm-aaaa-ffffffffffffff. Not "aMraf".
Best perfume kaunsa h inme... Fragrance ka reviews kiya nhi apne... ???
Amraf 😂😂😂
Plz correct your pronunciation , its Armaf not Amraf , u have changed the companys name .
I also used Amraf perfume they are fabulous. I need one more review in future❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀
Nice video😇
Hello... I've been trying to find the Armaf pen sprays in India but haven't succeeded yet. Do you ship to India too
very informative video, what about top Armaf summer in the Heat scents, with comparisons to top known designer fragrances. It really helps when blind buying
Great job... you are so sweet and helpful at the Love Palette!!! The introduction music is so loud and then your voice is so soft If you could edit the same pitch, when I'm shopping at work all my co workers get this club blast of music Loved the comparison to designer scents we are familiar with! Want to order, do u have a free shipping code?
Bought this today Joy Bhai. Got the 90ml partial for ₹600. 2018 batch. Let's see how it turns out. FAI, DFH are a boon for indian fragrance lovers. You can get literally everything there.
The gold colored cap and badge version of armaf Club De Nuit that you have in this video is for women.
Even baba loves u baby.
i have Shades of Wood and Versace Oud Noir. Versace is a MUCH better frag. Much smoother and very well blended and definitely worth the extra $.
Hi brother hope all is well I have seen this fragrances it's not bad at all...thanks for your review stay bless bless Rio Cappuccino
THE DRYDOWN just blown me away. Its dirt chep and its NISHE QULITY.
Hi Joy Amin!!! first of all congratulations for your channel, it's wonderful. I want to ask you a question, are the club de nuit intense woman and shades wood similar? Thank you very much and greetings from Spain.
Good joy
I'm looking to get my first oud fragrance, will be a blind buy. What would you go for- Franck Olivier Oud Touch or Armaf Shades Wood? (for info I tried Dior Oud Ispahan and liked it).
thank God I hate the babble just get to what the title says oh, that's why we clicked
Joy, this shade wood by armaf is absolute cheap smelling nasty cologne. 100% concentrated rose water. From begining to end it smells rose paste. This thing is nasty and very potent. Sometime I wonder do you really know what you talking about!
Hey Joy, can you do a review on Flavia Icon Oud pls?
Wow, I fell completely in love with this beauty. It's really very long lasting too .. But the main reason for my love is the softness of the Oud mixed with Cedar and Sandalwood note but sweet touch of incense-unusual Rose and soft spice. A big thanks to you Joy sir.
This is the worst fragrance in my entire collection and I never reach out for this
Great review as usual! Can you write out the names of the reviewers you mentioned? I'd like to check their channels out but can't find them. Thanks!
I finally got around to getting this one -- took a long time to find. Indeed, that first hour is tough, very harsh, but then yes... it is amazing in the the dry down. Very good video -- well described.
Niche oud or Shades wood? Which one should i order?
Best way to shorten the videos is to skip the paint and box man. Talk about the juice.
Fuck the box man. Lets talk about the juice.
It is horrible....I wasted my monthly blind buy. Smells like lantern fuel.