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Aria Blackwood Spanish Acoustic Guitar Features

Are you planning to buy a guitar that has the perfect balance of style and functionality? Then you will surely love this acoustic guitar from Aria. Strum some awesome country songs with this guitar and get noticed for your guitar-playing style.  Cutaway Style This six-string guitar has a cutaway style that enhances your performance by offering easy access to the upper frets. Unlike an electric guitar, it is easy to carry with you anywhere you go. 

  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Body Material: Rosewood | Fretboard Material: Rosewood | String Material: Copper, Steel
  • Key specs are not available.

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Aria Blackwood Spanish Acoustic Guitar Reviews from YouTube

Yes! This is the Most affordable MADE IN INDONESIA Guitar!
Maton Blackwoods
Aria Pro II Acoustic Guitar Review
Aria AWN-15 Review |Acoustic Guitar Review | Guitarshop Nepal
Please Please make a review of Aria electric guitar Is it also Indonesia made? And how is the QC?
Thanks Brother.. Brother I'm planning to buy Havana AAG-39. Can u Please make the video of review😊
What is the dimensions of this guitar
Thanku so much sir but I just wish it's end it was a little narrower cause I m a girl n to hold it n stand will be little difficult
please review affordable aria electric guitars like stv etc.
Is it a durable guitar??broo plz reply
Hi brother I would like to tell you that are these guitars good for solos and lead
Can you tell me the rate of the m1?
where is ur shop
Thanks Bhai..I was looking for this review. You are the first person who reviewed it. 👍
Is it better than yamaha f80c? Which sounds better?
best review among youtubers in India, 👍
Nice Demonstration
We had a cyclone here in the Northern Territory of Australia 2 years ago and the Aussie guitar makers came up and collected the fallen down trees- lots of acacias, different eucalyptus up here, casuarinas, pines and mahogany went down. The iron bark, Cherry, Beech, Boabs stood up to the cyclone though. Not sure how long they need to leave the wood to dry properly but we may see some MAtons and Cole Clarke's with these materials soon??
Thanks!! You’re fun and a great player 👏🏻🙌🏻 cheers 🍻
Thanks, I really appreciated the comparison between the cutaway and non-cutaway. Great review.
Amazing tone for a blackwood top. Kinda like mahogany but livelier. I find the 808's interesting. I was fortunate to have the 3rd 808 from the factory way back in the late 1970s here in Oz. It was serial #003! It was a BG808 with spruce top and Queensland Walnut (or maybe maple?) back and sides. The BG evidently stood for " Blue Grass" I found it great for finger picking.
Thanks so much for this!! Decisions! Decisions!
How will it sound in an aer compact 60?
I'd really like to hear the difference between Jess Woods same body same model thanks
We were in Dusseldorf Germany in the old town many years ago having some brewski's and shashliks, and walking along with my buddy from Chicago we bumped into some also abreviated fellows and one leaning towards my friend asked him - vas ist dis 808 on this T shirt? BOB smiled at him and from that day forth and 30 years later he is known as 808.
I've the 808, nine has a beauty tan line around the body and on the back.
im in Australia and cant get EBW 808C, perth has nothing,
I played the EBW808C and happened to be in the shop when the Maton distributor was there and gave me the details on why it's great from a sound and design engineering perspective. I used to travel before COVID-19 for work and made it a habit to play in as many music stores as I could get to. I have played a fair amount of Martins, Gibsons, Taylors and more. In the end, my worst fear was realized... I NEED this guitar. Now, I just need to convince my wife how crucial it is😅
Amazing guitar 🎸 I adore Maton Guitars . I have the AP5 pro on my Maton Messiah ... it sounds incredible . Peace be with you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Nice! Sounds brilliant!
...and Neil Finn(Crowded House, Split Enz) also plays Maton Guitars.
Thank you! I have one of these and could never find any info on it
I have a pw-19 pro 2
have an Aria 9410 very similar, and wow, it reeks of quaility.. smooth frets, binding all of it.. light weight all the notes ring out.. mine has a dark one piece back and sides ( likely mahogony ) try out different strings... imagine a guitar almost 50 years old, and the straight neck, seasoned wood, gorgeous.. go get one If a guitar is this nice after 50 years, it's a great guitar to begin with... heirloom type of guitar. I would challenge anyone to go to a modern store and find this quality under 500 they really don't build stuff as well anymore I got mine for, let's say, a great bargain.
do you still have it?
I had that model when I was in Dad bought me a D28 when I graduated, but required me to trade it in.....I miss it....
I bought a Aria Pro II 12 string with model #65-12 on a label inside the guitar and another # that’s probably a serial # stamped on the neck block along with the model # 6512 again. It’s not electric, it has nice ivy inlay on the neck trand two symbols inlayed into the bridge. It has a abalone looking binding around the sound hole and body with ivory color binding around the body front and back, neck and headstock. It has nice inlay on the back like yours and lacquered back, sides and headstock. It has decorative looking “A”’s stamped on the back of all 12 tuners with a made in Japan sticker on the tip of the back of the headstock and the inside label shows made in Japan. I can’t find anything about it on youtube or online other than something similar looking like yours. I don’t know what year it is either. I bought it used in the late 90’s from Guitar Center in Dallas Tx. It has some clouding under the lacquer on the headstock and sides. It really sounds very good and is easy to play. Any insight you might be aware of is appreciated. Thanks for your video!
Thank for this. Very useful.
I had a very nice Aria, although likely laminate, I kept it for about a month and then gave it away. Frankly, it sucked... but the guy I gave it to was endlessly thankful, so... whatever. Now I have a custom D-35, a very fine Takamini 400S and a Suzuki classical... all gorgeous. My advice is, go play a lot of guitars, the one that costs you hours in that you just have to play everything you know on it... get.
Belive it or not Jonny Cash sponsored Aria guitars , I bought one in the 70s , saw him on the Aria poster.
thatsplunkintalk, you are right about it being laminate, and lacking in bass response, but still a good guitar.
Back and sides have very little to do with the sound. Search for cardboard guitar on youtube and see what a master builder has to say. These Aria Pro II are phenomenal if you find one in good shape - I have two and they sound better than many Martins - I went to GuitarCenter and tried many $2000+ Martins and was disappointed - I did find one $900 one I liked.
this guy talks and talks and talks it man !!!!!!!!!
Thank! Good info, but... mine starts with 26?? So, do you know what year that would be? It's Aria Diamond 6810 acoustic- serial # 2646. Would love anything you know!
Hi, have you ever heard of a Aria AF-350CE N , Thanks
I have a Aria AF250 Mach 1 acoustic guitar. Does anyone know anything about it and what its worth?
..i like aria guitar but this pro II.. i´ve not played.. but.. is good sound
I bought a Aria Pro II brand new in 1976 for $275. It was a solid spruce top and rosewood body guitar and was also from the Matsumoku plant in Japan. I played the hell out of that guitar for several years and then gave it to my ex-wife when I bought a Martin D-35. Of all the acoustic guitars I have played in my life, that Aria was among the very best. 
I have a 1970 classical nylon string  Aria guitar and its a solid
Want to mention I have a 1981 Aria SW-8 :cedar top, mahogany body.  I think this was from the matsumoku plant.  This one is absolutely 100% solid back and sides.  I've done several vintage restorations and this is my second SW-8.  I read that SW was Aria's "Solid Western" models.  I inspected the cross-section of the body through the tail pin hole using my inspection stereomicroscope and it was absolutely solid wood.  That's very strange because I subsequently bought an SW-700, thinking it too would be solid,, but the SW-700 is a laminated EIR body. Also, I think the firebrand models all were always all solid wood. And, if interested, Aria released their all solid 500-series in 2013.
Plz tell me sir what is the best one yamaha f310 or this aria awn 15ce4 ?
I want to buy a guitar under 25k. Can anyone suggest me some semi acoustic guitar..
Can anyone pl tell what is th song he plays from 1:47
Love from japan ❤️ Bro i am a beginner and i have this guitar but I don’t have bag so i want to shopping bag from online but I don’t know my guitar size and how to know actual size of guitar bag. Please sir give me some advice .🙏🙏
I do have same guitar but its bridge is going to tear off from its place.Its not even been 1 yr. Do you guys can solve this problem?
Takamine ko guitar haru xa?
does it have a strap button?
Semi acoustic, acoustic Guitar under 10000 ko video Pani banounus na dai
Which strings ate best for this guitar?
daju, aria, yamaha ra dream maker ko comparison review garaunu paryo... like; how they are different from one another.
This one or yamaha f310?
Dai takamine ko pani review chiyo yr. Please
Chitwan ma xa ki nai shop?? Raakhnu paryo xaina vane.. Haamle pane guitar kinne chance paauna paryo 😊😊
dai martin guitar ko pani review garnu naa
bro left guitar ko kina mango ho 14 ma aaudaina
bro biratnagar ma ponii euta branch rakhnuparo
Kun mic use garnu bhako ho Dai? Tyo
Brother hami sanga roland xps 10 xa shop ma ??
Ibanez guitar xa bhane review garnu na
Hari dai aaba aaune guitar review ma half scale down ani string lai kasari drop garni detail ma vandinu hai dai☺☺

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