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Buy Aquasoft Fresheyes Monthly Contact Lens (-8.50, Clear, Pack of 6) With Lens Care Kit online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Clear Spherical Lens Monthly
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Aquasoft Fresheyes Monthly Contact Lens (-8.50, Clear, Pack of 6) With Lens Care Kit Features

Aquasoft FRESH  EYES  from Silklens is a contact lens which can be used for a whole day without any problem for the eyes. The lens should give clear and correct vision. Aquasoft Hydra lenses are the ones which have all these qualities and can be used for hours. It does not create any uneasiness or irritation to the eyes. It rectifies the vision over a period of time. You need not worry about changing the lens every now and then.

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical Power: -0.50 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Monthly
  • Contact Lens
  • Clear
  • Spherical Lens
  • Monthly

The lowest Aquasoft Fresheyes Monthly Contact Lens (-8.50, Clear, Pack of 6) With Lens Care Kit Price in India is ₹589 at Flipkart.
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Aquasoft Fresheyes Monthly Contact Lens (-8.50, Clear, Pack of 6) With Lens Care Kit Specifications

Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Brand Aquasoft
Brand Color Clear
Color Clear
Corrective Power -8.50 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14 mm
disposability Monthly
Lens Type Spherical Lens
Material Etafilcon A
Model Name FreshEyes with Kit By VisionsIndia
Spherical Power -8.50 dioptres
Tint Type Clear
UV Protection Yes
Water Content 0.58 %
In the Box
Pack of 6
Sales Package 6 Contact Lens : 1 LensCase : 1 Solution

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Aquasoft Fresheyes Monthly Contact Lens (-8.50, Clear, Pack of 6) With Lens Care Kit Reviews from YouTube

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✅ QOTD: Have you tried Clear Care Plus or any ultrasonic contact lens cases?
What If I'm not a daily contact wearer. What if I'm using them once a week. Do I have to change the solution every day still?
I am getting contacts lenses soon so this is really helpful.
I once used a hydrogen peroxide solution DESTROY my contacts. They had little dots over the entire surface, I assume it broke down the lenses.
I got colored contacts for a Halloween costume this year. Im not gonna use them very often, but this really helped. Thanks!
Can i use myopia lenses everyday for a year?
Hey, should we wear contact lenses before put the make up on our face? And if we once used lenses,should we daily put the solution to case and remove to cleaning lenses even we don't use them for some time?
i learned something. thanks
I have contacts in after so many hours they feel uncomfortable dry and scratchy. I don’t know what to do to make it better I did get clear I triple action cleanser. I’m hoping this works do I have to do this every night before I go to bed or just once a month with the peroxide cleaner
thank you so much Doc, I learn a lot. by the way I'm from Philippines thanks so much :)
Should we do these two steps every time we take off our lenses?
If i use these on and off, should i clean it like this as in the video ?.
How can I order contact lens? Because I live in Cambodia.
I’m proud of ur heart. Who share the real source and safely. Keep on Dead .
How long can you leave the contacts in the case with solution?
Do I still have to rub lenses if I decide to use the hydrogen peroxide before putting them in lens holder ? 🤔
I wear daily lenses but this information is still extremely important for all contact wearers for a few reasons. Sometimes, I may just want to take a short nap, and for that ill have to take off my contacts and put them in a case. I was taught how to clean contacts but I was never taught how to clean a case and whatnot. Another reason why this is important is because, if I ever choose down the line to switch to bi-weekly contacts or monthly contacts, ill know exactly what to do. This information was very valuable and I learned a lot from this video. Thank you, Doctor.
I have a question. I just got monthly lenses but I know I won’t be wearing them everyday. Do I need to refill the contact solution everyday even tho I won’t be wearing them?
Had anyone felt like my guy is a less quirky jake peralta ? XD
I love my hydrogen peroxide solution (I also use the same brand)! :D I think it cleans my contacts more effectively and also because i don't like cleaning (rubbing) my contacts xD
How many hours your wear Lense per day
one time lences kitne din tak use kar sakti hu jab regular use nahi karti to?monthly one time use karuga to kitne din rakhsakti hu plz batana
Solution lena zruri hai ???
Aap ne apni eyes mein kon sa colour use kiya tha ?
Today I also try these lenses... But idk y I feel irritation nd burning sensation in my eyes nd becomes so so watery like a baby crying for 1 immediately I removed it 😕
Maam this is daily lenses or monthly lanses?
Apne konsa color k lens wear kiya tha video me? Plz bataaye
Ya didi keasher chakai
Very helpful video Di 😍 Btw ap video ki liye kaunsa camera use karte ho ??
Wow... So affordable
Ye wala dress sup hai mam inka link
How many month we can use this aqualenses
6:26 swatches
Soooo realistic yr....😱
1 lens kitne time use kar skte hai
You sound like you are about to cry lol
if its a monthly disposable one and we dont wear it more than 5 times a month can we keep it for 2 months?
150 ka kyu bola hai phir
Everything aside, Your Eyes looks So pretty I'm Like To Sajna Sawarana 😃 But Unfortunately I'm not A girl😐
Review krte time ,,eye makeup naa krte to better rehtaa ,,kuch dikh nhi rhaa,,🤯
The demonstration was very helpful
Please speak in hindi if you're more comfortable with it. There's no compulsion.
Starting ke 4 sec to muje or hi feeling huyi😂
Ma'am please tell that are lens solution necessary for daily disposable lenses ? As we don't need to clean the lenses in daily disposable lenses.
more adorable, without make-up 😍 keep it up👍
Plz reply
How many hours can we use this ?
Aap bahut beautiful ho♡
It has been a year since u uploaded the video...Sister still do u use Aqualens....Is it a good product?
Are daily disposable aqualens(599rs) safe to wear?
My eye power is -2.25 the lens is work or not
But any nys video
Seee with makeup and without makeup💄💄7:19
Can you please tell the daily lens price for both the eyes?? And will I get a free lens solution with daily lens also please answer
Sister g Hum aquline lens ke saath Boss lomb ka solution ka use kr skte hn mtlb lens alag company ke ho aur slotuon alag compnay ka plz reply
Plz Reply Krna Koi Bhai Behan Mujhe Yeh btado lens ulta hain Ja Seedha Yeh Kaise Pata kru Plz Koi Bhai. behan Reply krdo 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭
One question did you went for eye check up before purchasing the lenses???
Just clear my doubt that...these lenses are usable for 1 month "after buying" or i have use them for 1 month after opening the lens pack?? ... please let me know this
Are you cleaning your contacts properly?
Nah, water will still keep it moist. The only thing that sucks about using water is the soft contacts will stick to your eye and hurt for a bit to put them back in. I had accidentally dropped my contact outside of my case for a night. It was very hard when I found it. I left it in water because I didn't have solution. In a few hours it was soft and I could wear it again.
I've been a bad Boy not having clean hygiene for my contacts ;)
Throw it out!!!!
Thank You this was very helpful :3
Lol I just got my contacts today lol
if it falls in water i think its ruined.
wow that's cheap i pay $200 for the same 300ml which is about $20 where you are
my contact lens just fell of in the glass of water with dish washing soap... i pick it up and put back in the contact lens case what should i do?
No it's not. I would hope that your eye doctor taught you the proper way to clean your lenses before prescribing them because a youtube video is not a reliable way to learn..
I'm sorry but I have been wearing contacts for 8 years and having to close the drain every single day seems a little silly. Once you know what you are doing it's not that difficult and you just put them in and it takes like 30 seconds total....
If your vision is blurry with them in you need to see your eye doctor and tell them. Maybe they might need to change your prescription or their might be some other problem.
Just rub them in a straight across motion, not circular.
The cleaning solutions are the biggest scandal known to man. £10 for a 300ml bottle? Fuck you Opti-Free
ewww loook at all that mascara that is going to get on the contact
then how do you suggest "rubbing" them? if not in circular motion? thanks.
This video is FULL of errors. You do not "scrub" the lenses, you gently RUB them. The woman in the video is rubbing them in a circular motion, which is a big no no. You also do not do this before putting them in your eyes. You do it once when you remove the lenses, then let them soak at least 6 hours, and they are ready to wear.
thank you!
do i clean them everyday?

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