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Aputure AL-HC100 Rinlight Flash Features

  • Suitable For: Mobile Camera
  • Type: Ring Flash
Aputure AL-HC100 Rinlight Flash

The lowest Aputure AL-HC100 Rinlight Flash Price in India is ₹7,990 at Amazon.
Buy Aputure AL-HC100 Rinlight Flash online at Amazon Flipkart.
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Aputure AL-HC100 Rinlight Flash Specifications

Color Black
Compatibility Canon
Mode Auto & Manual
Model Name AL-HC100
Product Weight (in gm) 100
Type Rinlight

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Aputure AL-HC100 Rinlight Flash Reviews from YouTube

Aputure HC100 and HN100 LED Ring light - First impressions
Aputure Amaran Halo HC100 Ring Flash
Aputure Amaran Halo AHL-HC100 LED Ring Light (CRI 95+) Review - On Canon dSLR
Aputure Amaran HC100 Ring Flash Unboxing
Good presentation. Very helpful!
I got an old but little used Cobra/Centon/Vivitar ring flash for £5 on Ebay, there are loads of them there. I would not take portraits with ring flash except mug shots for a prison. I'd stand further back and use bounce flash off the ceiling for softer lighting.
Is it Nickon or Nyekon?
I just got one........thanks for the intro for this type of equipment
Very informative and nice videos you got... sad that you stopped uploading
not recomended at all.. that design is garbage, need huge cropping of all photo/video taken, because entire photo/video will screw up when you put that ring in front of the lens.
Thanks for the video, as informative as i needed, everything you said describes exactly what i need
what is widest angle it can be used with?
Does it work on Sony Cameras?
Is it safe to point the camera down with that ring light on? Will the light be stay on?
Hello, will this be good for making youtube videos?
Do u think the unit could be used for make up tutorials.
++ ... if you turn the unit on the lens itself .... your "left" and "right" lighting become "top" or "bottom" lighting, for more effects.
Thank you.
Do you know if this unit will work with the Olympus omd em1.
do you know if this ring light works on the Canon pancake lens
What the different in models for Canon and Nikon??? Or it same?
Thank you for the info.
hi, at what focal length (or FF equivalent) is the shot at 8:56 where you can see the border? thanks in advance for the answer
Thanks for the great review. Was looking for a simple cheap solution for lighting a macro project and your review provided all the answers I needed. Thanks!!
will this be good for portrait? like in wedding ceremony?
How the hell do i use it as a flash under manual setting of a 600D?
I have just purchased this ring flash,as a guide what was your camera settings for the flowers ,I realize its a case of trial and error,but some guidance would be very helpful on setting up my camera for the flower shots, Regards Ron
Trying to use this on my Nikon D3X but not having ANY luck at all, want to do portraits.....not at all happy....not getting good results at all, tried everything, just warm, blurred pictures and the model can't stand the bright LED lights...USELESS....
9:09 fcuk
Mine doesn't seem to flash on my nikon d810, would that be a problem with my hot shoe connection or is there a way in which I can make the ring actually flash on flash mode?
Thank You so much for this video. Finally someone who shows us good examples. I am interested in product photography so thanks again, especially for the product photos at the end!
You convinced me dude, I'm buying it.
does it work for canon eos t5i
Rob I just bought this one for my Nikon D750 (HN100)...and I'm using a Nikon extension tube on my 70-300mm VR...I'm finding that I'm having to bump up my ISO to around 800 or so...I shouldn't have to do that, right??  The subject should be lit enough for 200 or even 100?  I'm also finding my shutter speeds are very low...what am I not setting up right in the camera?  Do you change any white balance settings, or exposure or other settings when using the ring flash and the extension tube?  Great tutorial - it's actually the reason I bought this unit!! Thanks.
When I first purchased this flash (just to experiment with) I installed it and had some issues with the images not being bright enough with the flash. It was like ring light flashed, then the photo was snapped. I had to slow it down to max of 1/10 to get the light to effect the image. HOWEVER, I have since fallen in love with this little gadget for doing all of my close up, including some portrait style closeups. Though the light can often be so bright for my model to deal with that we have to spend significant time working with it for their eyes to be used to having the light so close and so bright. I only use it with continuous light in that instance. Thanks for the awesome (and extensive review and use of) this product.
If it was me I would buy a dedicated macro lens and get rid of the extension tubes and the 55-250 lens but thats just my opinion.
Hi, do you think it will fit a canon powershot sx510 hs?
Hi @Rob Nunn, is this ring flash any good for in studio portraiture? Thanks!
I am wondering if this unit would work on my Olympus OM-D EM-1?  Not really concerned about the flash feature, as I'll be doing macro with it, and would prefer the continuous output.
i want to ask, since its good for macro, will it be good too for miniature photography? Like for action figures, miniature building etc? thx! and great video
hi, is it powerful enough to take pictures (in daylight) but with high aperture (lets say /f 15+)
Hi there! I'm shooting with a Pentax dslr...I know that of all the reviews and info on line, it specifies either Canon or Nikon. But Pentax has a standard hot shoe just as the other two do. I know that Pentax has a different TTL setup, but the Halo uses a hot shoe trigger, which I'm assuming (and hoping)is still universal (this will be my first foray into speed lights and led lighting). But I desperately need to have this confirmed before I get my hopes up even further and buy. Any info or advice that you could give, I would greatly appreciate. Love the video, and thank you! 😄 -Jess
Worked fine on my Canon camera right out of the box.
Merci pour la ''Review'' très informatif!
You are very good at spelling the name and the model number !
thanks po for this vids !

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