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Apple (MPXV2) MacBook Pro Features

  • Intel Core i5 Processor (7th Gen)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64 bit Mac OS Operating System
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 33.78 cm (13.3 inch) Display
  • Built-in Apps: Siri, Safari, App Store, iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, FaceTime, iBooks, iTunes
Apple (MPXV2) MacBook Pro

The lowest Apple (MPXV2) MacBook Pro Price in India is ₹147,900 at Flipkart.
Buy Apple (MPXV2) MacBook Pro online at Flipkart Croma TATACliq.
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Apple (MPXV2) MacBook Pro Reviews from YouTube

Apple MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar (2017): Unboxing & Review
M1 MacBook Pro Review - How Apple Broke the PC Industry!
Apple M1 Macbook Pro Review - After 1.5 WEEKS
Apple MacBook Pro 13" (Touch Bar): Unboxing & Review
Hi, I found a used 2017 13 MacBook Pro with 8gb RAM and 256gb SSD and with a Touchbar. The price for it is 1100$ (in Europe), it can be a good buy or not?
I had bought this laptop in the year 2017 and the laptop suddenly went dead after 3 years due to thermal issues while running simulations. Very disappointed with apple. I also experienced various display and charger issues in these 3 years.
Just bought one off eBay. Very excited to use it! I would rather have better specs then what I got, but Im happy to have my first very own MacBook!
Anyone else still watching? Maybe even on a MacBook Pro?
is it worth to buy in 2020? Refurbished?
Great computer! JustU.Faith/Mac-Pro Very little damage just minor scratches on the outside. My shipment was upgraded to expedited shipping free.
Are you gonna send me one of those?
omg I have thisss
Can u do a giveaway
About to buy a refurbished model of this Mac this summer. Cant wait to start using it!
I like the key tapping sound
purchase Via
Can u biy me one i had birthday yesterday and Im gonna celebrate in tomorrow
I was so happy to get this laptop but it turns out that I got scam on Ebay. And yes I'm a college student.. I was already poor in the first place..
No USB port?
it is awesome. just switched from Windows one )
hello pro, I have just purchased a 2017 13 inch 1 tb ssd, but I found it got loud and hot when I open youtube or xcode. Considering it is a brand new with only 2 days usage, should it be sent back and get refund?
@Max Tech: I bought a 2020 MacBook Pro 13" last summer. The only big issue I have is the heat when working with the Mac on my lap. Is it worth to upgrade to the M1 because the heat is so significant lower to solve this issue?
How I know you don't work on a professional level: you didn't address the fact that professional peripherals currently aren't even writing drivers for silicon, or have plans to. Look it up. 2) you obviously have no idea what kind of bandwidth a pro requires in a day- nice theoretical benchmarks. You can't compare consumer devices (Mac) to an enterprise appliance (PC).
Im crying here with a 2018 intel MBP with 4 thunderbolt 3 ports
Apple is the only company which can architect the cpu chip and hardware as well as the OS. It is no wonder why Apple has achieved this stunning result first.
Meh. RISCV is the new hotness.
I love the wallpaper and some of the others in the collection linked in the description. I guess you have to have a paid Adobe account in order to save those wallpapers without the watermark?
Nvidia gpu is in trouble
Excellent stuff - shame that Steve was an;t around to gloat...;-)
LOL people still think Apple doesn't innovate.... I hope they crush it next year...and destroy the industry....
Since the M1 MBP can download iOS apps, which version of the app will I get when I download Microsoft Outlook. My question might seem simple but hear me out.So a lot of companies allow employees to be able to use the mobile Microsoft Office for work emails (so on my phone I can get work emails and views attachments) because they can really control those (you can't do certain things like export files or take screenshots or print or save etc. of the content for security).Would be great if I could have both or the option to have the mobile version. It means a lot of people who use our own devices at times (with working from home I spend the morning having coffee and replying to emails and reviewing some emailed work) would not need multiple devices for work and personal use as we do now (i have to carry my work laptop and MacBook or tablet and work laptop).
What you say about memory may be true. Thing is if in the long run you do need more memory it can not be added so for me I would rather be safe than sorry.
Can do Macbook Pro 13 Advanced Model Mid 2020 vs Macbook Pro 13 Late 2020?
wow, you guys keep fighting the claim that heavy swapping will kill your ssd and using fusion drive as a proof. yeah I'm sold , I now believe that, seeing that a fusion drive was able to handle some swapping. that is the same concept no difference at all. you know except the facts that swapping on that thing is slow as heck and won't be as heavy, and the tiny fact that it's a HDD not one said this is only apple thing or this is something new with m1.people saying heavy swapping will kill your ssd be that a mac or windows. and I had that issue with 4/128gb surface pro 5, ssd died within 2 years. up until the last day there were 0 issues with can gather "proofs" as much as you like whether it's a word of someone sure apple's engineer know what they're doing, or someone know that this is not a new issue, or someone who discovered that his hdd is not susceptible to the read/write times issue. in the end it's a problem people needs to know and have an educated decision about I know fusion have little ssd in it, if you don't know how that part work let me know, I will be happy to explain it's used to save regular accessed data only not swapped file.
You mean Apple's Law is the next one while Moores Law is dead?
I knew ARM was going to take over. I didn't think it was Apple to put the last nail in the x86 coffin, although I shouldn't be surprised. I've always been a windows/android user but I'm ready to make the switch.
my old ryzen 3600 desktop is still faster than ANY mac on the planet. apple fans are plain stupid.
Great video! Thoughts on a keyboard cover for M1 MacBook Pro? Im hearing conflicting opinions. One negative being potential permanent marks on screen. Also, potentially applying additional pressure to screen given tight fit when closed.
For 200 bucks, upgrading to 16gb RAM is a no brainer
I need help Max tech on how to get csgo to work on m1 macbook
Are you getting the new MacBook Pro?
Are you from London ?
I have an M1 MacBook Pro on the way. Maybe I missed it, but where is the download icon that is usually located on the upper right of the toolbar on the other Apple cpu's I've owned?
In India the M1 Mac book Pro costs 123k INR which is about 1700 USD. Wondering if it's worth spending as much
UPS said the signature was just a line (their words) its unreadable and that the ID that was scanned cant be verified so basically they dont even know who signed for my package or where it was delivered. It was a M1MacBook Pro Silver with 16GBRAM 512GBSSD worth $1700
Hi at 8:00 you mentioned holding out for the newer devices, when do you think the release dates for those will be? Great video by the way I am completely new to apple products but have been recommended by lots of peers to switch, I think you may have convinced me! :)
Could you do a similar video with a m1 macbook air?
I got my MacBook pro m1 yesterday and I love it. Don't get 16 gb if you don't need it! Save your money and buy some Christmas gifts
GUINEA PIG ALERT !!!I returned mine. Kept crashing by just using Safari. Using Firefox and the frequency dropt but it kept on crashing.
Can you please share the wallpaper download link please ?
This is one of my favorite M1 reviews! Subscribed. I love the vibe of this video.
Can I use it in my engineering undergrad ?As I am doing my Mechanical engineering will it be compatible with softwares like Solidworks, Catia as they are windows only and if by any chance parallels come to M1 mac will it support such environment ?
I am not a heavy user. I just use for web browsing, email and some word processing. Dont do any photo editing or gaming. Do you think the 8GB RAM is enough or would you future proof and get the 16GB RAM? Thanks.
Apple said translation not emulation, and its done during installation for Rosetta 2. Its amazing they did it so well. Still on the fence between buy now or wait....
What if I need a new laptop for music production now
Linus wanted this MAC to fail so bad
Dope Break Down Question........My Son Has A Sony a6600 And Does Music Videos So Will The M1 Mac Mini Work For This Kind of Work
was it not released yet when the video was taken?
Upgraded from a Mid 2012 MBP i7. So Far I'm impressed. Great battery life, fast and stable. I didn't think I would like the Touch Bar feature but its actually pretty intuitive. I hope it lasts as longs as my Mid 2012 did.
Im planning on getting the M1 for my girlfriend for Christmas
HALLO ALL Can anyone tell me which one is better 13 inch or 15 inch I need suggestion
My mom had one of this till the screen cracked and its 750 dollars to fix it with tax
Great video. Thank you
Why did I think I was watching the MacBook Pro 13 2020, then I looked at the date and this is from 2018
The upgraded model DOES have speakers in the grills. The woofers are coming through the vents while the highs are coming through the top.
I like MacBook Pro keyboard than old MacBook
Just got mines and I love it! I have the 2019 model with the 4 usb-c ports and so far I'm liking it
Is the camera good? Thats all I care about .
YALLL PLEASE HELP: silver or space grey? and why? Id dont know which one to choose
This 13" MacBook Pro can work both Windows 10 and Mac. That is so so awesome! That's one of the reasons why I have it. I am kinda concern about how much storage both softwares can hold, though. I feel like I need to use a whole lot of storage. Is there an external device made available where you can plug it into the laptop and add more GB to Windows and Mac?Thank you!
Send your Apple laptop link for buying
Im getting one of these on Christmas and im literally watching everything about them! So excited!!!
How to turn on touch screen of the MacBook pro13
Forced to buy one for film and television production as the computer labs will be shut down during the pandemic. Never was an apple person. But I was practically forced to buy one. Professor sent an email for the required technology of an iMac Pro with specific specifications. So Im just watching these to see what I will expect. They look so fragile... Im use to Microsoft, Dell and PC. Ive never paid so much for a laptop. Three grand for a laptop was murder to my wallet. I could buy a used car with that moneyI actually had to get my mom to hit the confirm purchase because I couldnt do itIts expected to arrive tomorrow
the only disadvantage is the ports :((
i have this exact model and im telling you its is worth it!!!! if you are thinking about getting this and you have the budget GO FOR IT! totally nice to use
My phone's audio is getting choppy. I need a MacBook Pro 13-inch Touch Bar (vs. MacBook Air CORE i5-690U)[Intel CORE i5-7425Y]Please like this comment here|\/ (no to sliver baseline 2011 MacBook Pro CORE i5-2600U)
Which friend likes the printed 13-inch Macbook A2159 case? This is my friends shop, he gave me a code: 33dealjv can use this big discount
How much does this cost

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