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Buy Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule online at Amazon Flipkart paytmmall. Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Colours: White
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Amazon Offers ₹147,270
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Flipkart Offers ₹147,270
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paytmmall Offers ₹147,270
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Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Features

  • External Hard Drive Free Express Shipping to your doorstep. You don't have to pay anything extra!! This product is imported by Apple India- It is a 100% genuine product The price includes taxes
Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Colours:
  • White

The lowest Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Price in India is ₹147,270 at Amazon.
Buy Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule online at Amazon Flipkart paytmmall.
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Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Specifications

General Specifications
Brand Apple
Capacity 3 TB
Color White
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions 98 x 98 x 168 mm
Form Factor Network
In The Box 3TB Time Capsule
Model Airport Time Capsule ME182HN/A
Model Name 3 TB Time Capsule
OS Supported Mac OS
Type HDD
Weight 1480 g

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Apple ME182HN/A 3TB Time Capsule Reviews from YouTube

Apple 3TB Time Capsule Setup & Review
Apple Airport Time Capsule Unboxing & Overview (3TB Time Capsule 2013)
Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsule (2013): Unboxing & Setup Demo
The all-time champ Mac router in 2020!
Extremely helpful video. I didn't know that Apple made it so easy to replace an existing wireless router. Made things much easier. Thank you.
Wow it's 2020. Is this stuff no longer the shiznit or what??
Hi, I’m looking for a wireless devise that I can load my movies and music to and access wirelessly on my home devices. I have a small sandisk connect stick that does this, but looking to find a option that I can set up in my house and watch my movies and music for any of my family devices, plus make it more convenient for my family to access my whole movie and music collection without having to delete and add different movies like I do now on my sandisk connect stick now. I have access to buy one of these but I can not find a video that verifies this 3T storage can do this. Your video sounded like actively using and may know if this is a capable option or more about what it is and not just how to set it up.
Dude after a graveyard shift you notice things about people. I never push rewind once i swear..
Hi mate , can i use time capsule as flash memory ? thx
My concern was simply transferring data (images, video, etc) from the old one to the new which no one seemed to be able to answer. I think I have it now. Thanks! Very simple and informative.
1.   Does it transfer the old backup? 2.   Does it erase the old backup? What happens with the backup on the old Time Capsule with this process?    I can't find this answer anywhere.   How is this not a critical issue.
You talk too much unnecessary. Total time worked on the video 2 minutes the rest is empty chat
can i take my view back , you can keep this comment
HI, I can't find any network on the top, what should Ido?
I have the old one or first gen and it's very good tbh. Bought it used not new but does what I expect it to do. Good wifi coverage around the house and nice to know that it backs up my data on my computer since I have classes and don't necessarily make backing up a priority. Overall, well worth the money if kept for a long time or long term.
at 7:11 you have used 3 cables to connect, can you please explain to me the purpose and their uses? I am little confused, because either I can use internet or my airport time capsule, how can I use both at the same time?
Was the new 3tb hard wired to your computer during the setup demonstration? Can this be done wirelessly?
Thank you for your video. Can I use connect a portable hard drive with airport extreme and access it as a storage device on Windows 10 over wifi network?
Omg, this is exactly what am looking for, I am doing the exact same set up, thank you so much for posting this !
Good info! Do you have a video out about how to setup wirelessly the 3T?
Can you access the storage on the Time capsule,using an usb cable instead of wifi,to transfers information?
Can anybody help me figure out how to transfer my photos and videos off of two Macbook Pros (that are now considered vintage/obsolete) and whose batteries are saying "service battery", and "service battery soon". The computers are 7 years old. I need to get these photos off, I don't care about anything else on them. I am not tech savvy and this is a bit overwhelming, considering I have thousands of photos. I was going to buy an external HD, but even choosing a brand was giving me anxiety. I managed to get Time Capsule (from 2010) 1TB connected, so then I thought hey, I can transfer them to that. Still..... overwhelming. Please help!!
When I port my old settings to the new device can I name the new wifi network exactly what the old wifi network was? And, will doing so mean I won't have to establish brand new connections between my home wifi devices and the new wifi network? In short, the main thing that is holding me back from upgrading my router is that I do not want to have to setup each TV, thermostat, surveillance camera, motion sensor, door bell, smart lock, computer, tablet, cell phone, NAS, video games console, etc.
Anybody else here in 2021?
"Time" - "Capsule" -MiGs lol
I'm looking into purchasing an 2 TB Airport time capsule. Before I buy I would like to know if I would be able access the films I've purchased on iTunes from my iPad even though the films will be stored on the Airport Time Capsule.
reviews in the apple store are terrible, wondering if yours fail also?
Me Put It In The Ground Lol It's A Wi Fi Thing Time Capsule
backup things like what?
Just bought it cause Seagate sucks!
Does the Data reside on the Capsule, or in the Cloud?  With respect to Data :  Access is Ownership.
I bought the 2TB version and couldn't be happier. Wow! My internet is super fast and completely reliable even though it is connected to the router on the other side of the house. Previously I had the Netgear WIFI extender halfway between my mac and my router. The connection kept dropping frequently, downloads were impossible (I had to unconnect everything from my mac and move close to the router and connect to my provider instead of the Netgear). Not anymore. 100% recommend this, the price is a lot compared to others but is totally worth it! And it keeps a backup of my Mac, what more could you want?
I would like to move my new time capsule to a different part of the room. Do you know how to shut it properly? Or do you just pull the plug off? Thanks in advance.
Can you just store normal things like photos and document on it, and view them on my Mac?
Does it work with windows aswell?
Love your vids u said "wand port"
nur theres one under it and on the top :p
Hey Lewis how much did you get it?
What knife is that:-D
got a usb hub connected to mine with a few hdd's and printer but i can seem to set up the printer or even find it.... any ideas? hdd's all work fine :S
I need one
A HUGE iPhone charger!! :D
I feel so dumb but I can't figure this out... I have one Time Capsule on the first floor and one AirPort Extreme in the second floor. Using the AirPort Extreme as a repeater won't work well because they are too far from each other I get only 40 Mbps at best (I usually get 500 Mbps downstairs). Can't I just connect the AirPort Extreme on the second floor through Ethernet to my modem just like my Time Capsule so that I can connect to the same Wi-Fi network with even speeds through my house?
I'm watching this while using 3 of these 1 connected to the router, 2 extenders to cover my house
I wish these were still sold
Why did they call them airport?
I am the most recent comment
Anyone else here looking for these on ebay for half the price?
Looks nice,but the big question is: *Can I land a plane on it?*
Ok wtf is that
did apple just gave up on this?
What does it really do??
I don't understand why Apple went with desktop hdds instead of 2.5" hdds for this!! lol
Not worth for google people sorry playstore people 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🤓🤓😜😜😜
His iPhone: iOS 7 App: I must demand iOS 6
"Time" - "Capsule" -MiGs lol
thumbs up for the detail expose
2019? 2020? 2021? Only me well I guess so
I wish they made an AX2600 10TB Airport Time Capsule
Welcome to 2021 We just put a 12 TB in one of these. ! The 5G wifi is still fast in 2021 !
I wish they would make a WiFi 6 version of this
10x you say the same thing you’re trash bro gtfo out of here
It does have 5ghz it works great too
Is it possible to backup an external USB drive on it?
I love this router. Though I've shut off it's wireless signal and connected it through Ethernet to a switch on the network. All our MacBooks backup and use the time-capsule feature automatically. I even removed the 3TB HD and put in a WD 6TB drive (so easy to do but be careful of the tiny wires). Still great and supported by Apple after all these years!
I have a Time Capsule 2 TB + Airport express as an extender. They work flawlessly. Yesterday I bought a $60 Xiaomi AC2350. It’s built on cheap materials and have problems with dual bands. I stick with my 2013 Time Capsule
Isn't this product discontinued? Did I miss some sort of joke you told about going back in the way past for a product Apple discontinued?
Hi Great video tell me please what version is that you are using? Thanks
Those do have 5G Wi-Fi you have to log into the router and separate them
Can airport extreme can connect with android phone
I have mine still and believe it’s still alive
Hey, this does have 5ghz, open airport utility click edit go to advanced options and click on WIFI settings. You can create the 5ghz channel there
I still use mines lol
nice review
Hi Nick, You said these don't have 5Ghz, I just wanted to make a correction and say these are Dual band routers. 80211ac requires 5ghz to work. I have the Airport Extreme version without the built in hard drive, and it's the same thing when it comes to the router functions. In fact, people don't need the Time capsule version to use Time machine, the stand alone Airport base station has a usb port that allows an external hard drive to be used for time machine. The built in one just eliminates needing an external drive and saving space. I got mine a few years ago new, and it still works great.

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