Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB

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Buy Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB online at Amazon Flipkart. Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB . Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB available in Colours: Gold Grey Silver

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB price at Amazon - ₹209,569

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Flipkart ₹209,569
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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB price at Flipkart - ₹209,569

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Buy Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB online at Amazon Flipkart.
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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB available in Colours:
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Silver

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB Specifications

Primary 12 Megapixels
Size (in inches) 9.7 Inches
General Features
Brand Apple

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iPad Pro 9.7 review
iPad Pro 9.7 review
iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review (Rose Gold 256GB LTE): The Best Tablet
iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review (Rose Gold 256GB LTE): The Best Tablet
iPad Pro 9.7 Review
iPad Pro 9.7 Review
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch Review
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch Review
I'm quite pissed off because they just forgot about the 9.7 inch version and just put in 10.5 and 12 inch versions
4 yrs later I’m still going with this thing as a student in high school. I bought this in 4th grade on launch date and now it’s time to replace it... it’s time for a laptop. And I’m going windows
12 gpu cores.
I got the iPad Pro today at 2020 still good tho
Watching this on my 9.7 inch IPad Pro in 2020
Who’s watching this video after the 2020 IPad Pro came out
This is still really good in 2020, even better with iOS 13 lol. I’m in college and the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard makes it really good for doing work.
Is this recommended for drawing?
Just finished Monument Valley 1 & 2, and came back to this review because the music sounded familiar to me... and voilà! I was a proud owner of the 9.7 iPad Pro before I gifted to someone else. Gorgeous speakers, gorgeous design, gorgeous screen... It’s a wonderful computer, even today. It hasn’t aged a day. With iPadOS, it’s even better. Such good memories from this video ☺️ Thanks, The Verge!
Who’s watching this on Youtube Safari with an iPad Pro running iPadOS in fall 2019?
hey, i came from 2019. apple just release ipados...ops need to go. oh3..theres apple 11 coming out too
In 2019 this iPad is very slow
So hyped for iPad OS
“This is NOT a cheap iPad” I agree with you, but I got this for 250 on eBay, brand new. An added 20 dollars, and I got a case and Apple Pencil. Be cheap, and use places like eBay.
does it come with the pencil and keyboard plz answer
What is the price
Can this run fortnite in 60fps
No matter how much better the iPad gets it’s never going to fully replace a laptop
I’ll rather get a second handed 9.7 inch, right now I saw a £230. I may use it for fortnite. What? My mum has the iPhone X but wonte let me use it.
I’m watching this on my iPad Pro 9.7 no joke I got it for my birthday
I’m getting that iPad 256GB
Is it still worth buying in 2019?
My iPad 10.5 has 256GB
Yes, it's the best tablet:-)! Screw you!
Who's watching on iPad mini I am watching on iPad mini 2
Great video I am getting one in about 2 weeks
I love mi iPad Pro 😍😍 rose gold
very good video
Good well rounded review
Great tablet
Great video. Please keep doing the good job!
what is the app storage of ipad pro 9.7 inch 128 GB????
let's say this ipad has 10 battery life left, how long does it take to reach full charge? because most people hate tablet for their long charging duration.
I have the sprint model 128 GB
I have the original IPad Air, is it worth upgrading to IPad Pro 9.7?
this is one of the best reviews i have ever seen good job
I have to say that I very much love my new iPad Pro. Two features not often mentioned but very much appreciated are the hey Siri always on feature and the Live Photos. Fun additions to the Baby Pro over the big Pro. And with the new 256 GB storage option, managing storage is something I'll probably never need to do again. Siri will turn on your flashlight also, so I can get rid of that flashlight app. You'll have to turn it off with the sleep button though, because she can't do that.
Awesome review thanks 👍🏾😎
I LOVE.the longer, more in depth videos. The longer the better!
Why put “256GB” in the title? ESPECIALLY if you don’t address the actual available capacity, found in Settings. Anyways thumbs 👍
Buying the renewed version was a great decision. JustU.Faith/iPadProo?憧 I saved money, and the iPad looks and works like brand new. I did get a third-party charger, but I'm okay with that. Very pleased with this purchase!
I’m about to double up on this iPad, yea yea I’m late so what loll
Hey cant battle with a pc now APPLE piece of cake
Im watching this with my ipad pro 9.7
Bro all your problems are solved in 2020 bro
I’m watching this on a black iPad Pro the same model
What about now 😂 ?
2:53 I um-
Is this a better option than the 2018 iPad.
I had that iPad today my mom had it for like 3 years it was in 2016 too
Hey there I’m sorry to bother you today but I did not get the money for the rent check and if you could do that work for you and
The 1st iPad with 12MP camera and True Tone
Hey everything apple pro are you using a inferated thermometer to check the temp of the iPad
The cat!!! ❤
Since it has the magnets does this mean it will work with apple pencil 2 ?
Hi, how many display refresh rates does 9.7 pro does? Is it 60hz or 120hz?
اكو عرب بالطيارة
I’m watching this on my iPad Pro 11” (running iOS 12.1.1) and this has definitely replaced my laptop. In fact, I don’t even own one anymore. I just have my iPad and it works great!
Watching on the iPad Pro 9.7
This latest model is top notch JustU.Faith/iPadProo?憧 Easy to set up using my older iPad Pro. What I have already noticed are two significant upgrades. The speakers are much better and the battery life is noticeably better.
That's a lot of storage for a iPad pro cough cough said s10 +
Is there any iPad pro 9.7 in 16gb??
“Nobody wants to see you waving your giant iPad to pay at the grocery store “. Ain’t that the truth 😂
absolutely love this!! Please tell us where you got the wallpaper that is on this reviewed ipad pro 9.7 .
Lisa, you're the best!
What is the aspect ratio?
Anyone know what the pencil she is using is called?
Does anyone know how true tone affects battery life? I would think it would be a drain since it's constantly checking ambient light. Is that the case?
I bought that ipad pro recently
What kind of stand do you use to prop your ipad? I've been looking around, but can't seem to find one on google. Thanks!
Hello, Awesome video!!! I was wondering whether I can connect the ipad pro with any projector or not. If you know some projectors that can connect to ipad,please let me know. Thanks
Great review Thanks :)
Amazing review
I just got the iPad Pro 9.7, 256gb version upgraded from the iPad 3 64gb version, very happy :-)
I got the 128 gb model, LTE service 9.7 inch silver model. I'm literally in love with it. Completely replaced my 2013 MacBook Air. Got the keyboard and it's amazing!!
Dirty pool
Is this the second gen Touch ID.
Could you kindly make a tutorial video explaining how you customised the apple pencil! your 🍎 Pencil looks neat and very useful