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Beats Solo3 Wireless - iPhone 7 Headphones
Beats Solo3 Wireless - iPhone 7 Headphones
Beats Solo3 Wireless Review
Beats Solo3 Wireless Review
Beats Solo3 Headphones Review — Worth the Price?
Beats Solo3 Headphones Review — Worth the Price?
Beats Solo3 unboxing + hands-on with W1 chip pairing process
Beats Solo3 unboxing + hands-on with W1 chip pairing process
I got my beats 7 months ago suddenly it stopped working
Who worse watching this with the studio 3
That was a weird ending...
What’s good beans
Hey Beans, how's the quarantine goin' on??
I love how everyone in my class has fake AirPods ik because you can’t get pink AirPods from Apple, teen we have me getting they exact beats for MY (BROTHERS BIRTHDAY)
I beats my meats
I have black beats solo³
Hi beans
I was kinda disappointed when I got mine. I expected the sound to be SUPER loud. It’s loud but not loud enough for me. I jus expected more from beats (these were my first pair)
hi beans
I just I just want headphones that you know....make sounds and are nice I swear tech people scare me so much because they’ll always tell me I could be using something better
Hey beans from 2020
Hey beans
Yo beans
I bought this for "Quality" and when i Open box i was so suprising that mine doesnt have Any kind of Accesories ( pouch clip , charger cable, Jack Cable) so i realized that if they dont have Quality control then i cant espect any other Quality on this almost 200 dollars headphones, simply i have been stolen for them, ripped. :(
when you have a youtube channel too and buy these and seem to want to make a unboxing video on them?
Facts it’s in the middle
I agree with the comments about the sound quality.
Weird, the bass was not enough for me, the sound was really flat, did I get a defective unit?
What is the the light Indicator above the headphone jack
Bluetooth connectivity works but no sound. The quality is rubbish. I have two headphones from them to date and both have to bite the dust. Save your money.
Are they good enough I don't think coz they are on ear headphones...
Nothing about the mic?
Charge it for five minutes you get 10 minutes play Noise canceling: ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe Sound quality: I don’t know
Is it worth it if they're on sale for $199?
I hate decimal ratings come on... what makes such a difference to give a 7.3 to a 7?
I don’t like that the multifunction no longer mutes when you hold it down and instead enables Siri.
Adjust your equaliser
I have a LG Stylo 5 with a DTS:X3D Surround Sound Feature added. Having The Beats Solo 3 wireless added Make An Amazing Sound Difference!
I really like the “Beats solo 3 wireless” because not only do they connect instantly with the W1 Chip, But also because the audio isn’t as bass heavy as the solo 2’s, the sound is much clearer and the build quality is also naturally good because of the type of plastic they use. Overall the Beats solo 3 are Better than before and I used to be a hater because it was way too bass heavy and the clarity wasn’t as good but these Beats are better.
This is only in iphone???
I think there good now that there a 125 lmao on Black Friday
Do these work with Android phones, are they much better that £15 Chinese wireless headphones? X
i bought a pair of beats solo 3 wireless headphones second hand and was not impressed with the sound quality i think they are over estimated and over priced my cheaper black sony headphones although not wireless sound much more clearer and i only paid something like £15 for them beats are not as good as people say they are just what i think oh and you have alot of trolls on your channel m8 i would delete there comments as some of them are totaly irellivent to this video good video and just what i needed to hear
You can get these for a single Benjamin now. And they work quite well with Android devices. BUT Adam has a valid point about the low end emphasis. For general use they're a good buy but for close listening I'd go elsewhere.
idk if it’s just me but these sound better than the skullcandy riff , and the ones i owned broke. after 2 months of light use
I bought these just because of the non-existent headphone jack thing...
There 140 on Amazon right now go get em!!
Can I borrow your arms? Thanks.
I’ve had a pair of these for 5 years. I still use it for running and for my MacBook. They do tend to hurt my ear after an hour of wearing them. But the Bluetooth is awesome I connect to my Garmin 245 watch and MacBook with no problem switching between them! When I am listening to music I can barely hear my surrounds around me.
They sux..had my only 7month an my bluetooth to connect no more..
they selling for $79 now
Got them for 99$ on amazon it's really good
Whomever is reading this remember to spread as much LOVE AS POSSIBLE, don't litter, help out the homeless and take care of nature please it's really important we gotta take care of eachother and mother earth. thank you and have a blessed life ❤
I’m deciding on getting some do you recommend these ?
where is your location?what is the bridge?iron bridge seems pretty
also i got mine on amazon for about $150
I saw em at Walmart for $159. Should I cop?
Simply the beat headphones I’ve ever came across. Had mines for 2 years and they haven’t failed me
Great reviewwww
Do they slip off when running or when you’re running on the treadmill if you’re sweating
*HA! He’s gotta droid*
he said these are loud lol. where by? no volume button
he has arms like chickens
They’re like 60 buck now
They’re 70 right now on the Beat website because of COVID! Go get em right now!
After a while like an hour it hurts my ears does this go away over time
Isn’t the point of reviewing headphones to tell people what they sound like? That’s what they’re for, sound, not all that other crap.
Nobody talks about how the travel pouch doesn't even fit the beats lol is a struggle putting them back in
*I bought this item about a month ago and kept it for about a week.⚍>**JustU.Faith/Beats-Solo?伎** The sound quality was second to none. It felt as if I was in a music hall. Alas, I returned it because I found that I personally don’t like the feeling of headphones in general*
The pairing card doesn’t show up for me? It just connects on its own? Is this normal?
I dot them black
This guy is annoying. Why the hell would it use a lightning cable? So that only Apple customers can use it?? Also, it has an aux cord so that you can use them even if the battery is dead. This guy is dumb. If you want something that uses lightning and doesn't have an aux port, go buy airpods.
Noise cancelling?
I bought mine (solo 3 club white) and didn't came whith a 3.5 mm jack. Why?
@9to5mac I just need to know if they got this in gold I want this sooooo bad! Great video as always:)
There PLASTIC ??🤥and selling them for so much
What do you mean why there is no Lightning port? They don't want Beats to be exclusive to only Apple users man. That's easy to figure out.
on the voting pole on wich one we’re buying the solo 3s or the airpods a what if u have both 💀😂
Leaving a subscription
Watched this while wearing beats solo 3
You have fakes all cords are supposed to be black sorry dude you got riped off
I have an iPhone XS and beats solo 3's and for some reason the W1 chip does not give me the easy pairing that is shown in this video. Instead I have to go in settings then Bluetooth and connect manually. Someone pleas help!!
I got these a year ago, I was wearing them on a morning jog when it was 40 outside and the headband snapped and they are out of warranty
i want these sooo badd😩😩😩🙁😕😔
I bought these and they are actually. Pretty heavy I did not enjoy that..
I have the exact same color as you I have the silver beats solo 3