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Anker Zolo AK-Z2010011 Bluetooth Headset Features

  • No Cables, No Limits: Flagship Total-Wireless Earphones with revolutionary graphene-enhanced sound, adjustable ambient sound levels, and extended battery life
  • Graphene-Enhanced Sound: Pioneering audio technology delivers jaw-dropping clarity and treble, A sound-tight seal ensures deep bass and exceptional isolation
  • 48 Hours of Power: Get 35 hours of playtime from a single charge then boost that to 48 with the included charging case
  • Smarter Sound: PUSH AND GOTM ensures ultra-fast pairing between devices, while a tap activates Smart AI or toggles sound isolation
  • 18 months warranty

    The lowest Anker Zolo AK-Z2010011 Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹3,389 at Amazon.
    Buy Anker Zolo AK-Z2010011 Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon.
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    Anker Zolo AK-Z2010011 Bluetooth Headset Specifications

    Compatible Models Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet
    Connectivity Bluetooth
    Design In ear canalphone
    Fit In the Ear
    Open or closed back Closed Back
    Type Wireless
    Noise isolation Yes
    Replaceable earbuds Yes
    Box Contents Earbuds, Carrying Case, USB Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card
    Brand Anker
    Model Zolo AK-Z2010011
    Title Anker Zolo AK-Z2010011
    Warranty 1 Year
    Microphone Yes
    Driver type Dynamic Driver
    Magnet Material Neodymium
    Physical Design
    Colours Black
    Eartip size Large, Medium, Small

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    Anker Zolo AK-Z2010011 Bluetooth Headset Reviews from YouTube

    Zolo Liberty by Anker: Truly Wireless Earphones For $79
    Zolo Liberty+ Unboxing - Bluetooth Wireless Earphones / Headphones by Anker
    Apple AirPods vs Anker Zolo Liberty | Battle of the Buds!
    Anker Zolo Liberty Total-Wireless Review
    So where's the review! Would've been quite intresting to your point of view on these!
    my name is zolo
    CORRECTION ZOLO LAST 100 hours just with fully charged box
    Just want to add that the liberty + also have the zolo app
    you cant listen to one zolo while charging the other.... u forgot that part. im returning my zolos because of that
    I have Zolo's now and I think there is a problem in the sound because they sound really quiet.
    I have these now. Is anyone else being asked to speak up when you are using these? Is there a volume issue with the receiver?
    I got my Zolos at Walmart on sale for 49 bucks 😎
    hey are the those the liberty plus or lite
    I had my zolo's for a week and they suddenly stopped charging I don't know why
    My son has the apple pods and after debating that they were better then my zolo’s he now finds himself using them and says he likes them better to watch movies lol 😂 I guess sometimes you can’t admit you were wrong huh my beautiful child.
    I love them so much! I don’t understand why reviews keep saying phone calls can only be heard in one pod I don’t have that problem 🤷‍♀️
    There have been 2 more generations since the zolos. Maybe try them?
    how is posible that the airpods have better audio?
    Can you use them one earbud at a time like the AirPods
    Airpods look ridiculous when i wear it, it’s like having a lollipop stick on my ear
    what about the lag while watching videos?
    of course airpods are better. and you don't tap the zolos, you press em.
    Is there a lag with zolo while watching videos?
    Excellent review, just what I wanted to hear. But I gotta ask about the mic quality. How is the sound quality on the other end when you make calls with them. Because in my experience very few offer as good mic quality as the airpods.
    i dont have any oth these issues got mine on newegg, and i never have any hisses or pops or any kind of LAG, i know wht lag is as im a PC builder/gamer/enthusiast and know all about LAG.... WOW??? must be using a BT 4 or less device???? im usingmy Samsung Gear S3 Fronteir Smart Watch. my watch batt, dies long before these buds do and still not haveto charge the buds, as i said not issues, something is wrong with ur kit??
    Why are you wearing makeup like BTS? Makeup on men is super cringey. Please stop this weird ladyboy trend.
    This was a stupid review, more of a everything bad
    Wow, you just thrash these. I own appx 20 pair of wireless buds and these are consistently in my favorite three of them all. I experience none of the 'issues" you purport to have with them.Just seems like an irresponsible review on a few levels.
    Who else is watching this video while listening with the Zolo Liberty (+) and not experiencing any of the mentioned connectivity issues?
    Please, always show the sound chart
    This is my second pair. I love them till just yesterday all of a sudden my left earbud will not connect to the right. I am sick of trying. I have tried and tried. Does anyone have anymore ideas for me to fix this. I don't know what else to do.
    Have had these for a whole year and never experienced one issue u said in this video.
    One year later all complaints on this video have been fixed.
    Has anyone experienced the sound going off and on while the phone is in your pocket?
    You got a bad unit.
    I'm using these now . Love em. 😀
    I’ve just got my pair and fuck the lag is very bad but they sound amazing
    So cute Lilly
    Great review but I've never lost connection with Bluetooth. Not much hissing either and no lag time. Maybe I got lucky. Thanks
    I actually found these are rather good headphones but i have the newer redone model not the plus but they are newer. I know this because the headphones last for 5 hours and have 40 hours more of charge with the case the original ones have 3.5 hrs and 24 with case. Most of those probs have been fixed. Not quite as much hiss, good sound quality and decent volume, not the best bass but still damn good. The only bad part is very rarely the right headphone drops instead of the left but not often. And as i said before i don't have the liberty plus model. I also had a pair of equally priced jam true live wireless buds that where not as good in any of the categories you could think of too compare them in, except that they where louder but didn't sound anywhere as good
    Don't buy these.... They're not worth the money. .. Having a lot of issues with the left earbuds not working. Oh and that's was my replacement from my first defective ones. The first original pair lost connectivity every 30 seconds. It'll work well for a few songs and then all of a sudden goes crazy. Spend your money somewhere else. These are garbage.
    Fuck these earbuds, I've had them for like 2 weeks and the left earbud almost never works, more like it works when it wants to #FUCKZOLO
    Do u recommend the zolo liberty or sudio niva?

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