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Analysis of Suspension Loads on the Audi Tdi Lmp1 Car Book Reviews from YouTube

Audi Suspension Explained Presentation Event
How it Works Audi Suspension Technology & History 1931-2020
Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes Benz Active/Adaptive Suspension Technology
How Different Types of Suspension System Works? Explained in Details
I'm just in love with my A8 D4 2015, what a mother ship and highway king.. but and about reliability? It is so scary and frustrating when I get a "beep" sound, followed by a yellow message in front of my eyes saying: "AIR SUSPENSION SYSTEM FAULT". In a car that followed all maintenance schedules and was always drove with care. Because of systems problems like that, you can buy a car like mine for US$22k in US. I piece of art vehicle that should have a great resale value.
Which will have less body roll for a 2020 TT RS, magnetic or fixed suspension? 20 inch wheels, but could go smaller
How It Works Audi e-tron engine & gearbox - AUDI Electric Motor Production - video
Das auto
Audi is far away from other cars on road grip engineering but consumers don't know this, they only looking for how vehicle looks like. Otherwise, too much systems on prone to more faults. Really expensive to fix and generally not repairable right by unofficial mechanics
The front suspension lower rear control arm should be in the front not in the back wrong engineering
Doesn't come from compromise, it comes from action!
Citroen had an advanced system in their top-of-the-line C6 but that was a while ago.
mercedes definitely has the best suspension
Bmw had excellent suspension better then MB and Audi MB had worst suspension in my experience only for short term airmatic suspension is garbage always will found air leaking Audi also same, Bmw had durable suspension and long term. BMW is Beast.
Any other Benz people here know Benz is the best in the business? BMW doesn't even have a suspension thats close to Mercedes ABC or MBC lol. Adaptive suspension is not at all similar.
Do all bmws have adaptive suspension i have a 2017 340i
Audi gives true quality at true price. Not show off like other's
chill,,. ! new subscriber.
Great video!
Great video!
BMW makes an ultimate driving machine, others do not.
Nice video!
Audi #1
that's a bad video , bmw system is different than what audi and merc and incomparable
This is nothing to brag about, now THIS is adaptive suspension:
I love my wife's 440i xdrive. Might just go get myself a little Christmas present this year
All of these better use Reiber Absorbers
BMW! the Ultimate Driving Machine!!!
Were I beam
This video is good but it would have been so worth it to have a real narrator rather than some translating robot. It's hard to follow because of annoying robot. But thank you anyway for the video
I love your videos sir. ......I have been always fascinated by your videos the way you teach and animate is to the next level...and the topics are really really good and important
Excellent explanation. Great job guys!
What type of suspension the Rolls Royce use in their cars
Tata and Mahindra need to learn about suspension.
It hurts but it helps.
It's the best for me .lol
Love ur skills from India
Everything about cars are genius every simple detail is so thought through and technical to the tee. That's why I love engineering
Very nice. We are very happy to know suspension system. Please show and explain us all over knowledge about suspension system and show test of famous cars company's suspension positionafter loading full passengers and luggage.
Thanks ...learned a lot!
What about the semi-independent system?
You did not make drawing of torsion bar.
Great post. Thanks a lot
Super informative to be honest.The breakdowns are basic fundamentals, and easy to digest.
Superbgo on:)
You left out the Hydropneumatic suspension, a type suspension system designed by Paul Mags, invented by Citron, and fitted to Citron cars, as well as being used under licence by other car manufacturers, notably Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Peugeot. It clearly the very best type.
Awesome video! Everything was easy to understand and simple for the average person. One suspension system I would have liked to be included is the i-beam with is like a solid axle but a little different.

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