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Analysis of Delta Airlines' business areas and company overview Book Reviews from YouTube

Delta Airline's Industry Analysis
How Delta Became The Most Profitable Airline In The World
FinShiksha - Industry Analysis - Airlines Industry
Delta Corp Ltd Company Analysis || Delta Corp Ltd || Fundamental Analysis ||
nonstop dan, i like your vlogs, but when it comes to analyis , you struggle quite a bit to nail down the most important points. You make it a little more complex than it needed to be, and often make unfair comparisons. Sometimes, the answer to these questions can be really simple.
"Delta recognized the need to reduce competition". Ahh, capitalism ;)
Delta all the way go delta
Why because Micah works for them
#1 DELTA. I only fly delta
Always fly delta
From a business perspective, they are amazing. From a passenger experience, just underwhelming! (Compared to Asian / European / & Middle East airlines)
i think its because of their Delta Miles Program!
Everyday this p of s bothers me, because the grass is greener there, ya ok, the grass is greener at delta
When it comes to using US airlines, I always TRY to use Delta. It's not because of there frequent flyer program (that isn't very good) or their air crafts, seats or comfortability (leg room etc) or any onboard 'perks'. but it is for their staff, and the FREEDOM their staff has to sort out things. Take for example an obese person, and compare his or her situation on Delta, as well as on code sharing airlines like KLM and Air France. Those European airlines has clear and absolut rules regarding big passenger. If you can't sit down with both armrests down or a belt extender isn't enough to lock you in the seat, you have to buy a second seat. or leave the aircraft. No question and no discussion. However, Delta look at this in another way. If the flight isn't full, even the check-in staff (or gate staff) try to sit you with a free seat in the middle. The actual staff on the plane then try to move people around so that it will be possible for the big person to fly (already here you see that cabin staff has more freedom in sorting out issues. something KLM and Air France cabin crew dont have due to ridgid rules). This does not mean Delta don't recommend obese passengers to buy a second seat, and on a full flight they might have no option, but its a kind of attitude Delta has. I don't know if it is a management tool to 'let the crew solve problems there and then' or if Delta has a better staff training, but I think its a bit of both. Anyway, this was JUST an example. I have seen Delta cabin crews dealing with a rather drunk passenger in a very effective way. He was loud and very disruptive, so the crew found new seats for the two people next to him, suggested he lay down and gave him a free vodka (yes really). He slept quietly all the way to London, and when we landed, the Police picked him up (and I guess charged him!?!). I am sure that other airlines would have planned emergency landings or air marchals hand-cuffed him with screams and whatever for the rest of the flight. but this way everyone on the flight was happy, and no disruption to flight scheduling or anything else. We were just happy to have a calm and quiet rest of the flight back to London. Delta cabin crews are the best. In economy and business (first class in US Domestic) the crew's are the best, even if Delta's seats and food leave a lot to desire. However, this is only my opinion.
I'd just take back NWA. Delta is not a great airline, their customer service is terrible. I have had better luck on Spirit. They actually put you in the seats you reserve and dont split up familys at the last minute. I am no fan of Delta, they are expensive and not worth it. Frontier and Spirit will offer such a better price, it is business travlers they count on. But now most companies are re-thinking in person meetings. The economy seats (after all the other 8 classes they dreamed up) arent any better than any one else. It is like riding a bus.
Delta is a really good airline
also your "Detroit" red dot is a bit off ;-)
being based in Atlanta is huge
Short answer: They merged with Northwest Airlines based out of Minnesota which had a huge impact on adding quality people to their airline. Delta was mediocre on service before that merger.
Getting bailed out must be nice! While small mom and pop business get denied everything
As a loyal Alaska Airlines customer (MVP Gold!) I have to give credit to Delta. For a big three airline, it delivers. When I fly Delta I'm going to get a good (not great. good) experience, with superior entertainment options, that arrives and departs on time. I will make my connection, every time. Their app is second to none (Alaska needs to catch up). (From Seattle) they offer a flight to wherever I want to go, all day long (with frequencies using a variety of 738s, 739s, 221s, 223s, and E175s). Oh, and did I mention that their hubs are incredible? SLC is gorgeous, MSP and DTW are modern and well-organized, and JFK T4 is the best that NYC has to offer. No wonder business travelers love them!
Here is the real answer: political graft .the commie kind. Having flown on it and suffered cancellations they sukkey tghe big one. And they are pro mask.unbelievable.
I am a foreign pioneer traveler from the 9o,s I was flying around the USA often by the delta company and, I was often satisfied with accurate and formulated service with compliancyThanx, but the stigma of life and it's consensual still in crises of various types let down on all. Worthy the attention of the good will hunting in prior to the safety, it should be heard of the, opt of designing a evac chuteblast capsule exit for all passenger classes to deplete from the flight in case of immediate response to all emergency due to terror or lack of flight capabilities that shall help us all use flight securely surely via.
Superb.Neatly explained ️
Thank you
Amazing thank you. Can u do for insurance industry?
Thanks so much
could you please do a video on design industry in aviation in india and its basis sir
I don’t understand. If it’s supply constraint, how can there be price wars or lower capacity utilisation
Excellent explanation
Is there pilot demand in aviation industry now?
Very interesting talk , we could understand the subject . With approx 15% growth rate stipulated , what could be main sub heads for reducing operating costs in our Country . Taxes on ATF of course one but how do we reduce Aircraft and Aero Engines lease rentals ? Thanks would follow up . Air Vice Marshal Rakesh Yadav New Delhi
That was outstanding, can you send me a report on the same for my research
Great please make more other sector analysis
great to watchpls share the details about other sectors too like milk, polymer, textiles from credit point of view
Just amazing. Particularly I like the calculation of breakeven point that you show by no. Of kehlekar of southwest was calculating and communicating this to his employees exactly in the say you have shown.
Loved the video. Very insightful. Looking forward to more such industry analysis
Can you name the sources for the data (if they are available online)?
This session was very enriching and atleast i got the basic idea about this industry. I would request finshiksha to please come up with more videos on other industries as well.
Thank you so much for the comprehensive analysis of airline industry. It is useful for me.

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