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Amigo AM15 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar : Musical ...

Amigo AM15 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar : Musical Instruments. ... Item model number, ‎AM15. String Material, ‎Nylon. Number of Strings, ‎6.


PACO PENA Miniature Guitar Classical Acoustic : ...

Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Product information. Technical Details. Brand, ‎ARTSTUDIO35.


PACO PENA Miniature Guitar Classical Acoustic : ...

ब्रांड, ‎ARTSTUDIO35. प्रोडक्ट की माप, ‎8.89 x 1.27 x 22.86 cm; 100 ग्राम. प्रोडक्ट का पार्ट नंबर, ‎43211-30263.


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  • Key specs are not available.

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Amigo AM15 Acoustic Guitar Reviews from YouTube

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Looked up this vid after using this guitar for about 3 days. Just started and dont know much. Thought I just sucked, which Im sure I do, but Im gonna send it back. Thanks for confirming my hypothesis.
10:02 that noise... I was so concerned
"You have to tie the strap-on behind the nut"
I have a classical Guitar, Alahambra, and it doesn't have fretsigns either.
I want to learn how to play guitar I was going to buy that one but now Im not sure
I bought one of those in black, and yeah, the bridge was ripping off. They must not have used very strong glue.
instead of troat that away ,you schould gave that to a poorwe know thats not so good but , was beter give that to a poor
What camera and lens did you guys shoot the opening cinematic in? Did you grade with a lut? I see some fellow camera nerds over at alamo
100 percent dont buy that for a beginner Ibanez Yamaha and fender make great beginner guitars good enough that guys that play really expensive guitars when we play what we consider are beginner guitars are actually impressed I played a beginner Ibanez the other day that thing played like butter and playability is the most important for a beginner then work up to a guitar that has better tone later but the ones I listed their beginner guitars dont sound amazing but they dont sound bad either
You practically roasted this guitar! Haha, good job.
Yeah. I know. I am done with 100 dollar pieces of crap.
i had this guitar when i was like 8 i think and it was what made me get out of guitar for like 5 years but i got a good 100 dollar guitar a couple years ago and im happy i got back into it
Mine is for 30 dollars
Enjoyed the humorous beginning. Good review. p.s. I would have put a nylon set of strings on right away.
Im using this guitar as a bow to hunt birds
Could someone recommend a good guitar for beginners?I don't know anything about guitars and I would like to learn how to play!!!!
I have a guitar like this and by the look of this, it looks and sounds like Kapok brand guitar....which was the guitar tht I started playing on for my first few years...and yes it was a terrible guitar indeed...cuz another tht he said abt the accent being high is cuz...theres no damn truss rod ...which is wht damages the situation more so yeah if I had a kid who wants to learn how to play the guitar, Im sure as hell i aint getting him this one
I'm sure at some point he ungritted his teeth
The one nice thing is that the neck is not too wide like most classical guitars. I wonder what would have happened if you had changed the strings to nylon before tuning.
Youve been playing for years and have trouble without fret markers?
Yamaha FS80c is now available on amazon :
Plz suggest me. Dreadnought or Grand auditorium?
Which guitar is better? Yamaha fs 80c or FS 100c? What's the difference between the two?
Beginner ke liye acha hai.. But bass seems missing from balanced tone.Maybe strings change can help.
Sir make a give away or a contest ,in which we will send you our music ,only instrumental and only guitar, it might be a rhythm or a solo and if you like it, you will give that person a good guitar as a prize. Sending you the video can be done, in your preferred platform. Please keep the platform, easy for everyone and please don't keep any age restrictions, so that everyone will be able to participate in this contest.
Sir mujhe aap se classes leni he
Are the Yamaha F-310, F-280 and F-280C lightweight guitars? If they are not too heavy like Epiphone and Fender, I'll buy one as I'm looking for a full-fledged dreadnought that is lightweight.
Can anyone suggest me can I go for this guitar !!! Plzzz help to get best guitar in this price range
I'm yours is lob
Sir plzz tell me which guitar should i buy? Yamha f280 or fs80C f280 is out of stock in amazon
Which is better for Beginners FS80c or FS100c?I want cutaway guitar under 10k
Yeh acha hai kya
Isse behatar honest review world mein koi ni bataya mjhe
Sir is it better than Ibanez md39C
What do you think about the ones with fishman electonics?
Sir i have yamaha fs80c , can i use Daddario EZ920 stringsI mean it will not harm my guitar neck?
Bhaiya i want your cheapest guitar in 1k please help me i cant afford more than this but i wanna give it to my sis she is very good singer but our family doesn't support her bhaiya can you help?
Yamaha fs80c or f280
So chalie start karthe hai, he is Technical guitarist, any way thanks helped me a lot
Sir i have one question that which guitar is better yamaha f280 or yamaha fs80c? I want to buy one of the guitar among these two. Pls help me out
Sir it is not found on Amazon this particular variant
Medium sized cutaway acoustic guitar
There is new vault EA 40 natural .... Is it better
Is there a aux port in this
What do you think about the new design they uploaded the video 4 days ago about it on bajaao yt channel
Sm1 PLZZ tell me strings spacing with scale in cm from nut plzz
im yours song
can you suggest me mahogany wood guitar
Sir, vault ea40 or Yamaha f280 which is better, please reply
Which is best IbnezMD39C or VaultEA40
Which is the best guitar for beginners
That is not "Zebrawood". That is solid Spruce
Henrix guitar pro should buy or not
Hello sir vault ea40 aur kadence electro accoustic series dono meh se kon si lene se sahi hga i mean which one is better please batadena iam confused I want to buy new guitar
Sir ye guitar to ab mil hi nahi rahi .iska naam search kiya to dusre edition dikha rahi hai
Bro bigfoot k guitars ka bhi review kro custom guitar banate h wo goa m..YouTube p dekhe mene unki videos...
Hello Lakshay Sir....What is your opinion about the new EA 40...Solid top one?
Yamaha f310 lena chahiA ya Vault EA40....For beginners.sound quality to do ki achhi he fir bhiYamaha trusted brand mana jata he and popular bhi h...Pr vault bhi achha lagaDono mese konsa lena chahiA plz suggest kijiAYa competitors he indono k koe dusre guitar to wo bhi bataiye indono ke alawa koe dusre honge to....Thanks
Sir please suggest me some good guitars under rupees 12000
the sustain & tone is bad in this guitar, one of my student brought this and its not worth
Links to the best acoustic guitars we listed in today's acoustic guitar review video:1. Alvarez AF30US: CA: UK: *********************************2. Fender CD-60SUS: CA: UK: *********************************3. Martin D-28US: CA: UK: *********************************4. Seagull S6 OriginalUS: CA: UK: *********************************5. Luna GypsyUS: CA: UK: *********************************6. Yamaha FG800US: CA: UK:
The title of this should be affordable acoustic guitars. They got the Martin d 28 correct as a top acoustic but the price doesnt compare to the other. Yamaha 830 price compared to a Martin d28? Come on. If youre going to list the Martin d28 then Taylor should have been listed also along with Collings, Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, Huss and Dalton and so much more. Now those are absolutely the great acoustic guitars.
How about redoing this, but unbiased. Purposely made the Martin sound bad, and no Taylors included. Taylors are the bang for your buck.
A perfect presentation on showcasing the top line of guitars. This is how to do it. Keep it up mate.
If you put the Martin D28 on here to compare with the others, I can assure you that all the other 4 should be replaced with higher quality guitars.Pretty weird to compare a 3000$ guitar to a 500$ guitar. Also, you did not include information on *every* guitar if it is solid top / layered top / laminate top and solid back and sides / layered back and sides / laminated back and sides. And thirdly; not comparing the guitars under the same circumstances? Get out of here WatchMojo!
Seagull or Alvarez only guitars worth purchasing. By far not worthy of a top 5 list but well worth what they charge. The d45 may sound as good but if i were to spent 3 grand on an acoustic id look for a decent used Lowden or Santa Cruz both worthy of a top 5
You guys are full of sh**, I'd put my Taylor 814CE up against any of these guitars ( including the D 28) and blow them away. Seems as though y'all are about as smart as the majority of Democrats!!!!
Sir I am breaking my high e string of ausotic guitar again and again. Like 2 times a day. I am just so tired of it. Whenever tuning the tuning peg seems to get tighter and tighter eventually breaking the string unlike other tuing pegs. What should I do? Please help me.
I wonder baton rouge is not there
You haven't heard good guitar tone until you've played a Furch...
Yamaha and seagull... MARTIN never heard one sound that bad.. INTENTIONALLY Where WERE TAYLOR'S
How is your opinion so much better than all the other opinion? I can say the same thing in six words. "You get what you pay for."
Guy doing the introduction kept talking about "tools" and never mentioned the word guitar. All of these are entry level acoustics except the Martina and to a lesser degree the Seagull. I own a Fender CD 60S but in no way should it be considered one of the six top acoustic guitars. Folks doing this video have no idea what they are doing. At least when it comes to guitars.
Martin is the best guitar hands down, but what happened did the guy not know how to tune it?
Which one of these things is not like the others? If this is intended to be a true assessment of the best guitars available, then 5 of the 6 don't belong. If it's intended to be the best guitars for beginners (who presumably don't want to pay too much), then the Martin D-28, at roughly $3000, definitely doesn't belong. I get that many players can't afford the high end, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Alvarez, Fender, Seagull, Luna, or Yamaha guitars; however, to include them in a list of the "Best Acoustic Guitar in 2019" is simply ridiculous.
Well done if you think you can buy Guitars like Coffee Makers, If you're not a consumer but a musician you know better...
It`s all just a matter of opinion....& trust me that`s all it is......the best guitar is one you like...
What do you think about tayler and suzuki guitars
bullshit ad for lousy guitars
Free:Thanks so q

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