Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2)

Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) online at Amazon. Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2)

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The lowest Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) Price in India is ₹8,145 ₹5,952 at Amazon.
Buy Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) online at Amazon.
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Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2)

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Does Almay Smart Shade Really Match Your Skin Tone?
Does Almay Smart Shade Really Match Your Skin Tone?
Wow! Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Skintone Matching Makeup
Wow! Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Skintone Matching Makeup
Tutorial Using Almay's Smart Shade Foundation!!
Tutorial Using Almay's Smart Shade Foundation!!
Easy Everyday Makeup Routine
Easy Everyday Makeup Routine
Wow it looks good. I love it cause it has mineral sunscreen.
In target is $8.99
Horrible makeup review......... Use your fingers ladys
I use it with my fingers, and I really like it, 😎
This is amazing I have really weird tone. It worked for me so well. No cakey face. No clogged pores and sweating during the summer omg love it!!
Does anyone know where to get or what type of shirt that grey one is??
Doing it wrong!
That was terrible
They both look grey.
Whatever brush you both used... That looked like the worst way to put this on. Regular foundation wouldn't be even either. Wtf
Mine matched perfectly same with the concealer
That was the weakest foundation application I've ever seen...blend it using your fingers or a beauty blender...
They used way too much and didn't blend it out... You should use your fingers
It was made to use with your fingers, not a brush which is probably why it doesn't look that good (in my opinion)
U should try the mousse of the Almay foundation
This looks disgusting on the skin tbh.
When I used it, it made my skin look ashy, patchy, and too light.
Tutorial please for makeup for women over 40
i would really like to try this out !
You're supposed to apply with your fingers to activate it.
its not full coverage. its not meant to be full coverage.
Looks nice on you! Please tell me whst primer you used. Thank you.☺
If its white...... use ya fingers to blend into skin.... not a friggin brush... jeez!!!!!
Supposed to use the heat from your hands to activate colour 😊
Love your video. I, like you, am not a teenager anymore...i love your look. I did notice the difference in your skin after the almay was applied. Looks really light and natural. Very pretty. Just up my alley. I’m going out and get some tomorrow. I’ve tried heavier foundations and they always look like I’m wearing a mask. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much for reviewing this product. 😁
This is my absolute favorite foundation! I always get compliments on my skin, and it looks incredibly natural. I really hate the matte vs. dewy look, and this falls in the middle. It lasts all day, and I have found it works BEST if I use my fingers. Great video! I wish more people knew about this make up.
You should use your hands to blend,the warmth turns the color.
I love this stuff, but now with the new packaging. I guess I'll go with the number I picked the first time. I use number 300.
What type of brush did you use to apply the foundation? Thank you!
I like to use my hands to blend this into my skin.its magic when you do it with your hands.Not the brush you used. I guess what I'm trying to say is the warmth of your hands/fingers warms it up to evenly distribute it.
Just an FYI, you get better coverage when you use your fingers because it activates the color much faster.
Also great color match! Xoxo 💋 Nicole
I love this stuff omg I have the regular one and the anti aging as well.. this stuff is absolutely amazing! It is like a B.B. cream but I think you can build up if you apply in certain areas you need more coverage . I don’t like the cakes look either I love this because it’s like so natural.. I reviewed this on my channel also it was so good!! Loved this video and your content is awesome 💕 you look very young got skin is beautiful.. I just hit the big red button and I hit the bell 🛎 also.. I have recently started my own beauty channel and I love it.. hope to stay connected!!💕💕thanks again for sharing with us love 💕 XOXO 💋 Nicole
I bought it since I have had the hardest time finding the same shade when its almost time to replace it. Plus having to blend 2 colors is more expensive in between seasons. haha SO, it makes sense no more mismatched colors or undertones. Your review on this product and demo is everything I could hope for-I want to look and feel natural too-not cakey. haha I am very excited to try the product tmrw morning, along with the Garnier Clearly Brighter eyes eye roller. Sub'd and look forward to more of your videos.
You are beautiful!! I enjoyed this video!!
I love Almay products. As I have sensitive skin Almay doesn’t irritate my face or eyes. Thank you for reviewing this product. 💋💋
You look great! Did you try it for a work day? Did you use a setting powder?.. Love the lipstick! <3
Hard to hear and camera too far away.
why are you yelling?
Loved this tutorial!!!
Very luminous and beautiful! ♡
Doing this eye look today!! So pretty!! Love it. xoxo
great job, i will need to check out that Almay foundation, it looks perfect!
this is a pretty look i have used the almay smart shade some time ago it has been a while though and i remember it was a product my skin liked will have to try it again xx
Hi Ivett!! Un Oh, another Almay! looks good ...I'll still wait for your review...Like the Nudestick eyebrow in Dirty Blonde...Lipstick looks beautiful on you...Ah, but then you are beautiful...Enjoy the tutorial with Almay Smart Foundation....Have a great weekend....Hugs :))))) <3
So beautiful friend! Love that lip combo & you just reminded me to bust out my naked basics palette! XO Nicole
Istenem Ivett milyen GYONYORU a szajfenyed!! Jajj mennyire szeretnek egyet en is de itt meg nem lehet kapni. Gyonyoru vagy es nagyon nagyon tetszik a sminked!! Sok sok puszi Eniko
Hi Ivett, beautiful look you shared with us. thank you. I too really love the almay products and I have to try the almay foundation shade that adjusts to your skin again I always loved it before. I bought the almay primer you shared with us and the tlc foundation and im loving it too. take care and thanks or sharing. hugs sherry
Looking great! Loving your cheek combo! I guess I'll be checking out Almay.😊
So pretty!! Your hair also looks amazing! 💗
Good to see you, have a great weekend pretty lady!
Very Pretty! A few weeks ago I bought the L'Oreal BB cream in light and it's suppose to adjust to your skin color. Omg.... it comes out of the tube white and when I rubbed it in my skin turned orange! LOL So, needless to say I was curious when you said the Almay foundation has that technology to blend in with skin tone. It looks great on you so I may need to try this one. :)
Looking good pretty lady😊 Great look on you👍🏻 I see you have been loving your Naked palette‼️
Beautiful tutorial! Forgot about my naked basics, have to get it out agin lol do you prefer that instead of the TF matte palette?
Hi there Ivett...missed you 💟 Thanks for the lovely tutorial
Ya, glad to see you was starting to worry ... Looking beautiful as usual :) I love the Naked Basic 2, I think I need the 1 as well!!
Loved this look! Can't wait to try it myself!!
you are so stunning! your make up is so beautiful 😊