Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 Light Medium 200 Set of 2

Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) online at Amazon. Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2)

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Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) price at Amazon - ₹5,952 ₹8,145

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The lowest Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) Price in India is ₹8,145 ₹5,952 at Amazon.
Buy Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2) online at Amazon.
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Almay Smart Shade Makeup with Foundation SPF 15 (Light , Medium 200) (Set of 2)

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Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup - Full Review
❤️❤️❤️❤️ litttt
You can get it at Target.
I watched the whole video to see if you caught on but this foundation is not supposed to be applied with a beauty blender. You use your hands.
Your using it wrong. U blend it together in your hand because the heat is what helps change the color and then u put on your face with your fingers . U are using way to much. U don’t use a blender for that. That is why u look so pale
i think you shuld use your hands to aply .. because de heat in your hands activate the pearls of color
This is my favorite foundation. You only need about a dime sized amount and have to use your fingers to blend it. Just wash your hands right before.
Same thing happened to me, with the sponge it made my face look casper white. I did try it with my fingertips, it worked that way but I agree, I don't like using my fingers either, it's gross. I feel like it needs heat to adapt to your skintone 🤔🤔
Yes, It looks better with the powder
😂😂 Girl u had me dead! You like “this is not cute” lol
Your bun is so cute Jaria😍😍 that foundation is interesting. The shade range is terrible 🤦🏽‍♀️
Hey Jaria, it is always great to save money :) You definitely look pale and I think maybe it's not your color but it did look better after you used your finger to blend it in. It did look better after you added the powder on top and I wouldn't wear it alone either. Love the honest review but it does look 100% better with the powder. FW.
You blend so nicely, good and interesting review
😂😂girl you had me rolling “look at this” but girl I have tried that bs 🤦🏽‍♀️ I do not like it, on camera it looks decent tho
I always like your video before i watch it lol.. at first I’m like wth then you added the powder and i said to myself okkk it gave your face a nice natural look.. your hair is cute!😍
This foundation looks so good on you!!
Great review x
Oh no it’s turning out white... 😨
Okay I’m shook
I wish I had seen this video before I bought the almay foundation :/ it is really bad! It gives absolutely no coverage, and it is super expensive for what it does.
Read so many bad reviews on this bb cream but decided to give it a try anyway 😅 Is amazing on my dry sensitive pale skin i am blown !
laura mercier luminous tinted moisturized forever!!!!
Okay but does anyone know where her earrings are from because I need them. Lol
Hi Billi Eillish!
I loove the Almay Smartshade. I warm it up really well like a moisturizer before i apply it. Also doing it that way you dont feel the grittiness.
My experience (combination skin, rosacea) has been nothing but great for the foundation. I don’t believe in primer and I prefer only a light coverage so for me this is an excellent drugstore option for oily skin and light coverage. I use a brush and didn’t feel any of the grit you stated. Color match for my warm undertone Light/Medium was spot on. It survives the gym too. Hmm. I gotta respectfully disagree with you on this one... at least for my skin type.
The foiled eyeshadow by Almaty in “Golden Vibes” is fantastic! Makes green eyes pop & lasts all day. LOVE!
New Subscriber here - holy moly! You have my coloring, blue/purple undereyes, and eye color! AWESOME. ...But, that Almay makeup - does it look as green/yellow in person as it does on camera? D: I love how positive your subbies are
Really enjoyed this style of video, a few products from 1 brand and how they wear
You will love the lip color Be Strong.
Ur skin looks GORG in this vid!!
I enjoyed the more focused look at just a few products. I hope you do more of these kind of videos. Also, the video quality was really good. I like that you brought us in a little closer so we could see better how the products applied.
I remember using that almay shade matching foundation when it first launched in the mid 2000’s!
I use this foundation every single day. It’s my holy grail. EVERY single foundation I’ve ever tried (from $5-$60 foundations) cake on me. I can wear this for 10 hours and it still looks incredible.
Love that makeup look!
BB & CC creams always turn orange!!
Jessica, I wanted to let you know I have 4 shades of the lipstick. Two mattes & 2 cremes. One of the mattes is a Barbie pink...ONG, don’t go there! It literally stains my lips when I wear it. The other 3 shades are absolutely beautiful! (Just an FYI) I hope this helps!
Have you tried the missha skin care?
Jess that seriously shows how cool toned you are. You have so much pink in your ski and that looks like a yellow mask.. Never use that again. Return it if you can lol someone tell almay to stop producing that 😩😩
You should try the light. Light/medium is too can really see the color difference on your neck.
i'm so glad you used your fingers as the manufacturer recommends!! i have seen several videos where the person has tried a sponge or brush and said the stuff is awful and doesn't work when the manufacturer clearly states you need to use the fingers to activate the chemical reaction. love the update. and, like you, i think the only thing that holds me back on scoring it higher is the SPF. which it was at least a 30. i have found that this blends better or more naturally than the Josie version
Your freckles are so beautiful, love the makeup look!
Just purchased this! Can’t wait to try it out! Check out my 5 days of foundation! :)
So what’s the point of shades if it’s smart to match yr shade?? Lol
I’m glad it didn’t cover up your freckles
I found my sister old one she use to used liqud is kinda blah think from being old so i have to go see if they got same kind brand from Walmart
Love ur freckels
I have watched so many negative reviews on this product. I am applying as I am watching this video so far I think it looks super nice on my skin! I do like the fact that you gave it a fair chance before reviewing for your channel.
I love foundation reviews! Thank you for posting this video. The blue eyeshadow looks amazing on you!
Watched this entire thing because we have similar skin tones and makeup routines. So cute!