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Amazon Offers ₹310
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Allen A-141 Speakers

The lowest Allen A-141 Speakers Price in India is ₹310 at Amazon.
Buy Allen A-141 Speakers online at Amazon.
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Allen A-141 Speakers Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Allen
Item model number Allen Minispeaker A-141
Item Weight 18 g
Manufacturer Raj Electro-Tech
Model Allen Minispeaker A-141
Product Dimensions 14 x 9 x 9 cm

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Allen A-141 Speakers Reviews from YouTube

Bose 141 in 2019? How Good (or Bad) Are They Now?
BEST SPEAKERS For You: BOOKSHELF Speakers or TOWER Speakers?
XTZ Sound Spirit 4 Bookshelf Speaker Review - UNDER $500 Loudspeakers!
Bose 141 Pair Fullrange Bookshelf Speakers
Yeah dubstep should never be used as reference. A couple of measurement mics and a spectrum analyzer couldn't hurt also. Just sayin' ;) Good luck
try em near field, if possible on desktop. slightly tilted upward and the change in sq might surprise you.
Which alternative(s) do you recommend for same sized speakers? (like, not bigger in size) Can I assume this is still way better than any sattelite speaker bundled with a home theater set?
I have a pair of these I bought in the mid-90s. Like many old speakers they sound worse as they age and the materials break down. Mine sound pretty terrible now. I see your pair still has the plastic protective film on the shiny bits - I had mine about 15 years before I noticed it! It was turning purplish and bubbling.
This guy has no idea what an eq is. Tune to the speakers strengths. Goober
The strangely shaped surround creates a mechanical filter that boosts the high frequency output from the speaker by reducing excess midrange output.
These are actually quite good garage speakers when used with a receiver that can give them a little bottom end EQ. I remember they came out in the late 1990s (or maybe very early 2000s) along with the 161 and the last series of 601 and 701 towers.
Got one to mod a google nest mini into it. Hold up on the why would I do this sort of thing, because the mini is heavily dspd. If I used a minimus 7 or something I'd have to build a crossover to kill the insane bass and treble the mini puts out. These seem perfect for such a situation on the quick.
nest time plz try to show speakers with some classic music that was actually made from a real recording with real instruments! I feel this kinda music will make a pair of $10,000 speakers sound like crap!
thanks for the video! almost waste $20 on a pair of these at good will!!
Bose speakers are ment to be heavily equilized to sound the way they should.
I've got Bose 251s and b&w dm602s and both sound excellent I believe it all comes down to the kit you put through them
Hey not sure if your keepin them... but I love ❤️ Bose Speakers.... I’ll take em off your hands ... I’m an instrumentalist and would love putting them in the mix of my setup, PeaceLove&GodBless
You could have used different types of music to test these speakers instead of most people's DIY soundtracks...
Those fullrange star drivers are actually very well designed. I'm building a 50" long sound bar using them, ribbon tweeters, and a mini 5.5" subs...even set the sub enclosures up like the old acoustimass 3 systems sub.
Try test them with other source,not bluetooth.
Shit music
The bose have more open detail sound, your polk don't have any midrange the polk sound compres Bose with sub gonna be pretty good,
To all these hatters here, these are one of the cheapest speakers ever released from Bose. Was reading that these was only $100 brand new, later some people said they seen them for as low as $20 new in store.
*QOTD: Which type of speaker do you prefer, bookshelf or floorstanding, and why?* *NEED MORE INFO? ✔︎ THE ⬆︎DESCRIPTION⬆︎* ★ *Love our outtakes? Be sure to watch to the end* ★ *COMMENT RULES:* - No outside URLs, YouTube links or email addresses - Keep it civil. It’s okay to disagree, just don’t be a jerk about it.
I prefer Bookshelf speakers. Floor standing speakers with multiple drivers can actually degrade the sound.
Thank you for making this video!
How would you get more bass from the floor stander's if you're going to cross it over to 80hz and use a subwoofer? I use my system for 50/50 movies, music. Why do people get floorstanders if they're gonna use a sub anyway?
Really appreciate your content and knowledge. My education in all things audio starts with you. Thank you.
Hi Andrew what budget amp blue tooth would you match with my p6bw speakers? Thankyou and Happy new 2021
Most people would consider Tannoy M20 speakers to be bookshelf speakers, Beolab 8000 are floor standing speakers, and despite the B&O costing 4 times as much on the secondary market the Tannoy still have a much bigger sound. Yes, I know the exception confirms the rule 😜😜😜
Hi, what do you think about Kef R3 and Rega Elex-R combo, I'm listening to rock and metal? Thanx in advance!
What are those white tower speakers behind you? Thx in advance
Edifier s3000pro.... All problems solved
I can’t find a decent video on the actual set up of a 2.1 system. Or maybe 3.1. Would it basically be like your 5.1 setup video minus the rear speakers? Or would a stereo amp with a/b channel work? I love the look of Monitor Audio Bronze 2’s but would like to pair with a sub and have no idea what amp/receiver setup to get. Help appreciated 👊
Great content Andrew!
Excellent video, very informative and on point.
Apartmans in the UK are paper thin and most rooms are very small(compared to what Im used to). Even my Mackie MR5's upsetting people occasionly and it only have a range of 45hz-22khz. So untill I get an at least 100m2 living space or a detached house, bookshelves+sub is my poison. Which is correct for my taste. It is strong, but I think floor standers are just better in almost every way.
I have pretty average h/k computer speakers and put them on top of my kitchen cabinets (near the ceiling) and they sound so strangely good! I suspect the cabinets are acting like woofer cabinets and giving them such better bass and sound distribution
I have Canton Ergo 620, and they have "BASS" i have them on top off my Living room cabinet. i have a 5.0.2 Setup, the ERGO plays so Hartd, i dont need a SUB. Center is Canton AV 700
Thanks. I have seen other videos on this topic, and most simply argue in favor of towers, as "bigger speaker = bigger sound", without much real logic backing it. Especially when a lot of them were comparing Bookshelfs + Sub vs Towers, and they just repeat the "bigger speaker = bigger sound" rhetoric. It seems to me that you only really need the bigger box for the bass driver, and once you factor in a Sub, that argument should go out the window. Many speaker manufacturers use the same tweeter in their bookshelf and towers, so obviously the high end should be the same, and many use the same midbass driver as well. I have yet to see a convincing argument why a Tower would have a "bigger" sound than a bookshelf + Sub. Now on the setup and economics, I can see reasons to go Tower. Towers are two objects, vs two bookshelfs, two stands and a Sub, so less stuff to fiddle with. There is a case that Bookshelf and Sub is more flexible, but it's definitely more fiddly as well, and even more prone to damage. I once bumped one of my largish bookshelf speakers, that were on stands, and it crashed to the floor and was damaged. I think there would have been much lower odds a tower with much lower center of gravity would have fell. I could definitely see the price shift in favor of Towers once you factor stands and a Sub. So I can see reasons for both, but I really don't buy the "bigger speaker = bigger sound" rhetoric I still see repeated.
The Klipsch La Scala is the bookshelf version of the Klipschorn. 😬
So..........I'm ready to buy hi-end 'baby' bookshelf honeys/.
I have large speakers. Something shorted out in the right one. EGADS! It's impossible to get the monster (Golden Ear Ones) fixed w/o packing them up and 'mailing' them back--or selling the pair. The principal reason I'm replacing them with 'portable' hi-end bookshelf babies.
Thanks for reviewing this XTZ EDGE A2-300 and Spirit 4, great video. So far you are the only reviewer who review this Spirit 4 together with their own Edge A2-300 Poweramp, thanks. Any chance on their 99.25? If possible, we would like to see a video from you match these XTZ with other shoebox equipments such as the SMSL SP400 Preamp and SU9 DAC (or their flagship D1 DAC). Very interested to know how good the overall performance of these shoebox gadgets all together.
You can't get these in the US? At lease not any more.
Nice LS - I will give them a Chance. Just ordered a Pair.
I actually ended up with XTZ 99.26 and XTZ 10.16 (sub), with a class D 2 x250w amp. I fell in love with their sound and punch. Still really really happy with my setup. It brings so much joy. I have heard a lot of good systems, still happy to come home to my own every time. 😁
I have these and the Wharfedale 12.2s on my radar. Any chance you can review the new Wharfedale 12.2? We ask alot don't we?
I am considering XTZ 95.24 but there is no reviews onine..
Well the fingerprint shouldn't be a big issue since once put in place speaker aren't anything you really need to touch. In fact, something you should avoid touching with great effort. Dust, on the other hand is of major concern since that no only looks bad on the speakers, but can reflect a general lack of housekeeping by the owner. A characteristic be not advertised to your friends and family. Not that you've let us know about that perhaps a dust wand might be part of the bundle when these are purchased? Although an added cleaning cloth included in the box would be too much to ask.
XTZ Spirit vs ELAC Debut Reference? Which prefer 3.1 HT system?
Hi Andrew, what do you think of this speakers with the bluesound powernode 2i? Will be okay? Or with the Q acoustic q3030i will be better? Fábio from Brazil
Hi Andrew, how are these speakers compare to the new elac dbr 62, considering good and powerful amp. Thanks
Please help Jamos C97 ii or spirt 4s don't have a lot of experience but want to stay under 1000 thank you for your time
love your new intro song !
Do you like the Triangle BR 02 / 03 better? I just got the XTZ Edge A2-300 amp and looking for bookshelf speakers to go with it.
Heard this serie on a hifi show in Gothenborg. Nice for movies. Not as good for music
Did you try with crown amp?
Hi Andrew, I've bought the speakers based on your suggestion and I matched them with Yamaha A-S501 amp. I'm really happy with the setup but I would like to get the max out of it. Do you think that getting an external dac (I'm looking into Topping E30 but I'm open to any suggestions) would make an audible difference or should I look into something else? Also what would you recommend in terms of the upgrade path, should I look into replacing the speakers or the amp in the future? It's my 1st hifi system so while I really like the sound coming out of it I have nothing to compare it with :)
Straight question, Andrew, Kanto TUK's or XTZ Sound Spirit 4 with a decent amplifier? How they compare in audio?
Just ordered these☺️
Hi Andrew congrats on your work. You haven't mention anything about the jumper at the back of the cabinet that can be used to adjust the tweeter level.
ok... so i am planning on grabbing these for my office . few questions. i have a schitt modi(dac) and sys (passive preamp) that are just sitting since i upgraded . this would be my first pair of passive speakers . would i just need the speaker amplifier to make this all work ? and if so can you recommend one that works well on a desk setup ? thanks man loving the content stream . keep it up .

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