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Alienware (A569952SIN9) Notebook Features

  • Preloaded Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016
  • Pre-installed Genuine Windows 10 Operating System (Includes Built-in Security, Free Automated Updates, Latest Features)
  • Intel Core i7 Processor (7th Gen)
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1 TB HDD|512 GB SSD
  • 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Display
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student
Alienware (A569952SIN9) Notebook

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Alienware (A569952SIN9) Notebook Reviews from YouTube

The NEW Alienware Gaming Laptop
If I could only have one computer this would be it. - Alienware m15 Review
Alienware 14 Gaming Notebook Review - GTX 765M (2GB), i7 4700MQ, 16GB RAM
Alienware m15 R3 — The BEST Gaming Laptop Yet!
Is Alienware good for making videos like for YouTube and other platforms
Here's a list that helped me out. "/ In the end, I went with #3. 3:21
You guys know that if you hit up Dell customer service they drop the price on these things and actually try to mini negotiate with you right?
How to undervolt this machine? does throttle stop work because intel XTU doesnt
how can I buy this model of Alienware from Myanmar?
how much does the r3 cost?
I got the laptop
Hey Dave lee which is the best laptop ALIENWARE or ROG
My favorite laptop
Hi nice review, but i have some questions. I have an AW 13 R3 1060 GTX + i7-7700hq and it runs hot as hell, overthrottles at 100C for 1 minute of stress test. I found out i can undervolt it via throttlestop or xtu but they dont work, seem to be locked because of plundervolt or something. How can i get past that, how did you get past that?
1:16 Noooooo don't do it !
As someone who’s never owned a gaming laptop: 1) Does it have HDMI input so I can use it as an Xbox monitor? 2) Is it worth the money? (currently £1,165)
Sir can you gift me one of these ? I am a poor gamer
watching this video on an M15 R3
I'm waiting for R4 and I'm hoping they will switch from Intel to AMD
How much is it?
If it have rtx 3080 Ill definitely buy.
The only thing I miss are the bulkier metal laptops they made. They never seemed to have thermal issues to begin with
Can I get any low end laptop you're not using? Wanna use it for online classes just low end is fine
Who's watching this in 2021 .
No upgrade ability no deal! I might as well buy a MacBook pro.
The laptop is cool and its the Best gaming laptop i have it(・∀・)
I have this laptop. And it is so great!
0:51 just under five pounds. I’m buying that baby
My eyes weren't ready for that!
I bought this laptop because of the Review. It does not work at all, the worst laptop of my life.
Mine cost had a Intel i9
This is my favourite laptop. But I never buy it because of my family background
Can I use this for the oculus rift S
Linus, it is windows hello compatible
Alienware m11 r3 and Alienware m17 r4 are in my desk. Wont sell these babies ever.
should i get m15 r3 with 2060 and i7-10750h or m15 r2 i7-9750h with 2070 max q?
Hello. Is your opinion still the same for the m15 r3?
On year 3 my alienware 17 just died. I had to persuade my wife that $2300 was gona get a me a good laptop thatll last LOL boy did that get thrown in my face everyday for a whe. Dell said that it was a mother board issue. Though they couldnt tell me specifically what went wrong after they fixed it. Which is just insanse if u think about it. Customer service with getting it fixed with Dell has been a nightmare! After over a month they finally fixed it and sent it back. Its runny a bit wierd with the web browsers being very slow to load pages n stuff. Its just been a headache and feel like i would now never buy a dell again based on the support and how they screwed me around. Worst part was you can never speak to someone on thr US. So basically ur always speaking to some call center person who cant do or say anything other than read a promt on the screen. And this includes their supervisors ( spoke with like 6 different ones). Terrible.
u suxk dude the battery is trash and it burns like heck, never gonna trust ur advice
in not a fan of 15.6 i like 17.3 more
Is this all adults?
Buying this with a 2070 is much better because it costs less and less heating
Just as im not too poor to actually buy one they become non upgradeable. I can't justify that
Sponsored? Of course
I have the msi version of it Ge70 2oe o11ne
2k dollars. Or you $400 now. That is if your interested in something like this used. Which is you had only like $400 maybe.
I've been using this laptop for about 7 years now. Cons: I had to replace the hard drive. battery life is close to 0, not even close to a gaming laptop anymore, It's not really portable. Pros: The quality of the device is fucking insane, I've been using it for about 7 years, and it still is many times faster than the average mid range laptop. I actually think the display is pretty good too, and for daily tasks. 16gb of ram is plenty in my opinion even tho is gddr3. you can find this laptop for about 250-350usd, and for that price range, there's no chance you can find a similar performing new laptop.
Looking for how to disassembly alienware m14x on youtube this review show up the heck youtube.
does it have "usb c" port?
i just plugged a 250 ssd in mine and it's working like a charm honestly i feel bad to for just getting to fix it now
7 years later: *Damn, i still want this latop*
whats the song/ music he used testing the laptop?
Still have and use my 2014 model with the i5. I upgraded Ram a few days ago to 16GB and it continues to work great. Battery has been replaced and I really only use it while plugged in because you'll only get about 3 hours out of it. It's heavy and bulky, but the lighting effects and durability still hold true. I mostly play WOTs and WOWs on this rig at High settings and have on average 55 - 60 FPS so no complaints and if you use Geforce Now it really doesn't matter anymore. Oh and I've never had a laptop last past 3 years, so kuddos to Alienware for making a great product!
I had this from 2016-2018 it was the WORST investment of all time, stay away from this. I had countless problems and you can take the money for this and build your own PC.
It still works for 2019 games? High, ultra, medium or lower?
Anyone know if it can run classic wow on max settings?
I just bought this for my sister for 300$, did I just waste my money? I had good intentions, shes a gamer and graduated from highschool with a AA college degree. I bought it used as a treat for her she plays a lot of VR on steam did I make a mistake?
Is it good for 2019
in 2019? still worth it?
My sister still has mine. its still kicking since 2014. I bought it just a few months before they discontinued it.
What about 3D pinball?
I bought mine right as it was being phased out (my sister currently has it). I upgraded to the Alienware x51r3 but it was uh seized, so I bought this Aurora R6. I started out my Alienware adventure with the Aurora R2. But when I went to upgrade the memory I put the wrong kind in and it fried my motherboard. My favorite thing about it was it came with some kind of special Dolby Audio system chip built into it.
Little bit unfortunate timing because the last 3 videos have all consecutively offered something the best that I have seen, but I can confidently say this is among the very best because it's class leading in its performance and its keyboard, and I think those 2 things make the biggest impact to the experience. One thing I'd also like to address is that I measure thermal performance not based on temperatures alone, but how many watts the CPU and GPU can dissipate. Wattage can be compared directly against any other laptop regardless of the CPU or GPU it's running, but things like clock speed and temperature (temps by itself) cannot because they depend on other variables.
Do the lights have to be bright blue? If I can change them to red then I'd order one right now.
can you connect a xbox elite controller to that laptop and play games with it
no because its only 15 bloody inch aajsbajofbjsvbsofbs
Awesome review thank you! What’s the game you’re playing?
im scared of buying alienware laptops again. i've had 3 in the past 10 years and the battery always goes out on me after 6 months of use or so. the last one i owned was the alienware 14 from around 2013-2014 iirc? customer service was fine, always replaced the battery but then another 6 months or so would go by and i'd need it replaced again. went through around 4 total batteries! this thing looks so good that im tempted to give alienware another shot, but i'm a bit apprehensive to trust them again lol
It's beautiful
This is the review that clinched my selection of this laptop. Grabbed myself one during Black Friday Dell sales.
hello. and yes - looks good. and what parameters does it have? thanks
I'm waiting for R4 and I'm hoping they will switch from Intel to AMD
the kids who want this just to play roblox
Is there a headphone jack
Hi, what are the specs that you got from the laptop? Did you bought extra parts? Can you please specify the specs of your laptop? It would be a great help.
If only you could add/upgrade the RAM
lmao no keyboard flex? i can see it flexing when you push on it xD!
What if , we don't use it for Gaming ?
Im not sure if it's just mine, but mine gets really hot right above the keyboard. I can barely touch it for a couple of seconds before I feel like my fingers are on fire.
Meh my Alienware 15 R3 doesnt even go to 80 degrees on the CPU during full load stress tests, GPU is under 64 degrees i7 7700 at 3.8ghz and gtx 1070 at 1800mhz core.
Your review sealed the deal for me - I just picked mine up today! Thanks so much for your thorough review, you addressed some things I hadn't seen elsewhere and you helped me make a great decision.
just got this for christmas its great

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