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Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook Features

  • Preloaded Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016
  • Full HD LED Backlit IPS Anti-glare 300-nits Display
  • 8 GB DDR4 VRAM Lag Free Performance
  • Pre-installed Genuine Windows 10 Operating System (Includes Built-in Security, Free Automated Updates, Latest Features)
  • 7th Gen i7 with Upto 3.8 GHz Turbo Boost Clock Speed
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 for Desktop Level Performance
  • 256 GB SSD for Reduced Boot Up Time and In Game Loading
  • Intel Core i7 Processor (7th Gen)
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1 TB HDD|256 GB SSD
  • 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Display
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student
Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook

The lowest Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook Price in India is ₹139,991 at Flipkart.
Buy Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook online at Flipkart Croma.
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Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook Reviews from YouTube

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Alienware m15 R3 — The BEST Gaming Laptop Yet!
Alienware 14 Gaming Notebook Review - GTX 765M (2GB), i7 4700MQ, 16GB RAM
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The thumbnail looks awesome
Do they over heat
can you give me the outdate one 😂😂✌️
Jesus loves whoever reads this :)❤️
What alienware laptop would you recommend for hacking and/or cybersecurity, and music production?
Alienware m15 or alienware m15 r3?
What I really hate about their laptop line is that I bought the 13 r2 I think it was a few years back and they’ve already come out with 3+ newer models since then which hey, that’s on me for not waiting longer or whatever. It’s just that it feels like once the new stuff is out, immediately their past lines are discontinued and forgotten about :/ and service is really iffy.
Who else just watching with a microwave pc
Apple is bad
Does anybody know if this would work well for architecture studies?
luse koodhi
what hdd do i go with to add storage, i have 2 512 in raid 0???
As I'm watching this on the same laptop, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I hope it to last me for about 5 years the most then probably sell it off.
Big quality problems m17r4 pls attention: Qualitätsprobleme, schlechte Qualitätskontrolle von Alienware, bitte um Aufmerksamkeit:
R4 review when? :')
I have noticed 2 issues with my Alienware M15 R3, running windows 10. a. when I put it into sleep mode it sometime just decides to just shut down. b. when I close the lid it also decides to shut down. have you ever noticed this issue?
This laptop is strong than ps5 and xbox
It kinda looks like a ps5
AMD version is out now... Can u review that?? I wanna make up my mind
Ah yes. Another thing I will ask my parents for knowing fully well I'm not going to get it
Little bit unfortunate timing because the last 3 videos have all consecutively offered something the best that I have seen, but I can confidently say this is among the very best because it's class leading in its performance and its keyboard, and I think those 2 things make the biggest impact to the experience. One thing I'd also like to address is that I measure thermal performance not based on temperatures alone, but how many watts the CPU and GPU can dissipate. Wattage can be compared directly against any other laptop regardless of the CPU or GPU it's running, but things like clock speed and temperature (temps by itself) cannot because they depend on other variables.
awesome Laptop! i just got it last month.
It's better than the m15 r6?
Hey idk why this M15 looks different to other M15 which had bezzle on top
Gravity huh...youre tellin me gravity can hold all the oceans on world to the world... But cannot pull that screen down. Dayum...🤔
Is this ok to use gen daily use , work, email, and just youtube watching etc?
Idk maybe I’m too much of a zoomer but I LOVEEEEE THAT LOOK 😩😩😩 I would SO whip that out in class and business meetings
My favorite gaming laptop is the HP Pavilion 16-0032dx. It is a good laptop by far.
Is the ram upgradable? Ie to 32 gb?
How much is it rn?
you clearly didnt see the x15 r1 yet.. its ok
And please answer as quick as possible:)
Im stealing this laptop for free!!
what hdd do i go with to add storage, i have 2 512 in raid 0???
I ordered the m15 Ryzen Edition R5. So excited for it!
looks amazing idk why you would wanna change it (;
Not ips
Can you photo edit on this laptop?
M15 R3 owner here hes completely right
Is the panel a TN or IPS??
Absolute garbage for the money.
Still using this. Is kind of undestructuble. But games have become more demanding. Also nvidia stopped supporting updates for kepler base cards. Cant play doom eternal, re8, warzone. Got crash errors in other games like Destiny 2. But is good for ps3, early ps4 era games.
Love this little Alienware but have trouble getting latest graphics installed from NVIDIA who is not good at keeping up with the older GTX785.I also have the 18,4 Alienware with the dual CPUs GTX860m..same problem.Other than that plays BO3 fine.Not so with Cold War...keeps saying I need driver updates. My first Alienware was an M11 but was quite a laptop back then. Good review.
Still alive and kickin
I put the 4800mq for $90
I from future 2020 This laptop is still cool
I have the msi version of it Ge70 2oe o11ne
2k dollars. Or you $400 now. That is if your interested in something like this used. Which is you had only like $400 maybe.
I've been using this laptop for about 7 years now. Cons: I had to replace the hard drive. battery life is close to 0, not even close to a gaming laptop anymore, It's not really portable. Pros: The quality of the device is fucking insane, I've been using it for about 7 years, and it still is many times faster than the average mid range laptop. I actually think the display is pretty good too, and for daily tasks. 16gb of ram is plenty in my opinion even tho is gddr3. you can find this laptop for about 250-350usd, and for that price range, there's no chance you can find a similar performing new laptop.
Looking for how to disassembly alienware m14x on youtube.. this review show up.. the heck youtube.
does it have "usb c" port?
i just plugged a 250 ssd in mine and it's working like a charm honestly i feel bad to for just getting to fix it now
7 years later: *Damn, i still want this latop*
whats the song/ music he used testing the laptop?
Still have and use my 2014 model with the i5. I upgraded Ram a few days ago to 16GB and it continues to work great. Battery has been replaced and I really only use it while plugged in because you'll only get about 3 hours out of it. It's heavy and bulky, but the lighting effects and durability still hold true. I mostly play WOTs and WOWs on this rig at High settings and have on average 55 - 60 FPS so no complaints and if you use Geforce Now it really doesn't matter anymore. Oh and I've never had a laptop last past 3 years, so kuddos to Alienware for making a great product!
I had this from 2016-2018 it was the WORST investment of all time, stay away from this. I had countless problems and you can take the money for this and build your own PC.
It still works for 2019 games? High, ultra, medium or lower?
Anyone know if it can run classic wow on max settings?
I just got mine
I have same one just install warzone and it's laggy
I bought mine about 6 Years ago. Honestly ? It has been great.... until now. After so many years, the battery suffered some damage and needed to be replaced. And lemme tell you... it was a nightmare. For anyone in the same situation that hopes to Fix the problem all by yourselves, well, prepare to watch 10 minute long videos on how to dissasemble your laptop and about 1 hr to complete the whole ordeal. These laptops are cool and all for gaming and editing but, man! They are such a pain in the ass to get repaired. Even 'easy' fixes Like these. Either you do it yourself or you pay someone to practically open up your whole laptop. So yeah... awesome machines. Just poorly designed for the average user.
Nobody is talking about farcry 4 tho 😂😂
Best laptop ever I love it
Can the RAM be upgraded to 32 gb now?
Did anyone else notice he said Fall out for but It says far cry 4
Is this relevant to buy on 2019
That's not Far cry 4, is fallout 4 HAHAHAHA
found one for 1000 aud and considering my current laptop runs fallout nv at about 20 fps I think I'll upgrade.
it's intel6700-Hq,doesn't 6700k-Hq
Can It play gta5
a nice brick to build muscle with, great bodybuilding tool
i had this but it was stolen from my bedroom and the cops didnt even do a fingerprint
I have the newer version of that laptop (Alienware 15 R3)
But how much icore does it have??
Hey! could you please give me the Camera aspects?
I have that
Can it do overwatch?
Thanks for this Review. Helped me pick my decision!

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