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Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook price at Flipkart - ₹139,991

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Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook price at Croma - ₹175,994

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Alienware (A569951SIN9) Notebook

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Sure can't wait to get the brand new 960.
i got one almost 6 years ago with an i5, 960m, 500 gig HD and 16g ram and was just over 1000 so not too bad. i got a 500gig external ssd that was cheaper and faster than upgrading to the TB HD tho cus 500gig not that much space. thing still has been chuggin along with daily use and keeping up with modern games with 50+ frames, so i think it was a pretty good choice. the trackpad and battery are definitely an issue tho like he said lol i usually just use a mouse
Could I pls have it?
*The laptop has a great software tool for saving battery life **** The software lets you limit specific things on the laptop to save power like CPU usage, Screen brightness etc. It also comes with a good diagnostic tool that checks for performance issues and hardware errors, the software also has direct links to the Dell support site if you need to update drivers or contact tech support. (Dell is the maker of Alienware)*
so i factory reset this and i dont know where to customize my rgb ( cant download alien fx)
He uses the same words as the other YouTuber
Is this laptop recommended for 2019 gaming? Am planning on buyung a laptop and on a budget so am planning on getting a used one and this came up.
Terrible device.
Just bought mine for $250 dlls from a guy who get it from Tucson Az.
I wish Alienware could bring back this design again
I'm the 1,000th comment.
Just bought one of these from an Asian man I met from the facebook marketplace for $450 and it's in perfect condition with the box it came with and charger lol.
I just got this one on eBay for 450$ good deal 2019 am I the only one who thinks it’s still a good laptop still one of the best
Hey can you play games on this laptop like pubg, cod, fortnite and battlefield
Can you use the MX500 over the MX100?
I found one on eBay for 300. Not sure if it legitimate
I just picked up a used i5 model of the same laptop for $500, so glad I waited 😂
I like its track pad, It has no texture so it is super smooth too!
Thank you Dave 2D for your AMAZING videos and I found an alienware 13r2 with the same specs for only $1089.99 usd so I am looking forwards to buying it and for new videos as well! [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5)̲̅$̲̅]
"Absolutely non thermal throttling"... Fuck you Mathew.
Who else gear the voice crack increase in speed
When you buy a gaming laptop to do work
Damn I love razor blade design but this looks like a Lamborghini and the razer like a roll royce
Mine lasted only 3 years. It’s only purpose now is a paperweight. Can’t decide what I’m going to do with it. Send it back to Dell for the 5th time, or replace it. I think I got the lemon of the bunch.
Hi I really need help guys, so I have a alienware m17x r4 the graphics card is currently a Radeon HD 7970m, I want to upgrade this to maybe a 1050ti or 1060 or something similar but I don't know what to search for or where to search for it, I have found a few on eBay but I have no idea if they are compatible with my laptop please help
review 17 r4 with amd gpu
I believe I have the same one , but mine gets as hot as 90
Mine’s arriving tomorrow (r5)
does it upgradable up to 64gb ram ( 32gb x 2 slot)?
I have it
Gaming laptops are for broke people
I want to buy a 4k unit, with a GTX 1080. Will it perform today?
I factory reset my laptop now I can’t use any of the Alienware softwares or use my ssd
why you lying? had the 17-R4 for over a year now and even with a re paste and fixing the thermal pad issue; the cpu still overheats at 98'c+ and thermo throttles unless you download software and undervolt the cpu by at least 0.150v. my 1080 never overheats, but the I7 in this 10lb brick is a joke. its basically a space heater that plays games. alienware and digital storm are garbage companies and they are just in it to fuck over consumers for profit. learn from my $10k in mistakes and just build your own computers.
Are the GPUs desktop or mobile? Can't find that info anywhere. Building a new system. Want to make sure it's at least a little stronger than my dead (open mosfet) 17r4 was, so I'm trying to confirm if I'm looking for something stronger than a 1070 or a 1070 mobile.
Not worth buying, once GPU gets heated, you get BSoD, yes, Blue Screen of Death with video scheduling error, and your display will turn into any of the following (1) a black screen (2) flickering with lines (3) flickering with some color dots. You cannot do anything without seeing anything meaningful on the screen. A motherboard replacement may help, who knows, extremely pathetic experience with this Dell laptop Alienware 17 R4.
Got mine.. didnt last a year and already started freezing..dont get me wrong the laptop is a fuckin OG.. but durability out from the factory is questionable..
my ssd just died out of nowhere, I bought the top of the line of everything on this box at the time (less than 2 years old)... definitely thinking at the time was to replace my home PC with portability, when at home I hook it into a 27 inch curved screen and a bose audio system, slick alienware mouse, but the dumb $120 ssd died, lol (I have an image to reload and will receive the replacement part from dell but I thought it was telling given the cost of this box)
just picked one up with the 1070 for 200 bucks on offer up the guy who had it said his kid wasnt doing good in school so this was his punishment
I have the msi version of it Ge70 2oe o11ne
2k dollars. Or you $400 now. That is if your interested in something like this used. Which is you had only like $400 maybe.
I've been using this laptop for about 7 years now. Cons: I had to replace the hard drive. battery life is close to 0, not even close to a gaming laptop anymore, It's not really portable. Pros: The quality of the device is fucking insane, I've been using it for about 7 years, and it still is many times faster than the average mid range laptop. I actually think the display is pretty good too, and for daily tasks. 16gb of ram is plenty in my opinion even tho is gddr3. you can find this laptop for about 250-350usd, and for that price range, there's no chance you can find a similar performing new laptop.
Looking for how to disassembly alienware m14x on youtube.. this review show up.. the heck youtube.
does it have "usb c" port?
i just plugged a 250 ssd in mine and it's working like a charm honestly i feel bad to for just getting to fix it now
7 years later: *Damn, i still want this latop*
whats the song/ music he used testing the laptop?
Still have and use my 2014 model with the i5. I upgraded Ram a few days ago to 16GB and it continues to work great. Battery has been replaced and I really only use it while plugged in because you'll only get about 3 hours out of it. It's heavy and bulky, but the lighting effects and durability still hold true. I mostly play WOTs and WOWs on this rig at High settings and have on average 55 - 60 FPS so no complaints and if you use Geforce Now it really doesn't matter anymore. Oh and I've never had a laptop last past 3 years, so kuddos to Alienware for making a great product!
I had this from 2016-2018 it was the WORST investment of all time, stay away from this. I had countless problems and you can take the money for this and build your own PC.
It still works for 2019 games? High, ultra, medium or lower?
Anyone know if it can run classic wow on max settings?
I just bought this for my sister for 300$, did I just waste my money? I had good intentions, shes a gamer and graduated from highschool with a AA college degree. I bought it used as a treat for her.... she plays a lot of VR on steam.... did I make a mistake?
Is it good for 2019
in 2019? still worth it?
My sister still has mine. its still kicking since 2014. I bought it just a few months before they discontinued it.
What about 3D pinball?
I bought mine right as it was being phased out (my sister currently has it). I upgraded to the Alienware x51r3 but it was uh seized, so I bought this Aurora R6. I started out my Alienware adventure with the Aurora R2. But when I went to upgrade the memory I put the wrong kind in and it fried my motherboard. My favorite thing about it was it came with some kind of special Dolby Audio system chip built into it.
I still owned best battery life any gaming laptops they ever made sadly alienware stop making the 13 inch models piece of history
Don't drop it! Mine fell maybe three feet onto carpet, and I got dings in the chassis and (more annoyingly) the touchpad.
this 13 inch laptop should come back in 2020.
just picked it up for 650 euros :) specs: i7, gtx1060, 16ram, 500ssd
I loved how the 13 looked but these things are unreliable. I had a 15 r3 and i closed the screen one day and when i got home from school and opened the screen it wouldnt turn on and turns out the gpu bass grid array is soldered terribly on them and break loose and so the whole computer died randomly and would never turn back on and support refused to replace it or repair it screwing me.
Just replaced mine with the razer blade 15 advanced 2080 super max q oled. 13 still going strong though just needed more power.
Is it touch screen?
"I’ve had this laptop for over 2 yearsテ and it has been excellent! I use it mainly for gaming and casual stuff (browsing, email, etc) and it does everything no problem. It runs all my games very well, new and old titles with minimal to no fan noise or lag. If you’re willing to, you can really go the extra mile and make this rig exactly how you want it! It’s had very few issues over the years and after some research you can eventually fix it with all the help out there. For the price I’d definitely recommend it! "
Watching this on my Dec' 2016 R13 ... 4 years later this little beast is still packin it left and right. Could not be happier with my little warrior !
Im from the present and this thing is a piece of overheating shit
Where can get to listen the music he uses in the intros
What Is The Specs
I bought is laptop for 1000$ brand new . Its amazing , I bought it after watching soo many positive views about , it all started from this channel (I did a unboxing upload , would love if someone checks it out)
Time and time again i stumble upon this video and have to wonder how someone could cancel the AW13 series. Slap a i5 9300H or i7 8990U in there, add a GTX1660Ti and find a 144hz 14" screen for it. Bam, 1 AW13R4 is born. Had such a good thermal design and port layout, while built like a tank...
I love small gaming laptop
Thinking of getting this in 2019.
Mechanical keyboard?
How much it costs now in 2019?
Y did no one make it again?? 😭
Is it good for architecture students???