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ALICE BGD281 Guitar String Price in India - Buy ALICE BGD281 ...

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    Alice BGD281 Guitar String Reviews from YouTube

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    How To Buy Guitar Strings | Isaac Thayil | Tamil Guitar Lessons
    BEST ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRINGS | Unboxing & Review | Super Light Gauge
    Alice Guitar Strings. Cheaper & Longer Lasting? Alice Vs D'Addario Strings Comparison
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    As a guitarist this is the only channel which gives proper information, i am not indian but i understand little bit of hindi. I searched so many videos but non of them were genuine and informative, most of them were just bluffing but this guy seems more experienced and full of knowledge. Good work buddy.....
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    🥴and then there's me... Alice string 😤
    Tamil guitar lesson sollitu payanulla english la pesuraru enna oru comedy
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    Kannana kanney song in viswasam movie plz sir
    Best strings? Just be honest. You bought them because these are the cheapest strings available, and you are a cheap guy.
    Background music is annoying.. To much low quality bass
    it's dirty so fast
    Sir kitne time mein guitar string change karna chahiye
    1st aur 2nd string toot to nahi jae ga na???...please reply
    Ziko extra light inse better hai Or price me bhi jyada difference nhi hai.....
    you are a amazing youtuber i want to be yourr friend please!
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    Good information bro. I made a guitar cover on señorita☝️ Must watch and comment how it is😊
    Sir Meri tunning me bohot problem a rahi hai Kya karu
    Very Informative .... Thank you
    I'm here just for your music 😀
    I find that they last longer than elixirs. Also, elixir doesnt sell single coated e strings, which tend to break quite often, while alice does.
    I’m sticking to ernie ball heavy bottom, those alice sound awful
    I had earnie balls daddario and some pricey strings, all of them within just 2-3 days become black the i bought alice now i have them for a like 1 month and no black color or rust. They are really amazing if your hands sweat alot.
    Alice A208L and SL are Great Value for the money. I used them in comparison to the Elixirs and D'addario also and for the price, Alice is blowing them off ... They last at least for 1 year very well. Not worth spending 5 times more money on Elixirs ... On ebay you can get 10 sets of AliceA208L for the price of only 2 Elixirs sets.
    It's not Dee Addario, it's pronounced Dad Arrio. Also, didn't you say that Elixir strings have a coating on the E, B and G? It's actually the wound strings that are coated, and the point of that is to prevent sweat and dirt getting into the spaces between the windings and the core, because the gaps are sealed. The plain strings from Elixir AND Alice are plated, so they say, but they don't say what they plate them with. Ergo, plated, not coated. If you were to do an experiment for us, please string the guitars with Alice on one, Elixir on the other. Play them each 1 hour a day for a month. That's where the Elixir strings will show how much longer they last — that's my guess anyway. Ta.
    Nice review. I use Alice strings on violin and viola and last at least 1 year (regular cheap strings last around 6 months, and sound terrible after 2 ir 3 months). Obviously Alice strings doesn't sound like Thomastik or more expensive strings but really worth for the price you pay. I will try Alice on electric guitar, but I read about cheap strings destroy the frets. Well, great review. Sorry for my bad english
    I am using Acoustic Alice. Last 3x longer than Daddario and 5x Martin strings at 20% of the price.
    Compared to the D'Addarios, the Alice strings sounded like they were dead right out of the pack.
    i was using orphees as i was paying like 2 usd a set . i had no issue for a while , then i notice di was getting really old strings . they were coiled in the packet and the date was 2014 - so they held that coil form and did not want to straighten out . no big issue , but then i started getting breakage , where the ball end would undo itself as the strings were mismanufactured - they could not handle the tension which i tune to a440. i had done a few positive reviews for orphees rx15 and folks would comment about the issue . i didnt run into it at first and used those orphees for a few years but then it started happening . i went thru THREE sets where the low non wound E string would just come apart . i saw a video where a guy soldered the string in the binding area but ... now my experience with alice - i bought a double ball end set - actually two sets , and they were WAY too short to string a steinberger spirit .here is my question - have you run into any quality or breakage issues on these alice - and are they a507 ? do you recomend them for me ? i am on a budget i must find cheep strings . we have a few guitars , my hands are not acidic , but i do keep a few out of the case . i mean the coating i could take or leave ... i just want something that doesnt feel SO cheep as i tried a 1 dollar set and yuk , they were unplayable , they just felt like little files diggin in to my tips . thanks pal .
    How long did Alice strings last eventually compared to D'Addrio strings? (before they lost their playability and tone?) (approximately in hours, if it is possible or days)
    Daddarios sound brighter in your video
    Alice Strings are way cheaper than D'addarios , Martin's and Elixirs and last just as long or even longer.
    Time Stamps 00:10 - Intro 00:43 - No Mention Of Alice's Anti Rust Coating? 01:40 - 10 Pack $17.00? 02:17 - Blue D'Addario, White Alice 02:45 - Packaging 02:51 - Coated Strings: Warmer/Duller. Pro Jazz? 03:34 - Why Coated Vs Uncoated Test? - Price 04:16 - Alice: Partially Coated. Unlike Most Other Brands 04:39 - Article: 5 Things You Must Know About Coated Guitar Strings 05:21 - Different Strings For Different Purposes 05:37 - Summary 06:08 - Alice (Coated) Vs D'Addario (Uncoated) 06:46 - D'Addario (Uncoated) 07:33 - Result After 30 Minutes Playing 08:15 - Close Up 08:45 - Alice (Coated) 11:35 - Result After 30 Minutes Playing 12:17 - Close Up 12:48 - D'Addarios (Uncoated) 14:46 - Result After 30 Minutes Playing 15:53 - Alice (Coated) 17:01 - Last 30 Minutes Of Playing 18:08 - Final Comparison 18:57 - Result And Thoughts

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