Alfa Speed Hockey Stick (Size 37)

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Alfa Speed Hockey Stick (Size 37)

Alfa Speed Hockey Stick (Size 37) Specifications

Brand Alfa
Disclaimer Product Color May Slightly Vary Due to Photographic Lighting Sources or Your Monitor Settings & Color Will Be Send As Per Availability.
Ideal For Men;Women
Length 37 Inch
Material Wood
Other Features 45% Carbon,55% Glass Fibre
Playing Level Intermediate
Product Code SPOALFA-SPEED-SARJU369755101913F
Size 94 cm (37")
Stick Technology Composite
Weight (Grm) 800

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I absolutely adore these streams. So chill and comforting :)
Star destroyer Crimson command
I also want to add that I would absolutely watch Charlie Corey and Justin play Animal Crossing in either video or stream format. But I think the latter would be more fun.
Hey Eck, I never manage to see these live because time zones, but I just want to mention I am glad you post them.
great content
Where are all the RPGs for the C64? And text adventure games?
Got one, no power. Have to wait till it gets released officially in America. Sad. Still have my Mini though. It works.
Spelunker, Raid on Bungeling Bay and Jumpman (& Jumpman Junior) were some of my favourites. Synapse games were favourites too. Just ordered my c64 today and some extra joysticks. Amazon Uk out of stock, but Happy days ahead! Incidentally, I couldnt get on with the c64 emulator on my Raspberry Pie. The controls for joysticks never worked that good for me.
Great idea matching the games to the old Zzap reviews. Well done.
here is a nice facebook group about thec64
Just ordered one : )
Firelord is worth playing for the Daglish music itself
On Reddit I read some complaints and saw an example of games running 20% faster than normal, and because of that the music was pitched way too high too. Not clear of this is due to playing an NTSC game on PAL mode or something like that.. anybody experienced these issues?
The release date for preorders was 20th dec in the Netherlands, but has been postponed to 24th dec. Can't wait :D
Just got mine this morning; I'm in the UK...they're sold-out on Amazon UK right now, but got mine through next-day delivery from Game (UK games/hardware retailers).... It's a great system.... looks exactly as I remember the originals from back in 82/83 - minus of course the rear cart slot, and older connectors! 'Retro Games' have done a fantastic job with this. The keyboard looks and even feels exactly how I remember the old, original system felt when I used set one up for a display model in the small "Computer Plus" retail shop I worked-in back then, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK. They've got the colour of the casing and keys pretty-much perfect from what I remember ( the C64Mini was a little to dark).... this is like stepping back, and having one of the originals back in my house back then! The outer box also is a quality item, and looks SOO similar to the original box (pretty sure it was a slip-sleeve over a foam inner though; but the design and artwork on this new on is pretty much exact.)... Shame it doesn't come with a facsimile of the original 'Commodore 64 Basic' manual that came with all C64's back then; it'd be fascinating to go back and try some of those old example/tutorial programmes. The supplied controller, with it's new leaf-spring switches is a vast improvement over that supplied with the C64 Mini, but it's still rather uncomfortable to actually hold and use..... it's a nice upgrade though, all the same. It is a pity that the USB PS1 Classic controller doesn't work, and nor does the MegaDrive/Genesis Mini USB controller (though I have seen that the 'official' 6-button controller add-on, does supposedly work just fine!) It is a pretty heavy, and hefty machine - due in large to the metal slab that is part of the keyboard assembly, which ensures rigidity. It looks just like a vintage C64, presents on-screen like a vintage C64, and sounds just like a vintage C64 (the VIC chip is well emulated)... And with Vic20 functionality too, this is a brilliantly well presented and functioning modern 'clone' .
My goodness! They never seem to learn, do they?.... You cant rely on reviews from the 80s cause they are not relevant anymore - not even for retro fanatics. Back then, Zzap gave a game like Elite their fourth highest all-time score. Theres no arguing about that games that took advantage of 3D are painfully slow and greatly inferior in most aspects to modern games with advanced 3D engines. Why do you even try to take on that competition if you want to recruit new fans? What’s next? A firmware update with Little Computer People cause they are so cute to watch or the incredible SAM who wants to eat Siris shorts? You should reconsider your values when it comes to some genres. The strength the Commodore still has, comparing to other consoles, are the vast amount of skill based games with interesting game ideas. I can see that you made efforts to find games with unique game ideas, but some of them have not aged very well. So lets cherry pick some games that fulfill the criterias of being intuitive, timeless, has good controls, functional graphics and a unique feel to it, shall we? What about Motos, Hoppin Mad, Rockstar Ate My Hamster, Wizball, Drelbs, Collapse, Brainstorm, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Bubble Bobble, Blue Max, Batman the movie, krakout and Toy Bizarre?
yikes, Trailblazer, Cosmic causeway, Bounder those Summer/Winter games.. some of the worse and over rated/hyped games i have ever played. They were pretty rubbish then and haven't stood the best of time. Gribby and Thing on a Spring aren't much better either.. lol oh lets not forget Spin Dizzy. The C64 and mini has so many naff games, thankfully we can add better ones.
Hi. This was interesting and enjoyable to watch. Looking forward to 12 Dec. here in the European market. What date is the C64 set for release in NZ?
Is there a US release and price?