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Alfa Mart Camouflage Tent (2 Person) Specifications

Suitable For 1 room, 2 person
Type Camping Tent

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2017 PRE-RUT Prym1 Camo (Inside the tent action) SATV
Revisiting the USMC Field Tarp
Revisiting the USMC Field Tarp
Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket: Is It Worth It? British Waxed Cotton & Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review
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Military Surplus, how I love... Is there anything that I should get in for the channel folks? Sound off if you have a recommendation and I will see what I can do. - Luke
Hey Luke could you show how you are going to repair it and you said it to be careful boy are you right there i bought one few years back it said like NEW condition all snaps full of mud verry dirty only had two bungees no big holes but hundreds of little pin holes you can see light through all over the place if you have any info on how to seal the pin holes i sprayed it with the spray silicone hopping it well help and luckily on outings only had light rain and it held up ok thanks for all the videos hope you and your family are doing well
Used one for ground sheet and new for over head.
I just bought one for <$20. VGUC. Same condition as yours. A little scuff and a hole the size of a pencil. He included 4 bungees. Really good deal. But as you said I looked at "sellers other items" all the tarps had used the same pic with different prices. You had to read his description. When you went over that the description matched but he had bad reviews form photo buyers. (Those shoppers who see the photo and hit pay now) How did you repair yours? Curious if tenacious tape is the way to go on these.
Have you ever tried the British army tarps?
Personally I run a free Soldier 10 by 10 and a cheap no-name was a day we were something 10 by 10 coffee-colored tarp it's quality on par with Aqua Quest at half price and just recently ordered a German poncho a Tacs FG camo so I'll be running 3 tarps
What is the size?
Nice review . Do you know where I can buy military issue camouflage netting besides ebay. thank you
He's right about being very careful buying off ebay. Bought one of these a few years ago from ebay advertised as new, got it and found it was full of small holes. Wasn't worth sending back to the States for a refund.
Sooo, basically an updated shelter half?
Never buy online just go to your local surplus store. I got one for $15.00
Took mine camping in Iceland, really good tarp.
Love the channel. Love that marine kit too. I have a poncho just like your tarp and use it like a tarp from time to time. Just a tip on your next tarp video - ACU is the Army Combat Uniform. The grey pattern is the UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) and the new pattern is the OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern). They're both the ACU.
I was wondering... do you have an instructional video on what will be the best practices to repair tarps or tents? Thank you for the review...
the best aspect to your channel is that you have passed the subscriber count of that "other" reviewer.....cough......LS (who I doubt has spent more than 5 days doing any real off trail camping)....keep going.
I have one. It's heavy. Want to swap it for sil nylon.
Could you do a idea on how to repair tarp?
How you would compare this usmc field tarp vs. british basha tarp?
I'll have to check into getting one of these. Thanks for the review.
i always click away from the video i am watching when i see you post one.
Purchased mine new in 1985 for $99 AUD (about $250AUD now) so $50 USD and ~$125 USD... AND that was the full suit - jacket and pants. Pants are still used extensively even now - with good regular care and retreating every a couple of years they are still in very good condition and still waterproof (and fortunately never been down the road) jacket less so ... still in good condition but it seams to have somehow shrunk a bit from when I was 18....
I am only 5' 4" and have a hard time finding a great fitting brown leather jacket.
Can’t help it but the leathers make me think world war movies and usually the Germans. Don’t know why
6:08 that's expected in any proper motorcycle jacket, to enable coverage up to the wrists whilst driving.
"I am someone who has above average upper arm measurment" raph casually mentionning that he lifts
Hugo boss made one similar amazing quality brown leather for a fraction of the cost . And dolche wax ... yes there is better value but to each their own
9:16 what did he say
I always wondered why the heck Belstaff had a big store here, maybe 3% ever heard about this brand in Romania. Now i now, it was manufactured here.
Nice video, what was that Irish jacket you mentioned
7:39 Gunjack!
Far too expensive for a utilitarian, rough use garment. You can make them slimmer but you can’t tailor something so clunky. I have a Belstaff leather bike jacket from towards the end of the original Belstaff company. Well made and totally functional. Not appropriate off a motorbike though. I have a much cheaper waxed coat of the same design as the Trialmaster. Even though I no longer ride, I still wear this jacket. I couldn’t bring myself to pay 5x more just for the label. And that is all your getting. Mine is made in Britain and built like a tank.
belovitch = jew .... so no ... do not buy
the jacket mcqueen wore on the great scape was a german m 36 patern tunic
I bought a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket brand new in 1981 for £37. They’ve gone up quite a bit since 😂
Gangster, Racer, and Outlaw are all better looking jackets.
When I visited Belstaff’s new flagship store in New Bond Street, the year it opened, they didn’t have one proper motorcycle jacket. It was all fashion wear... I think they have changed that now, but at the time it seemed naff.
Just bought the Wax one in black at 30% off...much more palatable at those prices (on par with Barbour International)
I remember having a Belstaff jacket in 1966 when I started riding motorcycles and had it for years till I out grew it , I used to ride in all weathered carry spanners in my pockets , not that I'd recommend doing that now days for obvious safety reasons , my jacket at that time cost £ 7 . 10s .0p in old money . Great 👍
I was searching about the cool leather jacket worn by brad pitt in "the curious case of benjamin button (2008)" when he was riding an indian 101 scout and gladly ended up here!!