Alfa Carbonex Hockey Stick

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Alfa Carbonex Hockey Stick price at Amazon - ₹1,240 ₹1,550

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Alfa Carbonex Hockey Stick

Alfa Carbonex Hockey Stick Specifications

Length 37 inch
Type Hockey Stick
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1
Sales Package Stick

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Bhan Chowde🤬🤬🤬🤬✋✋🤜🤜🤜🤛👏🤛
Worst and very misleading video...Looks admin has no knowledge about hockey...Thumbs down 👎🏻
Alfa y 30 I have
Worst video ever watched
Bhaiya hame hockey kahan se milega tell me
Bhai apne order ulta kar diya
Itna kam daam mein kahan se Milta Hai hockey stick
Thanks for sharing warrior podcast info
Does this fine gentleman realize NHLers don't actually use retail sticks? It's mainly paintjobs that look like the newest greatest manufacturer sticks. Kane for example still uses the G3 nike one95 from 2009! painted of course like the 1x...anyways good review, just bought this stick.
I got this for 75 bucks
I am rocking a pro stock version of this stick (Erik Karlsson) and I LOVE it. I have mostly been a Bauer guy recently, but this stick does have a beautiful kick point. I agree 100%. The other thing I have taken notice of is the blade face. The face of this blade is very "hott." By that I mean the puck just screams off of it, it is not soft or squishy or bouncy feeling at all and it doesn't seem to effect the feel of the blade, in my opinion. I haven't used a 1N but I do think this is in a similar category with that kick point. Good review, great content, as always.
That blade looks bendy
Former Bauer guy. Switched to warrior. Loved the QRL then got the alpha. Its okay, i dont like the higher kick point as much. Blade has a crack relatively early in its life. Still putting up points. Got another QRL today for when i can no longer use the alpha
I have Blake Wheeler's pro stock alpha qx stick. The slapshots are incredible. 95 flex keep in mind. The snap shots are hard and accurate. Wrist shots are light-years away from the QRL. Puck handling is phenomenal to say the least(better than the QRL in that aspect 👍👍 )
Surprise dog at 5:20
Bought this stick on sale and the blade broke after like 6 games. Got a new one for free and the blade is making some weird noises when pressure is applied. Never had broken a stick in my life before.
Would you recommend this stick for defenceman
Hey hockey tutorial...can u guys possibly make a comparison vid for the dynasty hd1 vs covert qrl vs the alpha qx? I have the Qx and I want to know how the qx differentiates with the other lines of sticks.
What would u rather use the covert qrl or the alpha qx
I use this as defenseman and I love iy
Hey, I shoot 60% wrist shots and 40% slap shots. Do you think I should get the warrior alpha qx3 or the ccm tacks 7092? Thank you to anyone who answers
At 4:54 of the video I think you said the word or phrase "clap bomb"? What does that mean?
weight??????????? i feel like reviews should always have the weight
qx vs 1n vs tacks2.0?
Can you tell me if True A6.0 is better or this one? I'm thinking of getting either one of them.
Can you compare the 1s 2016 and 17 sticks?
Hey HT I was wondering if you could review the Nexus 1N and also maybe make a vid for kids who maybe starting hockey at a late age 10,11,12 years old thanks and love your content you guys help me out so much thank you.
My dream 🏑
this vid help me with my project (project baced learning)
Think I saw some Grays hockey sticks laying on the table in the background.
Nice 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Can I use thie video for my Documantary film about Korea's Hockey players?
i knew brands were all made in the same factory, but weird to actually see them all together
Surprised by the amount of manual labour involved
Sorry, but in 40 years never gripped 'up' a stick
Whats the material of the grip
Which crown hockey tape is this
Grip you’re stick from top to bottom not bottom to top
Hi crown. For your new ultra lightweight grip do you put it over an existing silicone backed grip or on its own. Cheers
I would love to get sponsorship with Crown but I am sponsored at the moment but this would be a great next sponsor but what percent do you get off the sticks
Are the silicone backed grip cushioned
I have a grays surf 500 stick and the grip is ripped in a few places I want to regrip my stick and I wanted to know if I have to take off the current tape to put in the new one
Can you please do vid on how to the crown touchpads. Thanks
I like the way you grip your stick lol I tots like you cause I like hockey
I like the way you grip your stick lol I tots like you cause I like hockey
I like the way you grip your stick lol I tots like you cause I like hockey
i could have had new grip on (starting at the top like a normal person) and a shammy over that in the time this took
On 14 August is my birthday and i like to order one somewhere in August but i have a question. Is the vibration when you hit the ball les or is there just no vibration. For me its necessary to know because i have a "syndrom" called Raynauds that causes my hands to be very cold and hurts more when i hit the ball. Because of that i dont play in when it freezes because i have so much pain. (Sorry for the long story xD)
so whats the finishing tape are there any alternatives?
I would love one but the price is to high😩😩😩☹️☹️☹️
Love the crown sticks