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Buy Alcon Freshlook One Day Contact Lenses (Plano, Green, Pack of 10) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Green Color Lens Daily Alcon Freshlook One Day Contact Lenses (Plano, Green, Pack of 10) Colours: Green
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Alcon Daily Disposable (Plano (power less), Colored Contact ...

Pack of. 10. Sales Package. 1 packof 10 lense. Brand. Alcon. Model Name. freshlook one day color lenses. Brand Color. Green. Corrective Power. Plano (power ...


Buy Freshlook One-Day Color Green (-5.50) - 10 Lens Pack Online ...

Now you can experience the extraordinary simplicity of wearing a fresh, new pair of contact lenses every single day. Just put them on in the morning and throw ...


Alcon Freshlook One Day Contact Lenses (Plano, Green, Pack of 10) Features

  • Lens Type: Color Lens
  • Spherical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Green
  • Disposability: Daily
  • Contact Lens
  • Green
  • Color Lens
  • Daily
Alcon Freshlook One Day Contact Lenses (Plano, Green, Pack of 10) Colours:
  • Green

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Alcon Freshlook One Day Contact Lenses (Plano, Green, Pack of 10) Specifications

Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Brand Alcon
Brand Color Green
Color Green
Corrective Power Plano dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
disposability Daily
Lens Type Color Lens
Model Name Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses
Spherical Power 0 dioptres
In the Box
Pack of 10
Sales Package 10 Lens

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Alcon Freshlook One Day Contact Lenses (Plano, Green, Pack of 10) Reviews from YouTube

Freshlook one day the best color contact lenses
Honest review about freshlook lense
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You look good with mystic grey. Like ur review. Keep it up mate!
Not natural efect 😮
Is it just me or do they make my eyes feel dry really quickly?
Great video, thanks. However, I don't like those lenses because they have the central hole too wide and people can see your real color
They suck you can’t tell a difference
😂🤣😄 Gold, reptile colour...
no entiendo como las empresas que hacen las lentillas hacen unos colores tan falsos. si tuviera tiempo y dinero en crear una marca me haría rico por que sacaría unos colores super chulos y naturales
You’re very nice ☺️but those lenses are horrible🤢!! There are only anesthesia or solotika hidrocor ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
These are Great for Holloween. If your going for that reptile on cat look. But as Always a Great Review
Your channel is amazing, what camera do you use?
i guess it's not available in official freshlook's website?
Hi! Can you review Bella Elite Amber Gray?
Nah, sorry, I absolutely hate those kind of contacts. If I’m putting a foreign object up my eyeball it better be bright, popping and noticeable. Lol. I like my tiny pupil holes. I recently got a TTDEYE contact lens from their Black Friday sale. It’s Pearl Gray color. My current fave, small pupil hole, a subtle limbal ring and beautiful creamy light grey color. Have you tried those? TTDEYE? I chose one based on reviews and user pictures. 😀
You look very handsome in this video🙃
Fonzevil, you _are_ a tiger. 😉🌹 I like these types of contacts for nighttime. They sparkle and make the lights dance off your eyes. I used to wear them all the time. Thanks Fonz! 🎄
Glad to see you making contact lens reviews again, truly you do the best presentations ! Thank you for reviewing this brand and in a subtle way informing your viewers what NOT to get! They should not even be a day wear the should go right in the trash😂 You’re awesome though thanks for the review!
SGreat vid, glad to see you posting again. Freshlook is dreadful and has been for decades now. They need to step up their lens game to stay any kind of relevant in today's market. Whoever is making the decisions over there needs to step down and let somebody with a new vision takeover and take the company as a whole in a new direction because chief this ain't it. I literally don't know a single person that wears them anymore. They're all kinds of irrelevant, their designs smack of an archaic time. They should maybe reach out to long term consumers such as you and myself and many others and develope a few new lines that will speak to a new generation of consumers and get back in the game. Freshlook if you're reading this feel free to reach out to me and I'll share some really great ideas I've been working on for a little over five years and let's make something beautiful and lucrative.
❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍 they look nice and I love the fact they are one day and a color too
Lenses TRIAL STARTS @2:50 and All lenses together @5:52 SEE BAUSCH and LOMB Pink and Aqua color Lenses 👇 BUY THESE LENSES HERE 1) GREY MONTHLY amazon link flipkart link 2) AMETHYST MONTHLY amazon link flipkart link 3) GREEN one day lenses amazon link flipkart link 4) GREY one day lens amazon link flipkart link 5) BLUE one day lens amazon link flipkart link Also freshlook lenses look mostly greyish on black eyes, but when You see closely they do look different
Hey hey hey. If I buy monthly lenses, and use it once a week, then, can I keep them for atleast 3 to 4 months???. Please reply 😭😭.
Sub ek jaise he ha
Can i go for zero power lenses and then wear my power spectacles plz reply
Lens solution ka teast kiya namkin hoty hain
Ye sab me sab se best Konsa lagta hai black eyes par. Aur app ka favourite konsa hai one day leans me se plz reply.
She in college started to where lenses Me still 13 and thinking to where 😂😂
Hats off to you for keeping your eyes open for so long for us too see properly. Thank you
Thank you so much. Now I am able to choose the perfect look of freshlook grey lens
Which green colour lens is it?
Hey, are the green lenses kind of brown? I mean a slight tint of brown and green in green lenses? I want to buy them so your opinion would help. I'm actually confused about pure hazel and green
Hello jab main lens lagana start Karti Hun tu vah mere hand ke finger per hi chipak jaate Hain aur lens ki dabi make a water kitne din ke bad change karna chahie yah bhi bataiye please mujhe
The link u have given its for 10 lenses.. So please reply whether it's of same colour 10 lenses or different?
For how many hours I can use one day lenses...??..If 4-5 times...then how to keep it safely...??...I never used any lenses before...that's why I don't have any ideas about the lenses..😓😓...must reply plzzz...🙏 that I can go for it.
Plz tell me the best lens on brown eyes
You've the looks of a lead actress in tv serial. Give a call to Ekta Kapoor or simply to the soap opera industry ! They need to see you !
Ap bilkul rani mukharji ki tarha ho very nice
Watch my LATEST VIDEO ON weight management with India's first Apple cider vinegar tablets. 👍
You are gorgeous♥️ secondly this video is so useful, I am always confused about the shade that'll suit me, since I have black eyes most of the shades don't really come off that precise. And also I couldn't help but Notice, your lips are crease less, do you use some kind of lip primer ?
Helpful video
Ami Porsu try korlam grey monthly for first time after I took the Lens of my eye kalkae tar por ,aaj kae eye waz feeling very dry Amar eye basically ekdom e wet Thakae Kajal porlae o chokhae jol acchae but from 2day my eye is feeling very dry specially at night eita ki common??? Aar tomar video taa khub helpful...👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Ami ekbar porechilm frshlook er lance but irritation hoyeche
Apu ekhn jei makeup ta krecho oitar tutorial chaii 🥰🥰🥰 Kara Kara akmot like deo ❣️❣️
had an worst experience with this brand...they cause irritation in eyes and blurry effects after puting it on..i would advise not to use this lenses because eyes are very sensitive part
I bought fresh look contact lense recently and it does not fit in the eyes whenever I blink or close my eye the lense starts moving and doesn't fit. Do you know how to fix or wear so that the lense doesn't move
Contact lence colour name plz blben
Ami freshlook er lens sunechi 4yrs e 80 time use kora jay ? Is it true?
Daily lence er review din didivai plz...
Thank u for honest review,coz Ami o use kore e jaachi lens specially amr mon er kotha guulo e Apni akone mention korechen bole shooti valo laglo
Lenskart e valo lenses pawa jay na. 2nd quality.
চোখ জ্বলে কেন ফ্রেশলুকের লেন্সে?
Ami akta kinte cacci freshlook ar 350 kore akta page a cacce.amr warm skin tune ami honey ta order korte cacci.amr chok ta choto ami ki kinbo?r ata kotodin use kora jabe apu?
Sparkle contact lenses ar review shear koro R ata ki yearly use kora jai ??
Apu lence ta koi din use kora jai
U r looking gorgeous
First time lense purchase korechi tao fresh look akhn choke beshi khn rakte pari na khub Jala kore ....
Apu plzz help akta best lense ar Name bolo jeta effortable ar moddhe valo Hobe amr chokee power lagbe Soo amk aktu help koro....
Color of lens pls

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