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Aircraft Basic Science Book Reviews from YouTube

Lecture 2: Airplane Aerodynamics
Principles of flight – Part 1 : Fundamentals
Why Aeroplane fly? | by khan sir
Watchdog's Note Reveals Horrifying Details In SpiceJet Turbulence Case | Left, Right & Centre
Ms. Srivastava’s lecture is just excellent, but I’ll offer a small, constructive critique. At 37:30 she states that if lift exceeds weight, then the aircraft climbs, and if lift is less than weight, it descends. Strictly speaking, this is correct, but it’s also incomplete, and implies that an aircraft only climbs or descends when lift is unequal to weight. Steady-state flight is synonymous with unaccelerated flight, and these terms don’t describe only level flight, but also climbs and descents. In a steady-state climb the total lift does not exceed the weight, but is equal to it—this is the same “equilibrium” that she describes occurring in level flight. (This is analogous to the classic “elevator” problem given to Physics students, and the formula *F=ma* likewise applies here.) In fact, in a steady-state climb the wings themselves actually produce _less_ lift than in level flight, because a portion of the aircraft’s total lift is comprised of re-directed thrust. The best illustration is the extreme example of an aircraft on a vertical flightpath, in which instance the wings produce no lift at all to counteract the aircraft’s weight.
Again the lecturer is an Indian
at the end in reference to the blended wing/body having problems with "infrastructure" of airports it seems the biggest difference would simply be parking and then only on curved terminals where current aircraft are packed in tightly. as long as it's not higher than the larger aircraft like the 747 and 777 it would seem all the support equipment should work without modification besides the skyramps/bridges which would either need a pivot added to the end to mate with the angle of a blended wing/body or perhaps simply a sliding angle plate/walkway at the end for when this design parked? a small investment for airlines?
very good=please suggest one book
Is this a course in MIT?
I’ve had a pilot license for over a decade and I just learned that what I’ve been told all of my life is wrong. Hold on a sec. She may be contradicting things a bit…😂
hopeful 中国孩子学习时也能看到这个视频
I have always believed that it is Newton's third law of motion (equal and opposite reaction) that results in wing lift. Maybe conservation of energy is the same thing. I don't know.
could airplanes hitting the twin towers on 911 caused them to collapse as they did ?
It feels criminal watching and learning from these videos without paying for it. Absolutely 10-star quality content.
airplane design must address following terms: coanda effect, wing loading, stall resistance, wing load, angle of incidence, drag, boundary layer etc. watch this video where all above terms are explained.
As a DPE who gives CFI checkrides and find appilcants have a difficult time explaining these principles. I will pass your lecture along to Flight Instructors preparing their students for CFI practical.
I saw the comment of a person saying that the a "good teacher/professor is the one who can make the dumbest student crave for knowledge instead of falling asleep". Totally true, and I would add that the good teacher teaches, as simple as that. Some teachers just throw up information to show off their "academic knowledge", formulas and they just feed their egos. The basic thing about teaching is you teach. It means not only does the person retain the data, this person will be able to pass it on. What I disagree with the comment is ... man, I'd love to be the dumbest student at MIT :) :P
This is interesting not only to learn new concepts, but also WHY exactly concepts that you thought were correct are wrong, as opposed to just being told that you are wrong, since watching the OCW videos, I have started to explain things differently towards my peers.
As a Calvin and Hobbes fan myself, I can confirm that for most of my childhood, I thought airplanes flew by magic.
Thank you for this video!
Very proud moment when teachers teaching these Englishmen
The vortex hit copter in the laden complex was impossible to calculate, so many forces at play, but given the angle of attack - speed verses air flow, immovable objects - forcing rising heat it was a likely event. An assumption by me.... it was planned for... It's the best we could do.... Certainly not rocket science!
Hi. The presentation describes the plane very well.
I still see equal transit being pushed on Discovery channel docuseries and the like. It's bothered me my whole life, thank you for reassuring me that I'm not crazy!
Thank you for these documentations and contents provided! Interesting!
Worst explanation
speak up
would you recommend some literature?
This is great for Rc pilots!!! Thanks!!
Dear sir, Kindly explained theory of flight in Helicopter.
This is helping me with preparing for flight lessons :)
So amazing, very helpful for my young aviators club.thank you
lmao memories much
Not me watching this to get into the air force in a couple years
Truth. True knowledge. Just that. Fuck people.
Ok I'm a person who is pretty interested in flight mechanics however I'm an absolute beginner.. Can someone recommend me books for beginners ?
one of the most accurate 4 forces video that talks about "excess thrust" in climb most of youtube videos claim that lift makes an airplane to "go up"... wrong..
Thanks I consider myself qualified now.
Who is here after king air incident? 😂
I was looking for a song named ‘plane theory’ and ended up here...
I'm only watching this to be able to script ROBLOX Planes
I want to be come a pilot but I regret I didn’t take physics
I'm literally watching this only to be able to play Flight Simulator 2020. :D
Thank sir
Bernoulli’s theorem in part of lift generation not completely the reason behind flying
boring class please stop
Sir, this theory is called "Equal Transit Theory" and this theory is proved wrong. This is not the correct explaination of generation of lift. Actual explaination of lift is described by Newton's third law
Sir how air plane fly This is right content
Khan sir jindabad, Question murdabad
this is wrong explanation which is usually taught in high school .The actual reason in due to conservation of momentum.
वाह सिर
Sir you have a great diagram
Sir jyda molecules me pressure low kese?
Sir I have a suggestion , ye concept experimental wrong prove kiya hai
Khan sir aap geography history acha padhte hai but ye airodynamics hai aap yaha 100% galat bata rahe hai
फाइटर प्लेन में भी terbulance होता है?
This is wrong ,,, becoz this doesn't follow Newtown 3rd law
Helicopter ke liye ek video hona chahiye
Khan sit u like me god
Thanks sir
Love from Pakistan sir ❤️
All the speakers are non Maharashtrians. Another election marketing gimmick. These party brains are brilliant.😅
Bro, let the witness speak. Cutting him off with mundane questions is terrible journalism. He's appropriately narrating the whole incident while suddenly... Anchor: "KYA OXYGEN MASK GIRA THA?" Video evidence shows oxygen deployed, twice verified. What is the need to stop the main story to re-verify an already known detail? Why are you belabouring the point about the oxygen masks? Is that what scared the news crew? Who is editing this shiz?
Seatbelt jisne nahi pehna unko fine lagana chaiye law hai , policy hai , safety sab ko pata hai aur fir nahi pehnego toh zimmedar kon No compensation for those idiots good they got hurt hopefully they will learn a lesson hopefully.
Turbulence is mostly unexpected and can hit anytime, so why is a fleet wide inspection necessary? Turbulence is weather related and has nothing to do with aircraft maintenance.
You don't have to ground all Spice Jet crafts . Hold the engineering top brass responsible and next the pilots and so called commanders . Check from which flying schools they get their Type ratings!
Look Mr Editor, this is a trend in India that the culprit run for cover prior to anyone with an intent to form cloud so that investigations vision would be reduced and then then it can be manipulated. It's clear to any aviation expert that the machine trips out of approach trajectory or skipped out of glide slope if it's in final approach resulting nearly 6 G in relative terms and that's way too high for anyone in a civil flights. It's for everyone now to understand, that in manual flying mode as it's a practice in India while on approach, had let the machine out of control. And now to decide is it a machine or man-in-machine problem ☺️
This is the working style of SpiceJet. If you go through thorough check of it's fleet, most of the aircrafts will not fit for CofA. Which is certificate of airworthiness. They are flying these dangerous aircraft from long. DGCA has also some key role in allowing these planes in sky. DGCA knows all these things, still it takes a show time action only for these airlines. DGCA waits for an accident. DGCA offices are full of non aviation personal. It's a hub for politics. Airlines Mgmt is corrupt. They don't pay/invest much for safety. Even SpiceJet does not pay on time salary to it's employee. How do I know these things coz I'm ex employee of SpiceJet. They just want to make money anyhow.
Thanks for talking about the bad weather.
Thanks be to God Almighty that nobody passed away out of fear & sudden heartstroke !
15 minutes ! Gosh....! Hell would have broken loose ! Frightening !
Very traumatic for the passengers onboard then...! Very sad !
Poor RT has been used as pon by ncp, congress and now bjp
Neither the Anchor nor the expert emphasised the wearing of seat belt even when the seat belt sign is off. Passengers don’t take seat belts seriously
बीजेपी के राज में कुछ भी हो सकता है। कोई सवाल नही करेगे। सवाल करो तो जेल में बंद कर दिया जायेगा।
DGCA only act after they find any issue.. rather go for detailed enquiry… we saw previously one pilot cum youtuber “Flying beast” he took the issue and then removed.
Vishnu som both you and the so called expert pilot seem ridiculous in your analysis of this incident,This has nothing not do with the aircraft or the training of the crew..unexpected turbulence on a flight is always there. Looks like the crew both pilots and cabin crew did what was expected of them.try to get better informed before you do a show. There are many such cases around the world . To ,any airlines. Turbulence does not discriminate between airlines.It’s like your tripping and falling when walking ,because of a object , not your fault or you not know how to walk.yes the seat belt sign is turned off at cruising, All airlines tell,passengers to keep belts fastened when seated. Many don’t who’s faculty is it?both you and this so called experts should be ashamed of your selves for making some ridiculous ,accusations on the crew and aircraft

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