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AI for Cars (AI for Everything) Book Reviews from YouTube

AI Safety From the Guy That Wrote the Book on AI
AI Superpowers - Book Review
A.I. Designed this Car
Great video! I've been doing research in AI but I want to understand it more from a philosophical level. Any book recommendations?
Generally I agree, with your assessment of the book (it is a little light-weight given Russell's background). However, I don't think Russell necessarily "strawmans" the opposition. In section 6, "The Not-So-Great AI Debate" Russell presents the arguments of the other side. For some arguments he has a response (e.g. for denial he presents the historical example of nuclear energy), but for many others he seems to describe the problem but not give it any resolution (e.g. for deflection he shows that it is historically possible to control - in particular ban - research using the example of cloning, but I doubt he advocates for banning AI research, for tribalism he seems to just say that tribalism is generally an issue). For Russell it is exactly the role of the AI safety researcher (separate from/in conjunction with AI developers) to solve the AI control issues. His primary concern is that current AI developers are not making safety their top priority (which is probably true as many prominent AI groups are still funded by industry). With AGI, it might not be possible to tinker with the program once it starts running due to the potential intelligence explosion so he wants to solve the control issue well BEFORE any AGI ever comes online.
Thanks, that was useful. This guy being interviewed by Lex Fridman said AI Superpowers was the best book to get about AI. You're saying there's not that much about it. Glad I checked. Maybe he's a friend of the author or something.
Review in Urdu Language. need to read this. Thanks for the review!
This is all starting to sound a little too "Horizon Zero Dawn" for me.
457 million. I buy 450m in Tesla stock and 7m to live on for 10 years.
Bleeding edge not leading edge? Grammar or the Mandela effect?
Artificial Intelligence doesn't exist. Computer Algorithms that emulate intelligence isn't independent intelligence. "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke Just as an ancient person would think a computer is magic, someone who doesn't understand computers would attribute anthropomorphic properties to it.
Insane that it could possibly hit 270 with such a tiny v8. I mean 2.88 liters. That's like only 1 liter bigger than my Corolla 4 banger
the 300zx was designed by a computer
You know it's gonna be a good video when you're compelled to go fullscreen on the desktop
HEY LOOK AT THAT, FOR ONCE IN A LIFETIME (If More Than WHY Ia,m Saying This, I Haven't Watched Your Videos In A Long Time), YOU DID A FR (Face Reveal)!. CONGRATULATIONS.
So, I a design for a weapon. Who would I contact to have an AI perfect it and to also create it.
6:28 AI leaving hints that it's actually a DMT demon
tOO much of YOU and not the Car!
And it would take thousands of not millions of jobs away from people
Each robotic arm works within its own set of objectives while taking in the account of the objectives by the other robots. Teamwork!
Well of course it takes him forever to design one single car you know wouldn't you milk it forever if you could too?! and you know to tell you the truth most of those car designs never make it on to the floor they never make it off the paper sometimes even but they may manage to pop out new cars every year the little quickies while they waste their whole waste the companies funds to milk it away on themselves but seriously there's no way in hell it has to take that long especially with that many people working on one car come on
Yey again less jobs for people :D Second Im slowly feeling that our future really could end up like in the game "HORIZON Forbidden West"
I mean personally, the entirely new manufacturing process is the far more interesting part as opposed to the AI design. A greater use of AI in design can almost be considered a inevitability whereas a new manufacturing method is an actual major(seeming at least) innovation.
I can't stop thinking of what A.I could build itself with this kind of factory. We better be nice or A.I is going to make itself an army of God knows what,,,,,,,,
Doesn't even come close to the Koenigsegg Jesko or Koenigsegg Gemera.
The all video was a fairy tail. No any concrete real picture from production in the real Czinger factory. And "it can go from zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds" What the f is 60? 60 what? 60 km/hour or 60 mile per hour? Because if it km/hour than it's acceleration is bad.
Wont be buying anything designed by AI thank you very much.

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