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Agile Project Management For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) Book Reviews from YouTube

What is Agile? | Agile Methodology | Agile Frameworks - Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, Crystal | Edureka
Agile Project Management Tutorial | What Is Agile Project Management? | Simplilearn
What is Agile Project Management? A Deep Dive into Agile PM
What is Scrum? | Agile
Got a question on the topic? Please share it in the comment section below and our experts will answer it for you. For Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training and Certification Curriculum, Visit our Website: you for the video. I'm new to project management. This vide was quite explanatory. What applications will you recommend are best for applying the srum methodology? I'm getting my hands on Click up but I want to be certain it's recommended by you.
Amazing Thank you
very informative with good details
Beautiful. Thank you
I'm just starting and this video was such a great resource, thank you! I just have a question about Lean. What does "decide as late as possible" & "decide as fast as possible" refer to? Thank you again!
Thanks for the concept and methodology process of agile Really impressive video
Learned a lot! Thank you
I liked this introduction to what 'Agile' is and what it is used for....thanks for uploading/sharing!
How to get this ppt?
Phenomenal video with tremendous insight....
Excellent explanation on Agile in a very simple way ! Too Good. Thank you for sharing it :-)
I like scrum Thankyou
Such a great explainer of this much used terminology. Thanks Team Edureka & particularly the instructor.
Excellent session on Agile
Thanks for the informative video. Great Work !!But I still believe this video needs a few edits
Really fabulous content
I love you edureka
It was a fantastic learning video
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excellent video. very well explained
well explained video, i have learned many different things about this topic moreover there is very less videos on internet about agile project management so this video contains great information.
This tutorial is awesome, but less time box
thanks man
Very good summary! Thank you!
I understand all other Agile frameworks except lean. The explanations I have come across sound too abstract. To minimise waste, does it mean using the same resources and teams for different customers' products?
Thank you so much for this video. Very informative. You did superb job explaining!
Agile is bullshit
Nice video but works well at 0.75x speed .. otherwise you get ur head spinning around.Overall good one
Work on your english accent. It's so unlistenable..
Like a lot of people you are confusing Agile philosophy and the Scrum method, Agile is only 4 values and 12 principles contained in the Agile manifesto and then there are many methods to apply the Agile philosophy, the most popular being Scrum.
After watching this video, please do some proper research as Agile Project Management does not exist. The video describes Scrum, a process framework for iterative delivery. Agile (the manifesto for agile software development) is a set of principles and values (not mentioned in this video) that describes the mindset and behaviours needed to be 'agile'. The two can complement each other, but the process (described in the video) for Scrum, is not the agile part... this comes from how people apply their mindset to delivery.
I realize we all have to stay up with the current buzzwords, but this is just... LOL.Okay, Agile PM is simply dealing with scope growth via customer input. Everyone tries to do this to the greatest extent possible for good customer satisfaction, however there's points of consideration, primarily labor availability, schedule, and most importantly, cost/budget. There's no way adding features or adding effort (additional testing/refining) will increase your ROI. Proper risk and reasonable and achievable goals are far more important. And, if you can't be agile and deal with changing requirements (and you fail to attain firm financial compensation for changes in scope) you'll be in trouble in a hurry.Good, Cheap, Fast. Pick two. That's the Iron Triangle.
Im here because i need to make a powerpoint presentation about this
First things first, theres no such thing as Agile Project Management! Agile was a response to traditional project management approaches. Trying to re label project management with an agile prefix misses the whole point of agility.
Great video! and nice slides too.
excellent tutorial!! thank you
I have a question. Within an agile project do we allow the statement of work to go through the scrum process, if so how do we document the statement of work process. Before you can start actuall project at my job, we need a SOW, But we all know building a SOW is work
This is super helpful, thank you
Just starting out and really appreciate the well done video & slides! I'm wondering can the project manager & agile coach & scrum master be just one person? Thanks again!
Thank you!
This is great. Thank you for the slower speaking.
Adjust your PLAY BACK speed to 1.5x, it'll be perfect!Great video, best I've seen with regards to Agile.
Loved this video! Is there a way to get the ppt deck?
Thank you for the wonderful presentation sir. For those asking for slides, you should have screenshoted the slid just like I did.
Is there any certified agile certification that can be taken? Sort of like a PMP credential?
Great video. Thank you so much
This is very good video and puts things in a very practical standpoint... As indicated in the presentation and what I would like to emphasize... that from a puristic standpoint based on the pillars and principles of Agility... and subsequently the breakdown into a scrum approach... there basically is no Project Manager role... and in effect there is no real sense of a project per say... the approach is "Product" oriented .. that is why there is a "Product Owner" role.. and you will see references to things lie Product Increment etc. there is a lot of confusion around this.. and that is why a video like this is helpful.. but I urge folks to be aware that the project management role is not core to Agile and more over the scrum approach.. and no you can't just change your title to product owner or scrum master .. at least not without embracing the concepts of agility..
Very good explanation. I love your tone and the slow approach that you took in explaining this.
Thank you so much for the detailed video. You did a great job of explaining everything. Is there any way I could get hold of the slides?
Thank you Mr. Brown, this video is very nice.
excellent presentation. Thank you for taking the time to produce this video.
Excellent material, thank you.
Very good approach for easily understanding Agile approach
Watching this at 1.75 the normal speed...
Is there any way to get a PDF of this presentation? It is one of the best description for Agile I have seen!
Hey thanks for making a deep dive video on Agile.I am new to agile and it helped me lot to understand the agile in a better way.Keep making these type of Informative videos...
Great explanation. Thanks
Perfect thanks much for the short but descriptive explanations
good session
Thank you so much for clear and informative explaination about Scrum
What JiRA to do with these
You have helped so many people and you truly go in and HARD on a topic.
Well done. In 10 minutes, I already reviewed the Agile Scrum scope. Thank you!
As a Developer I been into this, but when I was asked by new Company do you know Agile? I answered: IDK. I missed to good opportunity.
Nice teaching style
bro of Pravin Reddy ? Right
Well Explained!
Oh my god. Best video on agile scrum. I finally understand my new inbox. Thank you!
Very helpful!
excellent... the whole course wrapped in 8 minutes
Well explained
I hear this a lot in my team - "75 % done ... 30 % done... etc.. etc... haha " I was also guilty of the same. but changed my habits
Explained scrum course in 10 mins. Great

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