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Floid Aftershave Massage Special Edition Price in India - Buy Floid ...

Floid Aftershave Massage Special Edition (400 ml) · 4. Good genuine product and gives a nice soothing, cool after shave feeling but smells like navaratan hair ...


Floid Aftershave Massage Special Edition & Shaving Foam Price in ...

Floid Aftershave Massage Special Edition & Shaving Foam (2 Items in the set) · Pack of: 2 · For: Men · Includes Men's Grooming Combo · Organic Product.


FLOID Aftershave Massage Special Edition & Shaving Oil & Gel Kit ...

(1) FLOID Aftershave Massage Special Edition 400ml:-Soothes and moisturises skin after shaving. Specially formulated for men's skin. (2) FLOID Shaving Oil ...


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Floid Aftershave Massage Special Edition Specifications

Aftershave Lotion Traits
Container Type Bottle
Fragrance Mint
Ideal Skin Type Combination Skin
Organic Type Natural
Quantity 400 ml

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Floid Aftershave Massage Special Edition Reviews from YouTube

Floids Special Edition Vigoroso Aftershave. First use & opinion + Riverside Wet Shavers Meet Up 2016
Product Spotlight: Floid Shave Products
Top 7 Aftershaves - Best Aftershave for Men 2020 Fragrance Review
Review: Floid Viguroso Aftershave
A classic in Spain, which in his own country has ended up having a bad reputation, because he is related to "old geezers". but I'm 41 and I love to put it all over my face after shaving.
I just got this Floids and i have to say its one of the best, dont hesitate to buy this big one anyone, it has lovely cooling effect and one of the best "old" scents (i would say somewhere between Aqua Velva and Blue Stratos)
the color looks like the new formula, from 2017 onwards (with an stamped code on the glass starting with Y17 ), which I don't really like, while the old and even vintage versions are fabulous, quite the opposite
I’m really curious about this AS, and your continuing thoughts on it. I really like a good splash that has some healing elements to it (not a balm guy). Of course, a good scent is always appreciated in addition. My current go to aftershaves are: Speick, Proraso Green, and La Toja. In that company, would this be a welcome addition, redundant, or odd man out? Thanks for any advice, and for the great vids.
Ok so I bought the 400ml bottle of the floid and its amazing! Just one question, is there some special way to get it out of the bottle? I got it all over the place.
It's a shame they changed the formula. The fragrance is very similar to the older flat bottle stuff but a lot weeker. I guess the extra 100ml increase is just water.
I always shave with my shirt off
I really like your channel and the fact that you are so enthusiastic about shaving. Greets from Vienna!
i´ve bought that after shave just smelled it smell nice i´ve only see the gree brut after shave smelling nice but the deodorant stinks
Floid is what separates children of men (even the soft variety)
Looks a bit thinlol
Nice aftershave! Nice video!
I will appreciate it if you post a review of Florena Men ENERGY After Shave FLUID mit Guarana 100ml 3.4floz. Thank you
I got this Floid Vigeroso stuff, and wow, my wife REALLY hates it lol I only wore it once, but should give it another go lol Sometimes not a bad thing, keeping the wife away right! haha! Cheers!
It's good stuff I have a big bottle. I'd like to try the blue one but with new EU laws alcohol products via air mail are restricted. Then you can buy spirits at duty free and take it in the aircraft cabin! Figure that one out!
Great video. Please make a review of Swiss Pitralon and Agua de Colonia Antiga by Ach Brito-Claus Porto from portugal. Thank you
Can anyone stop by for the Riverside Blossom event on 7/30/16?
Been wanting to try that aftershave too bro. Thanks for sharing. I'm catching up On ur videos. I'm sure they're all tops like always bro. Talk soon. Btw congrats on ur winning the contest.
cool men its was a good you soon
The Brut After Shave I have looks different. I wonder if the scent is dissimilar too.
I love Floid Vigoroso. It feels and smells nice. Yes, I feel old, but I am a 51 yr old grandfather, so It reminds me a little of Aqua Velva, but spicier and more burn. Personally, I love it.
I love Floid. It has a great scent that is different from all the other old school aftershaves like Proraso and Clubman. Get some!
Just received my first bottle of Floids. Very classic and classy. I’ll always have a spot on the shelf for it.
Utterly useless as a video to decide which one I should try.
If you like Floid, you should also try Varon Dandy, another old school smell
I have the Floid Black. Love the smell!
My grandfather's name was Floyd. He just died.
Floid blue. was some good stuff there.
Floid is on my list of splashes to try. I got into wet shaving too late and missed out on the Blue so I'll do a little more research and pick up my first bottle soon.
I have no idea what Floid smells like since I have no idea what my grandfather smelled like.I guess I'll have to buy a bottle. ;-)
Thanks Matt. Just ordered one of each by the way you guys have the best prices on the stuff anywhere on the Internet. Thanks again
I love Floid, there's always a bottle in my den.
Hi Matt- Great product preview; thank you! I’ve definitely got to give this a try! I hope you’re having a great week and best regards!
Might need to get some
So many Cool products!
Good stuff
Love me some Floid!
I'm a Floïdoholic. The Vigoroso with the comfortable amount of menthol is a pleasure to use. Nice for all occasions. Always a big bottle in my bathroom. Highly recommended!
Spain? I thought it was made in a barber shop in Mayberry, North Carolina
Use the code SMELLY10 for 10 per cent off at Executive Shaving: man. Thank you.
The original Pinaud Clubman Cologne seems to be sold out everywhere apparently. Instead, I tried their Musk Cologne (the pink coloured one), and I think it has a pre-reformulation Old Spice vibe to it.
I do enjoy a good aftershave
are there any shops in london uk that sell pinaud clubman?
Good choices on that list. I like the Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve with the deep notes but you have to decant it. My favorite, though, is a cryogen one: Stirling's Lemon Chill. No alcohol to dry your face or sting it. Instead, you get witch hazel to soothe and then around the corner comes the arctic snow that blasts and almost freezes your face with lemons.
I'm just wondering why you didn't review DENIM (original) and DENIM MUSK; both aftershaves are very mature, and kind of nostalgic feeling but very manly and cheap but good stuff for the price.
I recently found out that Alexandria Fragrances makes aftershave splash bottles. I bought a couple bottles of Zion, their Elysium clone.
Just found this video. Just wondering if the 10% discount with SMELLY10 is stillon.? I recently bought my first aftershive and the smell is just amazing. lucky to get an hour out of it though but really want to try some more now. The one I bought was the Positano. Could not recommend this any higher. Just dont expect it to hang around all day. It wont. Put into a spray bottle and take it with you.
Dan I’d love to see you compare American Blend by Fine. It’s supposed to be very close to Rive Gauche. I’ve heard that it does a lot and that it doesn’t. One guy below mentioned Phoenix artisan. His stuff is a little pricey but I do have his Atomic Age Bay Rum. And I will say that IS in my opinion the BEST bay rum on the market. Doug does put his money where his mouth is excellent product.
Please try a "Before-shave lotion!"
Is aftershave a fragrance?
i love oldspice and suavecito wiskey bar with the proraso i like the aftershave balm (green) , the pinaud is great aswel but i think the plastic bottle puts gives the juice a little plastic smell
Yo! Love the videos! I'm a big fan of the old Master Blue aftershave, but they changed the fragrance in late 2019/2020the new stuff smells like acidic baby powder! Any ideas what happened, or why the changed it? Where can we find the old stuff?
What the ducks up with the voice?
Grow a beard MrSmelly, you neither a woman or a child. :D
Pinaud Clubman. is good and I decant it in a glass container and leave the lid loose a few days to get the plasticized note out of it since it comes from the factory in a plastic bottle . I add a little witch hazle to it also . Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum is the next one I want to try out.
Can anyone write down his list please, I am researching to buy one for my husband as he loves aftershaves.
korous is my dads favorite.
3:51.Before only blabla
Thank you !
I was admiring your shelf behind you that you are using for all your supplies. Can you tell me where you got it ?
Viva Italia
Being Italian your comments are very flattering, although I think Austrians have good taste too example: Haslinger products and Wiener Schnitzel!
nice review. Now go loss some weight fatty ;-)
Hi Tom, great video. I enjoy the Floid very much. I like it better than the Myrsol Formula Extra which scentwise is very similar to the Floid. The ingredients Linalool, Limonene, etc. you mentioned are allergenes that occur in essential oils. As far as I know they don't have any skin benefiting properties. Best regards from Stuttgart, Ben
Great video. Have been curious about both of these. Will probably try the Floid first.
Good breakdown of the Floid. I've tried a small sample of this one and enjoyed it. I still need to try Mrysol.
Hi Tomi I always enjoy your videos. Can you recommend any Austrian after shaves. Ivuse. Haslinger shaving soap a lot. It is one of my absolute favourites .
I picked up a 400ml bottle last month at Straightrazordesigns for 29 bucks . it is a good sauce. I haven't tried the blue I love the Myrsol line. I haven't tried their blue either.  You make a good point, they are more for healing & toning properties than longevity. I have heard also that Vigoroso was an Italian product originally. Thanks for sharing!
Hi Tom, the reason why Italians use Floid is that there was an Italian Floid (a little milder than the Spanish) for decades as well, which isn't produced any more. Today in Italy the Spanish Floid is selling very well, maybe because the Italians think that its still the Italian original or bevause they like the Spanish as well. Good review, thanks. Have great Sunday, BR, Dan.

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