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Aerodynamics Principles for Air Transport Pilots Book Reviews from YouTube

Books I used to clear my CPL Papers
FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Chapter 5 Aerodynamics of Flight
GATE Aerospace Engineering book advice Aerodynamics book by J D Anderson | concept library viru sir
Lecture 2: Airplane Aerodynamics
Bhai shoeb sir
This books will assist in examination?
Sir exam dene ke baad kya krna hoga? Aviation school join krna hoga?
Sir ek or video banaiye na Pilot banane ke process pe kya kya ho hai is dauran DGCA exam kaise crack kare sir kya pilote ke exam me math's bhi puchha jaata hai kya sir please reply me sir
Ketile pani chalauna painxa ra DGCA sir 🤗🤗🤗 ma padhna chahxu ni sir class 12 dekhi ni
Sir book kha se lun?? Please suggest me
can you suggest me any book for cabin crew. .?
Updated pdf books link
May dear ______sir❣️. __exam __bahut hi hota hai. +❣️
Fly tuber is your brother?
Your monthly income sir ?
Thank alote 🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗
Thank you sir so useful video for me
Please Hindi
For PPL give all tips please
How much marks we want in RTR
Thank you sir ❤️😍
Sir aap caset pilot ho ya convention pilot
Bro how much hight to become a pilot
Sir how much time it require to complete the syllabus of cpl
I’m 12 this chapter is so long :( I wanna be a pilot for the air force and I wanna be a pilot for Alaska airlines
There's a little mistake at 1:27:56. It goes from the 'the propeller efficiency is very low because the propeller is' and then skips the rest on the left side and starts reading the right side.
Does anybody realize that "phak" means the "f" word?
Worst chapter thank you for the audio book for it
This is awesome! That chapter was way too long to read by myself. TY!
Thank you for this!
What are you using to make the narration?
sir I'm a 1st year student at BITS Pilani mechanical, what is the ideal time to start for gate aerospace.
Hello sir I am not btech student but I want mtech aerospace engineering after msc with gate
WTF? A paper airplane's wing has no lift! ZERO! A paper airplane essentially falls (floats) after it's forward momentum has equalized - and as it falls it's shape directs a path - thus falling mostly forward if so constructed. While it has forward momentum it acts like a dart - still zero lift! Can't believe MIT is paying this person! Really??? Also please look at any airplane wing. The under surface while in flight is flat and parallel to the airstream. Not teardrop shaped with a downward deflecting tail like she draws on the board. And not slanted as she drew the paper airplane's wing in red. Great, and now air is a fluid... This woman is a moron! Air is a gas! Jesus! Now showing incorrect force directions... This has to be a joke! Can't believe this is really MIT.
She's awesome ! She cares so much about being understood using the simplest vocabulary and being that chill while remaining exact. Great pedagogy
An hour and 12 minutes went by like a breeze! She is amazing, the in depth subject matter and the simplicity in presentation is exemplary!! Love to hear more lectures like this. Thank you!!!
PhD student
It's midnight, here in Germany. Sitting and watching this fascinating lecture. What a great time are we living in to get all this information for free, at home?!
One of the best lectures I have ever taken through my life so far! And, this is for free!!! Now I realize I have been just a moron paying several thousand dollars and ended up just wasting my precious time. I suggest every teacher who are not as good as this Indian girl should pay their student for their time and for his/her own teaching practice opportunity.
Landed here from a F1 tech talk video! absolutely loving this! lot of it is connected!
why: with which to discuss... in stead of to discuss with
How does it got all prospect about areonotic science and
how steep of a bank angle can during 'slow flight'
I do not know, why I stayed for such a long time
draw out ground effect on the chalk board
explain ground effect again.
WOW thats what you get at MIT
for some reason in my recommended. after 2 minutes i was hooked lol
This channel is awesome, I watched an F-22 lecture and it kept me the whole way. That’s pretty awesome
The professor seating down at the end really needed to go use the bathroom. Great lecture. ✔
She is Indian 😲

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