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Buy Aerodynamics Aeronautics And Flight Mechanics Seco (WSE ...

Designed for introductory courses in aerodynamics, aeronautics and flight mechanics, this text examines the aerodynamics, propulsion, performance, ...


Buy Aerodynamics, Aeronautics & Flight Mechanics Book Online at ...

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Buy Aerodynamics Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics Book Online ...

Read Aerodynamics Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders.


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Aerodynamics Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics Book Reviews from YouTube

Lecture 2: Airplane Aerodynamics
Aerodynamic centre : flight mechanics | Aerodynamics : GATE aerospace engineering lecture series
Aerodynamics Explained by a World Record Paper Airplane Designer | Level Up | WIRED
What is Flight Mechanics? | Flight Mechanics Series Ep. 1
Ms. Srivastava’s lecture is just excellent, but I’ll offer a small, constructive critique. At 37:30 she states that if lift exceeds weight, then the aircraft climbs, and if lift is less than weight, it descends. Strictly speaking, this is correct, but it’s also incomplete, and implies that an aircraft only climbs or descends when lift is unequal to weight. Steady-state flight is synonymous with unaccelerated flight, and these terms don’t describe only level flight, but also climbs and descents. In a steady-state climb the total lift does not exceed the weight, but is equal to it—this is the same “equilibrium” that she describes occurring in level flight. (This is analogous to the classic “elevator” problem given to Physics students, and the formula *F=ma* likewise applies here.) In fact, in a steady-state climb the wings themselves actually produce _less_ lift than in level flight, because a portion of the aircraft’s total lift is comprised of re-directed thrust. The best illustration is the extreme example of an aircraft on a vertical flightpath, in which instance the wings produce no lift at all to counteract the aircraft’s weight.
Again the lecturer is an Indian
at the end in reference to the blended wing/body having problems with "infrastructure" of airports it seems the biggest difference would simply be parking and then only on curved terminals where current aircraft are packed in tightly. as long as it's not higher than the larger aircraft like the 747 and 777 it would seem all the support equipment should work without modification besides the skyramps/bridges which would either need a pivot added to the end to mate with the angle of a blended wing/body or perhaps simply a sliding angle plate/walkway at the end for when this design parked? a small investment for airlines?
very good=please suggest one book
Is this a course in MIT?
I’ve had a pilot license for over a decade and I just learned that what I’ve been told all of my life is wrong. Hold on a sec. She may be contradicting things a bit…😂
hopeful 中国孩子学习时也能看到这个视频
I have always believed that it is Newton's third law of motion (equal and opposite reaction) that results in wing lift. Maybe conservation of energy is the same thing. I don't know.
could airplanes hitting the twin towers on 911 caused them to collapse as they did ?
It feels criminal watching and learning from these videos without paying for it. Absolutely 10-star quality content.
airplane design must address following terms: coanda effect, wing loading, stall resistance, wing load, angle of incidence, drag, boundary layer etc. watch this video where all above terms are explained.
As a DPE who gives CFI checkrides and find appilcants have a difficult time explaining these principles. I will pass your lecture along to Flight Instructors preparing their students for CFI practical.
I saw the comment of a person saying that the a "good teacher/professor is the one who can make the dumbest student crave for knowledge instead of falling asleep". Totally true, and I would add that the good teacher teaches, as simple as that. Some teachers just throw up information to show off their "academic knowledge", formulas and they just feed their egos. The basic thing about teaching is you teach. It means not only does the person retain the data, this person will be able to pass it on. What I disagree with the comment is ... man, I'd love to be the dumbest student at MIT :) :P
This is interesting not only to learn new concepts, but also WHY exactly concepts that you thought were correct are wrong, as opposed to just being told that you are wrong, since watching the OCW videos, I have started to explain things differently towards my peers.
As a Calvin and Hobbes fan myself, I can confirm that for most of my childhood, I thought airplanes flew by magic.
Thank you for this video!
Very proud moment when teachers teaching these Englishmen
The vortex hit copter in the laden complex was impossible to calculate, so many forces at play, but given the angle of attack - speed verses air flow, immovable objects - forcing rising heat it was a likely event. An assumption by me.... it was planned for... It's the best we could do.... Certainly not rocket science!
Hi. The presentation describes the plane very well.
I still see equal transit being pushed on Discovery channel docuseries and the like. It's bothered me my whole life, thank you for reassuring me that I'm not crazy!
Sir... awesome explanation 👏 .....your lecture is always perfect and interesting 😃
Poor and cheap content
Thank you for your post bu tell me is C/4 means quarter of the width of the Wing?
Awsome. Your cantilever explanation was the icing on the cake. Thank you
Sir what will be the moment when Cp and AC coincides with each other? May be zero? Ans plz
Great video, the explanation with the canted beam at the beginning simplifies everything
Great Video, but one suggestion "Aerodynamic forces have total 4 components, lift, drag, thrust and weight" you mentioned only 2 of them at 9:05
Well explained !!
Just one word "Insane" I wish, my all teachers explain me like "this"
This is the video where I found all positive comments...u r a great teacher
Sir u r really a great teacher,, perfect explained,,I was fully confused..but now it's very well clear...1000 likes from my side...
So the Aerodynamic center is a non shifting reference point from which various CL vector's moment can be calculated? Why didn't you just say that?
Nicely explained. Just one doubt sir. Sir in the end of the video while explaining constant pitching moment, why did you use Cmac instead of “pitching moment” as explained in the beginning of the video?
Your first cantilever diagram was really helpful. I always saw the figures on internet / books and I wonder where that moment come from. Finally I got it that is because basically you are moving the applied force to the fix point AC. Thank you.
you are awesome
Great video...nice effort ..pertinent. .clear short and crisp the common indians the modi and rss!!
What is the method the aircraft designers use to find the aerodynamic center on their specific airfoil?
Can we describe the aerodynamic center is a point on airfoil that the center of pressure does not cross it even with increased angle of attack?
CMs are NOT moments. They are just moment COEFFICIENTS.
Hey everyone, would you like to see in-depth tutorials showing how to make the paper airplanes in this video? What's your favorite paper airplane design featured here? Reply to this comment and let us know. We'd love to hear what you have to say.
bro those are so cool
I feel a lot samrter after watching this video
Its annoying hes fast i cant even handle it;-;
Nice. I know why the tube works. It is because the spinning creates lift, like a helicopter.
God Bless
Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. (Joel 2:12-13)
LMFAO at the moment where he introduced "the tube". Really, just a piece of paper rolled into a tube flies better than the most elaborate design?
He almost sounds like the 'How It's Made' guy.
I have a paper plane that depends on the power of the throw.
Its too fast
It's just a paper plane!!
Wow great physics.
Why is nobody talking about his tie?
Can it be a money earning profession. After all money is also paper..
POV: You are most probably watching it for Red bull competition.
when you realise that a jet plane has bigger wings than a butterfly
I can’t find ep2 is it out yet?

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