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Advances in Sustainable Aviation Book Reviews from YouTube

Top 3 Advancements in Sustainable Aviation
Advancing Environmental Sustainability in Aviation
Are eco-friendly flights impossible? | CNBC Explains
Advances on Sustainable Aviation Fuels | 02 March 2022
Learn more about how you can help shape the future of Aviation Sustainability: im a final year degree student in aviation.. Can someone please help me getting some ideas what should i do for my FYP?
They are possible, without watching this madam blablaYea but super slow if there is no fire and compressions in a turbine u will travel USA France In 3 days
Very nicely and succinctly presented.
5:32 Not anymore
So progressive people going backwards lol?
No your are wrong Singapore lithium has more Emmisions than biofuels
No biofuel is better
begins to growcorona hold beer
Any food used for humans converted into Jet fuel is criminal in principle, an appallingly inefficient conversion ratio from sun to plant, so the above practices should be made aware to the 'caring' public and outlawed asap!
Yes, they can, if they use unlimited energy turbines that works with air and clean it, would be an ecologic plane, in 2011 an venezuelan invented and presents a unlimited energy turbine that works with air and clean the same air, but nobody paid attention.
BIODIESEL HAS MORE of an ecological impact than diesel.
The real polluters are huge container ships running on unfiltered and unregulated fossil fuels. Not the planes. Not the cars. The elite just want to get rid of your mobility.
Well, it's not some climate activists which say that we need to get negativ emissions. It's what maths say. Most states have agreed to the Paris climate conference and there is very clear: climate neutrality until 2050. Half of the emissions until 2050 is defenetly not enough! Could you please make this clear in further videos? Thats not something where one can think I prefer reducing my carbon footprint a bit slower, thats just ridiculous. Science is clear, now politics need to react quickly and honestly
Latam is Brazil/Chilean
Keeping fingers crossed for carbon engineered jet fuel to take off. If it's generated by green energy it's technically carbon neutral.
I support green aviation but FLiGhT ShAmIng?stop flight shaming. start sustainable aviation
Fuel efficient aircraft increase carbon emissions because lower fuel costs allow for more flights. Negating the affects.
All this *PER PERSON CO2 EMISSIONS* bs drives me nuts. If you don't go on a flight than the flight will still run anyway and burn more or less the same amount of fuel. If your really want to fight climate change instead of quitting flying QUIT DRIVING TO WORK YOU'LL SAVE PERHAPS A LITRE OR 2 OF FUEL A DAY USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT OR BIKE OR WALK INSTEAD. Climate change is a global issue that everyone should be in on and for those who are obsessed with pp CO2 than let me tell you that not flying increases everyone else on the flights CO2 emissions because the fuel burn will be spread amongst fewer passengers.
lol i dont wanna ever see greta board a plane ever. i want her to take her speedboat avross the atlantic ocean, indian ocean, pacific ocean or whatever ocean it is.
Anything that's combustible is pretty much unsustainable.

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