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Buy adidas Pulseboost Hd W Womens Fu7341 Size 11 online at Amazon. Style#: FU7341 Reflective details for extra visibility if you run in low light. Built on a wide platform for stability. Smooth textile lining. Boost ...
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adidas Pulseboost Hd W Womens Fu7341 Size 11 Features

  • Style#: FU7341
  • Reflective details for extra visibility if you run in low light.
  • Built on a wide platform for stability.
  • Smooth textile lining.
  • Boost midsole gives cushioned comfort and shock absorption.

The lowest adidas Pulseboost Hd W Womens Fu7341 Size 11 Price in India is ₹13,528 at Amazon.
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adidas Pulseboost Hd W Womens Fu7341 Size 11 Reviews from YouTube

Shoe Review: adidas Pulseboost HD
BOOST HD VS BOOST Which is Better?! Adidas PulseBoost HD Review & On Feet
Adidas Pulseboost HD Winter - Long Term Review
How much
I'm a wide foot 13 with plantar fasciitis. These are the most comfortable pair of running shoes that I've ever had. I'm a Nike guy and never buy Adidas, especially since Ultraboosts have never been comfortable for me. I ended up getting two more pairs after my first pulse boost hd. It's like a sock with cushioning...they're super comfy w no socks which is my preference
what is expected mileage of this shoe?
I bought a pair, a little small from the toes ( should buy 1/2 size bigger) but good shoes.
Nice!!! But never ever talk about shoes if you are not wearing them.
Just got these for 60$ from an outlet, got really lucky!
Something no one seems to mention in their reviews is arch support on the foot bed. How is it? I prefer a flatter support, most shoes with arch support make the inside of my foot sore. How are these? How about vs ultra boost? Great vid otherwise!
Good review, Just ordered these!
I just bought a pair for 30 bucks. It has nothing to do with city running. It can be replaced by any other sneaker
how does it compare to boston 8
Bought a pair for CAD$132
Great video! Do they suit insoles??
Little bit of gym lifting with these.. squats, lunges etc. What do you think? Im looking for a good balance between gym and 5k city running..
Does it have more cushioning then Boston 8
That is efffing heavy!
Hi there. I've noticed in your review that the shoelace holes are only 4 pairs per shoe. While other reviews (and as per the Adidas site, it has 5 shoelace holes. Could it be because of the shoe size?
The gray one looks beautiful.
Try to run 50 miles with this shoes?
I don’t think you can sum it up for non runners as just lifestyle. Because some people don’t care about function or feel. They just care more about plain n simple looks of the sneaker. Please keep that in mind as you make more videos. I like your work.
Anyone ran in these?
I have these pulse hd it looks like your pair seth, but white with blue stripes.
The pulseboost hd looks better than those ultraboost in your hand..
Alpha BOOST are out there(marshalls etc.) for$35. If you can snag Alpha BOOSTs for$35its a no BRAINER...
The comfort of the UB comes also from the fact that the forefood is not surrounded by a die-injected midsole. The socklike upper adapts to the forefood like at the original SL 72 and Boston Super of 1984. In the past it was the Suede-Leather. Today it is the socklike upper. If you change speed at running the cushioning should not be too soft. Also for quick direction changes softness is not optimal. Litestrike tells a story Like PulseBOOST. Both are rated to be firmer than the competition. To be able to implement a Outsole Like at the PulseBOOST the midsole should be Made Out of a Material where the Points of Rolling Motion are Not randomly shifted Like at injected midsoles mainly pebax like Nike REACT or Zoom X. There you need to introduce Plates, Crashpad-Concept in the forefood, etc.. A foodhealthy cushioning offers Haix Black Eagle. It's firm but you need such firmness to Filter Vibration and Impact Sound with Cork or NOENE®. Also the Völkl Delta/Safari is quite firm. Völkl Delta&Safari are shipped with cork-insoles. More or less Important Triathlon in Europe is the Challenge Roth. A company in that Region of the competition follows best recipes for running shoes. No die-injection. Upper sits on a midsoleplatform similiar to adidas SL 72 and Boston Super. Insole is thermomoldable elastomerized cork. Nothing more to say. A Handmade Prototype of a adidas shoes is precise. The massproduced Shall be as precise as the Prototype. BROOKS promotes it's precision but you should better measure the foot-presure-map of your feet regularly instead of measure something of the shoes, which loose cushioning and support depending on midsole Material. Most durable is still beads-based TPU / BOOST and BOOST HD. Litestrike is except Litestrike EVA at Terrex TWO also TPU in terms of TPU-based. Litestrike Pro is TPU-based as Well. It's die-injected but that has plenty of advantages. The Platform is more stable against side-rolling. adidas is using pebax where it make sense. E.g. for the Torsion-spring of the adidas SL 20.
Thank you for the review. Helped me decide what to buy and not buy.
Are the boost HD’s good for people with severs disease/tendinitis in the heel plus knees and ankles that go inwards?
Level 👍
I like boost HD!
Great shoe . Definitely great cushion & soft as hell wore these an entire day & my feet still felt great .
Boost HD are beautiful 👌🏻
can i use your Videos clip on my instagram account without any copyrights issue?
I hope soon They drop “boost IPS”
comparing it to solar boost which one would you recommend for running? thanks
An important question: Is there sunlight on the color of the shoe when exposed to radiation for a period of approximately an hour or more
still supports my opinion where nike still has the better styles and looks while adidas is more for comfort, puma alike
don't buy they run more than half a size too small they are too too heavy to be a serious running shoe there's not proper lacing system for the higher part of the foot its not a wide fit, forefoot is still restricted. and they aren't even responsive at all bogus,
Good review! Just ordered these, plan on using them for running.
I found this today at the outlet randomly.. damn its really good, kinda reminds me of the microG + charged from UA yea the upper is snug on the mid foot but its alright for $40, I can't complain lol
What is the price
learned something new, torsion bars
Hi Kofuzi can you do a review on the alphaboost? ?I just got mine on sale in the Philippines for a steal but I found the dual density boost too hard as I am used to running with my Supernova Aktiv and Pureboost Go shoes.
I walk the mail was looking to get these for the fall and early winter would u recommend?
Good shoes but if your used to light running shoes they seems to be heavy
Please give subtitle in your video sir
How much do they weigh?
For runners pulseboost hd or pureboost dpr
You look totally different with the moustache
Have you looked at any of the NMD R1 or R1 V2?
Could you review Adidas 4D Run 1.0? It would be interesting to hear what and if anything 4d midsole is currently giving to running.
The non-winterized version of these were straight dooty, unstable ride, firm midsole, and painful arch support
Interested to hear your thoughts. Mine have held up really well but I did feel the rain did get my feet wet. I picked them up pretty cheap right after launch so they'll likely stay in my rotation as a run commuter shoe. Weight is odd on them though. They're far heavier than they should be.
I’ve been surprised by Adidas this spring. I was interested in the new Lightstrike foam, so I got the new version of the Terrex Two trail shoe. It has a thicc 31/25mm slab of Lightstrike. It is also very wide. It is currently my favorite trail shoe by a wide margin. Then I picked up the Ultraboost PB. That new upper is great. Surprisingly, since all the YT reviews I’ve seen dislike the upper. I think if I could get the UB PB’s upper on the Terrex Two’s midsole, I’d have my perfect summer shoe.
Is lightstrike in sl20 is softer than pulseboost hd?
the intro got me wan the 360 camera
Buenas noches queria saber, con qué cámara grabas cuando corres
Beautiful cinematography in the intro, as usual. The lights and the music really matched up well, definitely hit the Stranger Things vibe you were going for 👍
These wouldn't work in Alaska at all.
How much in dollars
Do you even talk bro
What do you have to say it ? Is it really good ?

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